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3KWRESTLING & B4W Pro-Wrestling newsreal for 12/30/2008

Unification Near? Year-End Awards, Internet TV Previews & New Champions!!!

 There are strong rumors that Pro-Wrestling 3000 (aka 3KWrestling) of Pennsylvania and B4W Pro-Wrestling of New Jersey will unify into one company brand in 2009. For a year now both 3KWrestling and B4W have been using many of the same young talent but have kept separate company names and champions. Having one unified company would eliminate the problem of too many champions and creating a stronger brand.


3KWrestling has announced the winners of the 2008 Year-End awards voted on by fans of 3KWrestling.com and also the wrestlers of 3KWrestling and B4W. The winners are:

Wrestler of the Year: Ricky Reyes

Tag Team of the Year: Ryan Sawyer & Kevin Payne

Match of the Year: Hashimoto Tournament Final-Ricky Reyes vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Ricky Landell

Inspirational Wrestler of the Year: King Kaluha

Most Popular Wrestler of the Year: Kid America

Most Hated Wrestler of the Year: Greg Spitz

Manager of the Year: Marcus KING KONG Dowling

Rookie of the Year: (tie) Ryan Sawyer & Kevin Payne

Congratulations to all of the winners!


By virtue of ending in a tie for Rookie of the Year, 3KWrestling officials announced that on this weeks edition of CyberFight Internet Television will feature a singles match between the Premier tag team champions Sawyer and Payne.


Speaking of CyberFight I-TV, 3KWrestling and B4W Pro-Wrestling combined to do four weeks of tapings last Sunday afternoon. Although there will be no “spoilers” we can tell you that two titles changed hands during the tapings, one wrestler leaves 3KWrestling, and a horrific act occurred that will have the whole Internet talking when it shows. New shows are available for viewing on Wednesday nights on both 3KWrestling.com and B4WPro.com.


On this week’s episode of CyberFight will feature matches from WrestleBowl ’09 including Ryan Sawyer vs. Kevin Payne, B4W North American champion Kid America taking on Alex Anthony, and ZERO1 United States champion Mr. Wrestling 3 in action. Plus a huge return to the 3KWrestling and B4W that will shook our fans. All this and more this week on CyberFights!


3KWrestling News and Notes:


B4W Pro-Wrestling presents B4W vs. 3KWrestling When World’s Collide live on Friday, January 30 at Shark River Hills Firehouse, 200 Brighton Avenue in Neptune, New Jersey with an 8PM belltime.


One match already signed will feature the B4W Heavyweight champion “GPS” Gordon P. Samsonite vs. 3KWrestling Heavyweight champion “The Legend” King Kaluha! And word going around that there will be more stipulations added to this match in the upcoming weeks.


You can purchase tickets via B4WPro.com and/or 3KWrestling.com. B4W and 3KWrestling provide family entertainment that you can bring children to and tickets are very economical.


Another contest that has been announced features the B4W People’s Choice champion Super Sweet taking on the 2008 Most Hated Wrestler Of The Year Greg Spitz. The former North American champion is not happy at all about wrestling B4W’s “Special Little Guy” and has words for him on this weeks CyberFight.


Ricky Reyes, the 2008 Wrestler of the year, first 3KWrestling Openweight champion, and winner of the Shinya Hashimoto Memorial Tournament starts his tenure with Puerto Rico’s World Wrestling Council (WWC) this coming Saturday at their “Euphoria” event in Bayamon. Check out www.SuperEstrellasWWC.com and their weekly TV show on Comcast channel 650, WAPA America, in the Philadelphia area (please check local listings for the WAPA in your area).


New trainees are being accepted at the Revolution and Dungeon Dojo. If you want to be a pro-wrestler call us at 610-916-1238 or visit DungeonTraining.net to see our facility. The Dungeon has been located in the same spot for over 15 years! Start where such wrestlers as 4 time World heavyweight champion Steve Corino, Kevin Payne, Ryan Sawyer, and more have started. DungeonTraining.net.


Look for a big 2009 out of young up and comers like Larry Legend, Paul Jaurdine, and Stephon Smith. Each week on CyberFights Internet Television these three fighters get better and better. The have improved enough to catch the attention and ire of the Triangle Of Terror consisting of Jihad, Chemical Khan, and Moe Hammad.


Chikara’s JC Westler will be joining the 3KWrestling and B4W roster in 2009. The young JC will bring a lucha style to the companies that is missing. Officials from both 3KWrestling and B4W hope to create working relationships with groups like Chikara, CZW, ROH, NWS, and the NWA to help bring a more diverse and complete show to our fans.


If you would like to bring the fighting stars of 3KWrestling and B4WPro to your town email us at either (or both) [email protected] or [email protected]. Many packages are available to help you reach your fundraising goals.


Happy New Year

3KWrestling Fighting Athletes

Pro-Wrestling 3000