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5countheaderThe 5 Count #106″ The 5 most important stories in the world of wrestling… in our opinion.

The 5 Count, a new weekly comedy series that recaps the week in professional wrestling. Its The Soup mixed with Howard Stern mixed with TMZ, but for wrestling! The show is hosted by Cav Manning who provides sarcastic and satirical commentary while reviewing WWE and TNA programming. Faustie Walnuts scours the internet dirt sheets to bring the latest news and rumors as Manning gives his instant analysis. Tha Kat and BoLeggs host the “Remember When?” segment, featuring a classic, hilarious, or over-looked moment in wrestling history. To close, the show gives tribute to the hottest Diva or Knockout with #MeatTwitcher of the Week. The 5 Count releases new shows every Tuesday night. For more information, please visit the5count.com