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PRESS RELEASE:  Canadian Wrestling’s Elite is proud to announce in conjunction with AAA based out of Mexico a very rare opportunity on August 25th in Winnipeg, Manitoba when wrestling legend Konnan comes to Canada to host a AAA tryout and seminar!

On August 25th wrestlers from around the world will be given the chance to learn from Konnan, a man who has had great success with World Championship Wrestling, TNA Wrestling, in Mexico, and abroad. Konnan is the current booker for AAA and with the company expanding into the United States they are aggressively seeking new potential talent for the company.

The tryout and seminar is open to wrestlers of all levels of training as a large portion of the day will be spent with Konnan conducting a seminar on Lucha Libre.

Everyone attending the seminar will be eligible for evaluation apart of the AAA Tryout portion with one participant from this camp being GUARANTEED a two week stay in Mexico to train and learn Lucha Libre. The selected standout will also be GUARANTEED one AAA televised match as well as one match on a AAA house show. Unlike other major league or international tryouts this camp is guaranteeing at least one person to be selected for international opportunity with one of the world’s biggest and most storied wrestling organizations.

Tryouts for WWE, TNA, ROH, or Japanese companies cost anywhere between $250-$1000 minimum with no potential spot guaranteed after the camp is finished. This camp is providing the exact opposite and for only $150 if signed up by Thursday, August 9th. The registration fee after August 9th is $200.

If you have been looking for the opportunity to get your career from the independent level to the big stage you now have that opportunity. E-mail [email protected] to reserve your spot.

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