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DeliriousA monthly newsletter from UWA
ISSUE #39- February 05, 2008


Next UWA Event:

Friday February. 15, 2008
Venue: Downsview Park (GPK)
Address: 75 Carl Hall Road Bay 3, Unit #9
Toronto, Ontario

Event Card

UWA Canadian Championship Match
Josh Prohibition VS. Delirious

UWA Lightweight Championship Match
Hiromi Horiguchi VS. Dan Paysan

UWA Tag Team Championship Match
Up In Smoke VS. Flatliners

Triple Threat Match
Josh Abercrombie VS. Mdogg20 VS. Shane Hollister

Sabian VS. Lionel Knight

Tyler Black VS. Joker

Johnny Gargano VS. Ricky Reyes

Jimmy Olsen VS. Brody Lee

*Event card subject to change without notice*

Delirious VS. Josh Prohibition

After an impressive victory over Tyler Black on January 18th, Delirious has earned the right to vie for the coveted UWA Canadian Championship. In a relatively short time period, Delirious’s carrier has reached great heights. Delirious has wrestled for most of the major wrestling promotions around the world and has scored many victories over some of wrestling’s top names. Above all his accomplishments many fans still remember him for his now legendary matches against Matt Sydal. To date, those matches still have to be seen to be believed, as both men demonstrated their incredible athletic abilities.

Known for his unorthodox wrestling style, Delirious plays psychological mind games with all his opponents. Because he is a master of wrestling psychology, his opponents cannot properly prepare for a specific style of match. All Delirious’ matches are completely unique and follow no specific wrestling style. Delirious truly is a modern day master mind of in-ring psychology and there is no one else like him. Many of his opponents fall victim to his devastating finishing move “Shadows Over Hell,” which is a variation of a top rope splash to his opponent’s back.

In 2008, UWA management has many achievements they wish to accomplish. One of those achievements is to find an opponent able to defeat Josh Prohibition. The list of Prohibition’s wins is endless both in and outside of UWA. Prohibition has proven that he is one of the most dominating figures on the independent wrestling scene today. The UWA, however, strongly believe that Delirious possesses all the attributes needed to defeat Prohibition and end his title rein. Prohibition has gone on record as saying, “I’ll kill anyone the UWA throws in my way. There is no one out there able to take this belt from around my waste. I’ll be the champ forever!” Will Prohibition be the champ forever? On February 15th we’ll come one step closer to the truth as we witness two modern day Gladiators stand toe to toe .

Jimmy Olsen Returns!

Even before the departure of his long term tag partner, Colin Olsen, Jimmy began his quest to dominate the independent wrestling scene as a singles competitor. Fans and insiders alike have called Jimmy Olsen’s wrestling skills “brilliant” and “awe inspiring.” Jimmy has definitely made his name as a singles competitor and has proven to his fans and critics alike that he not only has what it takes, but has what it takes to be a champion. He proved this in 2007 by capturing gold in his home promotion NWA Up State.

At the end of every year, fans gather on message boards and discuss what they feel the match of that year was. At the end of last year there was one match in particular that earned the respect of wrestlers from around the globe. This same match was talked about in countless backstage areas. The match in question was none other than Jimmy Olsen verses Brody Lee. In a single night these two men emerged from the shadows and earned the respect of their peers around the globe. Even the top stars of the wrestling business have complimented this match as, “the best of 2007.”

On February 15th, 2008, these two warriors will once again collide. Only this time, their platform has changed, as they meet for the first time in a UWA ring. Unquestionably, Jimmy is the fan favourite going into the match, as UWA fans proudly supported him when he was one half of the tag team, “The Olsen Twins.” Brody Lee, however, goes into the match with the psychological disadvantage, as most UWA fans have never seen him compete before. History does tell us that on any given night, the tide can change and anything is possible. Brody has what it takes to become one of UWA’s next stars and when the match has ended don’t be surprised if chants of “Brody” echo through the walls.

The Next UWA Lightweight Champion

Once again Dan Paysan has proved that he has the will, heart, and determination to capture UWA gold. On January 18th, Paysan secured his title opportunity by scoring a pin fall victory over UWA newcomer, Johnny Gargano. However Paysan’s victory did not come easy, as Gargano was set to prove himself to the rabid UWA fans in attendance that evening. As both men battled back and forth, the match finally came to an end as Paysan was able to hit his devastating “Whop Drop Driver.” After the match, in a disrespectful display, Gargano sucker-punched Paysan and then in a cowardly act fled the ring area.

On February 15th, Paysan will receive his second chance at UWA gold. Last year Paysan received his first title opportunity against UWA Canadian Champion, Josh Prohibition. That night both men’s skills were put to the test as they battled back and forth for over twenty minutes. The end saw an unconscious Paysan laying on the ring canvas as Prohibition was able to execute his devastating “Drunken Driver” finishing move. That night Paysan vowed that the next time he received an opportunity at UWA gold he would be victorious.

On February 15th Paysan’s hard work might finally pay off, as he is set to square off against the current UWA Lightweight Champion, Hiromi Horiguchi. Hiromi made his surprise return on January 18th as he once again defeated the former champion Lionel Knight. Hiromi cherishes his belt more than anything, as he has fought very hard to retain it in both Mexico and Japan. Hiromi has gone on record stating “I won’t go down without a fight. On February 15th, Paysan will not beat me!” As UWA fans know, Paysan is one who is up to any challenge. After his years of hard fought battles, Paysan is more than prepared for what awaits him on the 15th. The battle lines have been drawn and on February 15th wrestling history will once again be made as Hiromi and Dan Paysan wage war for the UWA Lightweight title.

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