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After weeks of various news accounts depicting a wild, unpredicatble night of comedy with a touch of drama, Ring Roasts I: A Comedic Tribute to The Iron Sheik hits the streets on DVD today. The live event, peppered with roast sets from wrestlers, comics, and the now mythic Scott Hall attack, is available in a special 2-disc set.


The first edition of Ring Roasts features The Iron Sheik in the hotseat as Don Muraco, Brian Blair (who finds himself involved in an altercation of his own), King Kong Bundy, Adnan Al-Kaissy, Nikolai Volkoff, Bob Backlund, and more take the stage to roast Sheiky-baby. Comics Don Jamieson (VH1 “That Metal Show”), Mike Morse (Sirius radio), Jimmy Graham, and Ryan Maher also do sets.

Highlights from the evening include Bob Backlund and The Iron Sheik sharing the same spotlight for the first time in 25 years, when Backlund was unseated of the WWE title by Sheik. Also noteworthy was the aforementioned Scott Hall incident where he attacks comic Jimmy Graham, and Brian Blair getting hit by the Sheik.

Kayfabe Commentaries co-owner Sean Oliver says the event surpassed all expectations. “There was a tangible electricity in there. I think everyone there knew they were witnessing what will become THE annual wrestling-oriented entertainment event of the year,” Oliver said. “WWE had a shot at that with their Hall of Fame show, but that has become pretty predictable and formulaic now. Ring Roasts will be the show that honors the legends of the business, by the legends of the business and famous comics who are also wrestling fans. Truly unpredictable and utterly hilarious.”

At the end of the show, Brian Blair, who is now a politician in Hillsborough County, Florida, approached The Iron Sheik for a handshake and was instead met by a blow to the side of the head. The Iron Sheik, whose vitriol toward Blair is now legend, took offense to Blair’s set and his omission of the Sheik as a legit shooter.

Oliver says his company was contracted to make additional security arrangements at the facility due to Brian’s position in office in Florida, as well as a possible run for governor there. Those additional security arrangements did not include protection from anyone on the stage.

“I guess we forgot this is still the world of pro wrestling,” Oliver concluded.

Ring Roasts is on sale at www.kayfabecommentaries.com