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Available now at the App Store and Google Play store is a new game called 80’s Mania Wrestling.
The game bills itself as “a totally radical pro wrestling business sim and collectible card game, set in pop culture’s greatest decade!” That about sums it up.

We had a chance to play-test this game while it was being developed and just gave the finished version a spin. It’s safe to say this is something that all wrestling fans ought to check out.
Some early reviews are in, and there are an abundance of 5-star ratings. Here are some particularly interesting customer reviews we’ve found:

Mark Taggart writes:

Totally radical, dude! All the archetypical 80s characters are here. Everything about this game is a right on the money tribute to the era. Fun, easy to get into, and surely addictive.

Jerome Doyle writes:

Wrastlin’ – mania! Collectable card game meets booking simulator. If you like random generated collectable card games and Wrestling management sim games (TEW) then this is a great mobile game for you to pick up and play.

Frank Jacobs writes:

The good ol’ days! Well thought out and executed title you’ve created here. This is how games should be made, simplistic and totally fun!

On the 80’s Mania Wrestling website (http://www.80smaniawrestling.com/) you’ll find more info about the game, but here’s a pretty cool video that tells you mostly everything you’ll need to know. It also gives you a taste of their hilarious retro presentation style.

So check this one out when you get a chance. If you’re a fan of booking simulators, collectible card games, and 80’s pop culture, you won’t be disappointed!