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A crazy evening at the Berwyn Eagles Club as AAW’s “Bloody Valentine” is in the books. A red hot crowd witnessed the below results.

*Show started with footage from Tyler Black and Jimmy Jacobs defeating House of Truth for the Tag Titles last weekend in Davenport.

*Derek St. Holmes then interviewed the “Chan Clan” backstage and had words with his nephew Knight Wagner (they have been having issues on the Davenport shows). Chandler McClure kept trying to call out Colt Cabana but St. Holmes wanted to talk about the Chan Clan teaming with House of Truth enforcer Mason Beck as they were about to take on Zero Gravity and Krotch.

– Zero Gravity and Krotch d. Knight Wagner/Jordan Mcentyre/Mason Beck when CJ Esparza hit the shooting star elbow on Mcentyre

After the match Truth Martini got the mic and was upset about House of Truth losing the Tag Team Titles last weekend. He said the Phoenix Twins got in the HOT ‘s business one time too often. He was also upset Mason Beck was on the losing team in the opener and spotted Dan Lawrence at the bar. He called out Lawrence who was then jumped by the House of Truth and given a powerbomb on 3 steel chairs by Mason Beck. Phoenix Twins then cleared the ring and said somehow they would get their hands on Raymond and Able tonight.

* Promo from Jay Bradley stating he had parted ways with manager Dave Prazak and he was out to do things only for himself from here on out.

-Jay Bradley d. Michael Elgin with a lariat

Hard hitting match as expected here and Elgin looked impressive in his AAW debut. Bradley was too much however and hit his big lariat for the win.

* Shane Hollister was interviewed in the ring by Kevin Harvey. His head was still bandaged from his encounter with Danny Daniels last weekend and he said even though he had a title shot later in the night he wanted Daniels now. Daniels came out and said if Hollister wanted a fight he could have Ryan Boz leading to…..

-Shane Hollister d. Ryan Boz with a Buzzsaw Kick

Post match Daniels jumped Hollister and reopened the wound on his head. He also gave Hollister a piledriver on the floor. Kevin Harvey tried to aid Hollister and was given a Boz Driver on the floor.

– The Irish Airborne d. The Hybrids via Referee stoppage

A statement match for Irish Airborne as they isolated Donovan Caine and repeatedly delivered boots to the head rendering him unconscious. The referee stepped in and stopped the match but that didn’t stop the Airborne from delivering a spike piledriver to the Jason Lyte. Dominate win for the brothers Crist.

– Arik Cannon d. Colt Cabana 2 falls to 1 to become the new AAW Heritage Champion

Closely contested match that saw both men take a fall on a German suplex where neither got their shoulders off the mat. In the deciding fall Dave Prazak came to ringside and declared he was reforming DP Associates and was scouting both men. In the end Prazak helped Arik Cannon grab Cabana’s towel from ringside and use it for the leverage on the pinfall. Cannon is now a two time AAW Heritage Champion

* After the match the Chan Clan came to ringside with streamers and party favors celebrating Cabana’s loss. Cabana said he had spoken to Jim Lynam and part of Chandler’s contract negotianions were that if Cabana could pin Chandler he would be gone from AAW forever. Looks like McClure will be facing off with Cabana in the near future.

– Trik Davis d. Hornet

* Darin Corbin was being interviewed in the lockeroom about his upcoming match with SHIMMER champion Mschif. He stated since she was a girl he would need less than two minutes to defeat her. As he turned away he found some paperwork by his girlfriend Nikki Mayday’s bag. Apparently they were hospital bills for a “gender change procedure” for “Nick Mayday”. Corbin was shocked as he put two and two together.

– MsChif d. Darin Corbin after the green mist to the eyes

Krotch came out to confront Nikki Mayday who jumped into the arms of Corbin. Corbin immediately dropped her and turned around to a face full of mist from the SHIMMER Champion. Nikki could not understand why Darin Corbin was freaking out. Tough night for Darin Corbin.

– Silas Young d. Shane Hollister to retain the AAW Heavyweight Title

Hollister was still hurting from the attack by Danny Daniels earlier but showed a ton of heart in the match coming within a hair of winning the title on several occasions. Young locked in Jimmy Jacobs “End Time” guillotine choke late in the match and Hollister survived only to fall victim to his own Buzzsaw kick from Silas. Young retains the title and continues to use his rivals finishing maneuvers against them.

– Tyler Black/Jimmy Jacobs d. The Phoenix Twins / The House of Truth to retain the AAW Tag Team Titles in a three way elimination match.

The Twins jumped House of Truth before th bell and Tyler Black offered them a shot at the titles as well. Crazy action in this match as The House of Truth were the first team eliminated when the Twins and Tyler Black hit a triple superkick on Christian Able.
The Twins would then go at it with Jacobs and Black until the HOT returned and attacked Tweek and Dash. Black hit a frog splash to retain the titles and the champs would then shake hands with the Twins and leave ringside.

* After the match the Twins said it was time to end the feud with House of Truth. They laid out a challenge. Loser leaves AAW for one year and they choose the match. The fans chanted “TLC” but the Twins had something else in mind. NO ROPE BARBED WIRE!

Thanks to all the fans who came out tonight.

AAW is back on Friday 3/26 for the 6th Anniversary show