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20 Amazing WrestleMania 32 Statistics That Will Leave You Speechless

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Not to mention that the WWE was happy to throw nostalgia at the fans, with some classic performers coming back to help keep the crowd entertained. Just how many Hall of Famers made appearances? You’re about to find out.

The event was significantly hampered by some of the most iconic names in the business being sidelined with injuries, but that hopefully allowed you to enjoy seeing some of the biggest names in WWE history come out to try and lay down the law.

All in all, when you look back at the event, you get some statistics and numbers that emerge from the show that help paint a picture on just what went down. How long were some of the matches? The entrances? What about some of the statistics and numbers that emerged that help give further context to some of the biggest moments (such as just how many stitches did Becky get after her match?). Have no fear, because we have those numbers for you too!

Here’s WrestleMania 32, broken down by the numbers. Whether you loved or hated it, there is no doubt that it has left fans talking and hopefully feeling optimistic towards the future of the WWE.

20. Seven Stitches

That’s how many stitches it took to close up Becky’s eye after her gruelling match against Charlotte and Sasha Banks from Sunday. The match is going to be influential for helping push the Women’s Division forward and Becky gladly showed off her battle scars on Instagram the following day. Becky also states (perhaps not shockingly) that her eye also got swollen shut during the incident. There is no doubt that Becky thinks the incident was worth it and it will at least be a temporary reminder of what I am sure was the peak of her career thus far.

19. Forty-Five Minutes

If you sat there wondering what match ended up consuming the most of your time, are you really shocked that it was Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker? Sure, they are two of the oldest competitors out there, but they were in Hell in a Cell. Of course they’re going to give that match some time. Combine that with Shane’s unbelievable jump from the top and you have the makings of a match that was going to get its time to shine. The main event, featuring Triple H vs Roman Reigns. ran for 40 minutes and four seconds. Granted when both matches had those elaborate entrances, are you really shocked they got the most attention?

18. 72%

You may find yourself wondering what percentage of time on the screen was actually spent watching wrestling? Well have no fear, because I have your back. The answer is roughly about 72%. This did not include in-ring segments, which made up another 10% of the allotted time. The event also had 9% of the time be allotted to different video packages. Unlike other events like the Super Bowl, which make the commercials one of the spectacles of the game, fans will be happy that WrestleMania continues to be primarily ad free; with only 1% being advertisements.

17. Six Seconds

That’s how long it took The Rock to dismantle Erick Rowan in a singles match. I’ve had sneezing attacks that have lasted longer than that! It took longer than that to think of this sentence. I guess that just goes to show that if The Rock is going to wrestle, he doesn’t need to work up a sweat like he used to. He decided to surprise Rowan with the impromptu match , after ripping off his clothes to reveal tights, boots, and elbow pads. Once the bell rang, it was one Rock Bottom later and it was all over. The match was the shortest in WrestleMania history.

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