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3XW Spring Showdown Results – April 2, 2010 – Des Moines Social Club – Des Moines, IA

Another awesome crowd packed the Des Moines Social Club for one of the most exciting events in the history of 3XW!

1. Fatal Four Way – “The Right Price” Aaron Masterson pinned Hunter Matthews with an O’Conner rollup in a match also including “The Laotian Sensation” Ricky Kwong (w/ “The Laotian Liasion” Chad Mylan) and Brady A. Dezire. Yes, you read that right – Aaron Matserson has now won a match in 3XW! The crowd was ecstatic while Matthews looked like he was about to cry in the ring after losing the match.

2. Brian Ash (w/ Todd Countryman) defeated Maddog McDowell by DQ. Ash slammed a chair on the mat, threw it to McDowell and fell to the mat outside of ref Steve Biley’s view, only for Biley to turn around and ctach McDowell with the chair, thus DQ’ing him.

3.”The Rockstar” Jimmy Rockwell successfully defended the 3XW Cruiserweight championship over Sir Bradley Charles with a Rock N’ Rollup for the pin. Both men shook hands following the bout. Midnight Guthrie entered the ring following the match and announced that the Board of Directors had just informed him that Rockwell would be receiving a 3XW Heavyweight title shot at Over the Top in May. Suddenly, Kraig Keesaman ran down the entrance ramp and hammered Rockwell from behind, then charged at Guthrie, who leapt through the ropes out of the ring. Keesaman then nailed Rockwell with the Nordic Spike. He took the mic and was furious, saying with his undefeated streak, he should be the one receiving the Heavyweight title shot in May.

4. Mark Sterling and The High Flyers (“The Unbreakable” Zach Thompson and Mike Sydal) beat The Gentlemen’s Club (Gage Octane and 3XW Tag Team champions Devin Carter and Casanova w/ 3XW Commissioner Todd Countryman) after Sterling submitted Casanova with the Markshooter. Sterling refused to release the hold following the match as the rest of the Gentlemen’s Club looked on in horror outside the ring. After Sterling finally released the hold and tossed Casanova out of the ring, it was announced by Countryman that he would give Sterling what he wanted – a match with Gage Octane at Over the Top on May 7. Countryman also announced that Thompson and Sydal would squre off at Over the Top in a Loser Leaves 3XW match!

5. Rory Fox pinned “Torturous” Tony Sly following a full nelson slam to win the Locust Street Brawl (No DQ Street Fight) and gain entry into May’s Gauntlet for the Gold battle royal. Immediately before the end of the match, Sly swung a chair at Fox, only to miss his opponent and have the chair bounce back in his face after hitting the ropes.

6. “The Viking Warrior” Kraig Keesaman successfully defended the 3XW Pure Wrestling championship after pinning Krotch following a Nordic Spike. Keesaman has now not been pinned or submitted in the past 22 months of 3XW action.

7. Sexy and Smooth (“The Canadian Sex Icon” Ryan Slade and A.J. Smooth) beat Buck Albright and the returning Matty Star (formerly Matty Fitness) after pinning Starr following the Fastball Special.

8. 3XW Heavyweight champion “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt and Ring of Honor World champion Tyler Black wrestled to a 30-minute time limit draw in an incredible wrestling match that earned a standing ovation from the crowd after the final bell. The last minute of the match saw referee Jeromy Robb inadvertently get crushed in the corner by both men and fall to the canvas. Black quickly nailed Wyatt with a tremendous reverse brainbuster and covered him for the pin, only there was no ref to count the pin. As Black was checking on the ref in the corner, Wyatt slowly rose to his feet and grabbed Black from behind, slamming him hard with his patented Kansas Tumbleweed (Lightning Spiral) and covering him for the pin with 20 seconds remaining, only for the ref to still be out. Wyatt screamed and pleaded for the ref to get up to no avail and he even counted the pin himself. The time then ran out before a winner could be determined.

Immediately following the match, a furious Wyatt began to assault the referee and stomped on Black some more. Jimmy Rockwell, still feeling the ill effects of being assaulted by Kraig Keesaman earlier in the evening, ran out to the ring and came to Robb and Black’s aid, and began brawling with Wyatt. Wyatt was knocked into the grasp of Tyler Black, who hit Wyatt with God’s Last Gift. This set up Rockwell flying onto Wyatt with a Rock On Bomb from the top rope. Black took the microphone and proclaimed that next month, Rockwell will be walking out with the 3XW Heavyweight championship!
Next event is Over the Top on May 7th at the Des Moines Social Club, featuring:
– 5th Annual “Gauntlet for the Gold” Battle Royal – This Royal Rumble-esque batle royal is one of 3XW’s top annual traditions. The winner earns a future 3XW Heavyweight title shot!
– 3XW Heavyweight championship – “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt defends against 3XW Cruiserweight champion “The Rockstar” Jimmy Rockwell!
– Loser Leaves 3XWrestling – “The Unbreakable” Zach Thompson vs. his tag team partner, 2009 Pro Wrestling Illustrated “Rookie of the Year” Mike Sydal!
– Grudge Match – Gage Octane vs. Mark Sterling!
– 3XW Pure Wrestling championship – “The Viking Warrior” Kraig Keesaman defends against “The Right Price” Aaron Masterson!
– Women’s wrestling featuring Claudia Del Solis of Houston, Texas!
Look for more information about this event in the coming weeks at http://www.3XWrestling.com

Midnight Guthrie – 3XWrestling Director of Information