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Alan J. Wojcik: I am sure November 29, 2002 will never leave your mind. How soon after Jeff’s passing did the idea of the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup come to fruition? 

Naphtali: Ron Niemi emailed me the beginning of 2003 asking me if it was a good idea. I thought it was a real great idea to carry on Jeff’s name in a huge tournament with guys like CM Punk, Colt Cabana and Reckless Youth. We thought it was going to be a one time event; here we are five years later.



Alan J. Wojcik: Anyone who has attended the previous 4 events knows it is usually opened by you giving a tribute to Jeff. For anyone who has never attended or purchased a DVD of the event, tell them what Jeff Peterson meant to you before and after his tragic passing.  

Naphtali: We were best friends and road partners. We went everywhere together sometimes not by choice. Sometimes I drove him to and from events but I never minded because of our friendship. After the fact it’s still hard. Every night I expect my phone to ring and talk to him or I see him at places I am shopping. I know he is always there one way or another.  

Alan J. Wojcik: In the 2003 event you defeated fellow IPW-Hardcore legend Seijin Akki (2004 competitor Mikey Tenderfoot’s alter ego) and lost to the eventual winner “Reckless Youth” Tom Carter. What was going through your mind during those matches, I mean did you have Jeff in your head thinking I hope he is watching and enjoying this? 

Naphtali: The hardest part was doing my speech and then going right back out for the opening match of the entire tournament with Mikey. That was difficult but I knew Jeff was looking down and didn’t want to mess up in front of that crowd.  

Alan J. Wojcik: The 2004 event had some memorable matches (which are listed at the end of this interview) but you had one of your own in the opening round against TNA Wrestling’s Petey Williams when a somersault plancha went bad. 

Naphtali: I remember everything from the match I just didn’t have control over my body. I tried to pick myself up but couldn’t. I thought I was screaming to referee Billy Dalton “I’m done, I’m done.” Turns out my mouth was open but nothing was coming out. I have watched it and the ropes were loose. I landed and hit my head on the chair. But I am here and in one piece.  

Alan J. Wojcik: You haven’t competed in the tournament since 2004 but in 2006 you had match with Billy Kidman on night one and the second night a hardcore tribute match facing off with OG Scarface (now known as 2007 entrant Sideshow) and your on-off tag partner Havok. I remember some people felt it was poor taste to hold that match. Please tell the readers your immediate reaction to that statement. 

Naphtali: My number one favorite match with Jeff was a match where tables and ladders were used. So no one knows Jeff like me, OG and Havok. He would have loved everything about that match. People want to crap on that match, fine I‘ve been crapped on my whole career. 

Alan J. Wojcik: The previous events were booked by Ron Niemi and other people. What led to Naphtali taking over the event and how did you deal with the pressure to produce a great event that has seen international names involved?  

Naphtali: Ron moved to Georgia to pursue a career with the WWE and Deep South Wrestling. Unfortunately DSW was folded up by WWE and Ron still lives there. He wouldn’t have been able to effectively do the publicity and other things that needed to be done. It was either do it or skip a year. I wanted to do the event and decided to move forward. I want to carry Jeff’s name on; in my heart I can do it even though heart and reality are different things. Its been a struggle but I have to do this for Jeff. 

Alan J. Wojcik: Unlike previous tournaments this year the JPC held nationwide qualifier matches in addition to the normal at-large bids. What led to that decision and do you feel it was a success in drawing early interest in event? 

Naphtali: I didn’t plan on it happening. I think it was the YaPro tournament in Orlando. The term YaPro comes from the internet (www.floridaindies.com) message boards. Somehow it became an actual wrestling tournament. I told them whoever wins is a qualifier to the Peterson Cup. With the interest in that one match I decided to take it nationally with mass emails to promotions who wanted to get their name out there. We got a great group for this year. 

Alan J. Wojcik: This year’s event features some national names like the previous years (Chris Hero, Kenny King and Matt Cross to name a few). What led to the decision to include Shimmer’s Allison Danger and why not someone like Gail Kim or Traci Brooks, (which isn’t meant as a slight to Ms. Danger who has wrestled internationally). 

Naphtali: A combination of things led it to happen. One is a business and personal relationship with Shimmer owner Dave Prazak. I work with him in FIP. I thought why not have a woman from Shimmer on the show in a match. Allison and Sara Del Ray were mentioned but I chose Allison and it got us lots of publicity.  

Alan J. Wojcik: I am sure you get asked this, how do you set up the brackets? 

Naphtali: They are picked out of a hat. I had the qualifiers and after that I looked over things and like what we have. I think people expected Chris Hero vs. Erick Stevens in the finals not as early as it could happen.  

2003-2006 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup Information:

May 16, 2003–Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 1 in St. Petersburg, Florida before 250 fans: Naphtali gave a speech about Jeff Peterson, who passed away in 2002 from cancer at the age of 21. Jeff had frequently wrestled in the building and had gained a reputation as a top indy wrestler while still a teenager before the cancer struck. Opening round matches: Naphtali b Seijin Akki, B-Boy b Steve Madison, Tony Mamaluke b Jerrelle Clark, Reckless Youth b Sonjay Dutt, Jason Cross b C.M. Punk, Ruckus b Roderick Strong, Sedrick Strong b David Babylon, Justice b Colt Cabana. Non tournament: Chaos won three-way over Havoc and Kubiak, Lex Lovett b Agent Steele to earn a shot tonight against IPW champ Billy Fives, Mike Sullivan & Scoot Andrews b Danny Doring & Mikey Tenderfoot..

May 17, 2003–Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 2 in St. Petersburg, FL: Naphtali b B-Boy, Reckless Youth b Tony Mamaluke, Ruckus b Jason Cross, Sedrick Strong b Justice, Reckless Youth b Naphtali, Reckless Youth b Roderick Strong to win tournament, Frankie Capone & Pat Powers & Pat McGroin b Pretty Fly & Comic Book Guy Anderson & Mark Zout, Agent Steele NC Navy Seal, Sonjay Dutt & Steve Madison b Jerrelle Clark & Roderick Strong, Billy Fives b Lex Lovett to keep IPW title, Shane Twins b Danny Doring & Steve Corino..
June 4, 2004–Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 1 in Brandon, FL
before 375 fans. Opening round: Roderick Strong b Sedrick Strong, Alex Shelley b Jimmy Jacobs, Chris Hero b Matt Striker, Homicide b Black Tigers (Jeremy Lopez), Teddy Hart b Azrieal, Mikey Tenderfoot b Puma, Petey Williams b Naphtali, Justice b Jack Evans. Non tournament: Danny Doring won three-way over Z-Barr and Slyck Wagner Brown, Lex Lovett b Colt Cabana, Zach Gowen & Chi Chi Cruz & Jerrelle Clark b Bug & Erick Stevens & OG Scarface, Shane Twins b Steve Madison & Mike Sullivan.

June 5, 2004–Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 2 (Afternoon) in St. Petersburg, FL. Second Round: Teddy Hart b Mikey Tenderfoot, Justice b Petey Williams, Roderick Strong b Alex Shelley, Chris Hero advanced via forfeit as Homicide was injured Non tournament: April Hunter won three-way over Jenni Taylor and Chrissy Vaine, Luther Jackson b OG Scarface, Naphtali won a last man standing match, Cuban Assassin b Jeremy Lopez to keep the Pacific Northwest heavyweight title, John Brooks & Chi Chi Cruz & Azriel b Puma & Matt Striker & Sedrick Strong, Jeff Bradley & Jimmy Jacobs b Bug & Z-Barr..

June 5, 2004–Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 2 (Evening) in St. Petersburg, FL: Semifinalist Teddy Hart claimed a knee injury in his match with Mikey Tenderfoot and didn’t continue. Justice defeated Chris Hero and Roderick Strong to win the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup! (Jet Jaguar was guest referee) Non tournament: Alex Shelley & Petey Williams b Mikey Tenderfoot & Black Tigers (Jeremy Lopez), Bruce Steele b Slyck Wagner Brown, Zach Gowen b Rod Steel, Scoot Andrews b Colt Cabana, Mike Sullivan b Danny Doring, Jerrelle Clark b Azrieal, Lex Lovett & Steve Madison b Shane Twins, Frankie Capone & Marcus Dillon b Dr. Heresy & Andre Lyons..
2005 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup night one—
All Stars. Opening round: Ricky Reyes b Jay Fury, Matt Sydal b Tony Kozina, Petey Williams b Jerrelle Clark, Vordell Walker b Tony Mamaluke, Sonjay Dutt b Todd Sexton, Chris Sabin b Delirious, Jimmy Rave b Fast Eddie, Mikey Batts b James Gibson. Sedrick/Roderick Strong b Erick Stevens/Steve Madison (non Tournament),non tournament main event AJ Styles b Lex Lovett to retain the NWA World Heavyweight Title

2005–night two— Brandon All Stars: non tourney 4 way Jay Fury b Chasyn Rance, Jerrelle Clark, Aaron Epic. Second Round: Vordell Walker b Matt Sydal, Jimmy Rave b Petey Williams, Chris Sabin b Mikey Batts, Sonjay Dutt b Rickey Reyes, Semi-finals: Chris Sabin b Vordell Walker, Sonjay Dutt b Jimmy Rave, FINALS: Chris Sabin B Sonjay Dutt. Non tournament matches included:  Antonio Banks b Rod Steel, Double Deuce b Heartbreak Express, The Vandals and The Market Crashers to retain the NWA Florida Tag Team Titles,  Sal Rinauro/Tony Kozina b Fast Eddie/Todd Sexton, Bruce Steel b Roderick Strong to retain NWA Florida Heavyweight Title….
June 16, 2006–Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 1 in Sanford, Florida. Opening round: Ruckus b T.J. Mack, The Canadian Cougar b Jake Manning, Joey Ryan b El Generico, Rod Steel b Davey Richards, Krazy K b T.J. Wilson, Delirious b Human Tornado, Tom Carter b Chasyn Rance, Milano Collection A.T. b Arik Cannon, Jerrelle Clark b Dagon and Ryan Drago in a 3-WAY (Non-Tournament), Frankie Ciatso w/Molly Holly b Erick Stevens w/So-Cal Val (Non-Tournament), Billy Kidman b Naphtali (Non-Tournament), Christopher Daniels b Roderick Strong (Non-Tournament).

June 17, 2006–Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup DAY 2 in Pinellas Park, Florida: Second round: Ruckus b Canadian Cougar, Joey Ryan b Rod Steel, Delirious b Krazy K, Milano Collection A.T. b T.J. Wilson | Second Round: Ruckus b Joey Ryan, Milano Collection A.T. b Delirious | Finals: Milano Collection AT b Ruckus to win the Jeff Peterson Cup. Non tournament included: T.J. Wilson b Human Tornado and Jake Manning and Arik Cannon and El Generico and T.J. Mack in a 6-WAY, Billy Kidman b Lex Lovett, Modern Day Theory (Scott Commodity & Preston James w/Molly Holly) b Bruce Santee & Pretty Fly w/Amy Love, Naphtali b OG Scarface and Havok in a 3-WAY Jeff Peterson Tribute match, Christopher Daniels b Sedrick Strong——————————————————————————————Friday July 13, 2007
Downtown Orlando Recreation Center

W. Livingston Street
Orlando, FL USA

Opening Round of the 2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup 

Reckless Youth BracketYRR member Sal Rinauro vs. APW-GA’s “Kool” Seth Delay vs. NWA Indiana’s “Pure Dynamite” Billy RocGOUGE’s Krazy K vs. Shimmer Allison Danger  

Justice BracketNWA-FSM’s Trik Davis vs CZW/ROH star Chris HeroFIP Florida Heritage champion Erick Stevens vs. FPWA’s Nooie Lee 

Chris Sabin BracketEWA’s Chi Chi Cruz vs. YRR member Chasyn “Not Cocky” Rance Maryland Championship Wrestling champion Adam Flash vs. ACW’s Sideshow  

Milano Collection AT BracketNew Wave Pro’s “Unreal” Michael Elgin vs. ROH’s “M-Dogg20” Matt Cross YRR member “the Natural” Kenny Kings vs. AWA’s TJ Mack  

Night 1 Main Event:
Rage in the Cage battle royal!!!!!!! 20+ person come as you are, bring your own weapons! Entrants announced so far include: Heartbreak Express (“Superstar” Sean and “Fabulous” Phil Davis), Francisco Ciatso, Naphtali, “Irish Destroyer” Heater, Dany Only, Pretty Fly, Leon Scott, Havoc, Bug, Dr. Heresy, Kory Chavis, Craig Classic, Lifeguards and Mister Saint Laurent.

Saturday July 14, 2007
Jewish Community Center
Scenic Drive
Richey, FL USA

Second round matches in each bracket. Semi-Finals will see Sabin Winner vs Milano Collection Winner and Justice Winner vs. Reckless Youth Winner 

Tag Team RESPECT Match
“The New Heavenly Bodies” Chris Nelson and Vito DeNucci vs Lex Lovett and “Iceman” Buck Quartermaine

JPC Tickets now available!

You can pick up JPC tickets at any event that Naphtali will be attending, including:

June 29th FIP Melbourne, FL
June 30th FIP Crystal River, FL
July 1st SHIMMER Inverness, FL

They are also available via paypal to [email protected]

If you buy via PayPal, please specify if you would like your tickets sent to you, or available at Will Call the day of the shows.
Ticket information
Night 1
$10 General Admission, $5 Kids under 12, Add $5 for VIP entrance
Day of show, all tickets $2 more

Night 2
$10 General Admission, $5 Kids under 12, Add $5 for VIP entrance, Day of show, all tickets $2 more

2 Night VIP Ticket: $25

For more information:
call (727)512-0071

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