During the six plus year existence of this website, we have gone through several different transformations, and slowly but surely accumulated a HUGE amount of support from so many different people from all walks of life and I just want to mention a few of you who have helped pave the way to making this website what it is, and I asure you it wouldn’t be the massive project that it is without the generous support of the following people (and others):

Jason Deadrich and BPI: For believing in me and the direction of Online World of Wrestling. Jason and Black Pants Productions saved the day when OWW was forced to shut down in 2003 due to Webspace and Bandwidth issues. Without Deadrich & BPI there would be no OWW, and his encouragement and inspiration is a constant motivation. There aren’t enough thank yous in the World..

Andrew Storey: Everybody knows, to maintain a website as big as ONLINE WORLD OF WRESTLING is, you need a hell of a lot of webspace, and I am extremely lucky that Storey donated unlimited webspace for an account on up until 2003.. Eventually though, the site DID, in fact, get too large for that server and we had to move – but I will be forever greatful for Storey’s generousity during the early stages of this project.. I definitly owe you a drink!

Internet Radio Shows : When I first started OWW, I didn’t think it would get anywhere near as big as it is now. But one thing I never dreamt possible was that we would have close affiliations with any Wrestling Radio Shows! I would like to thank Wild Talk Radio (Tim Stein and cast), Wrestling News Live (Trey & JSK [RIP] & Adam Martin), Wrestling Weekly (Doc Young & Les Thatcher), Monday Night Mayhem (Mosh & Blade), In Your Head Online (OIB, Jack & Barbie), The Irish Whip (J.P. & Big Joe), Voice of Wrestling (Chris Cash & Nick), (Ben Kerin), Submission Radio in Australia, The Bizzle Show, The Brutal Truth show, Evan Ginzburg’s Legend’s Radio with Dr. Mike Lano, Trash Talking Radio, Jerkin’ The Curtin (Trent Van Drisse), Shooting Star Radio, Sunset Flip Radio, Radio Free Insanity (James Guttman), yes even Live Audio Wrestling and everyone else from the radio shows I have worked with for all your help..

J. Michael Kenyon: Mr. Kenyon, formerly of the Cauliflower Alley Club website, gave me an enormous push when he stumbled onto my website and wrote me a quick email praising my work and dedication to the project. I was thrilled by the email and wrote back and my “passionate” response influenced him to feature ME and the ONLINE WORLD OF WRESTLING website in his Sunday Punches column on the CAC website. It was at this time when I realized the website was rapidly gaining steam and headed to great places. I would be lying if I said his column didn’t make me nervous when I realized the possibility of numerous legendary wrestlers logging onto OWW!

Penny Banner: A while back I received a very inspirational email from legendary NWA Women’s wrestler Penny Banner, who was so kind as to compliment the website and contribute information to her OWN profile and send in photos of her for a photo gallery.. Hearing from the athletes who I have grown to love and admire ALWAYS pumps me up and drives me to make the site even better. Penny also granted OWW her FIRST interview to promote her biography entitled Banner Days which is a GREAT read.

Other Wrestling Personalities: Every so often I’ll get an email from a familiar name.. I’ve had the opportunity to swap emails from several workers in the wrestling business.. I’d like to thank all of you by name but the list is just too long — you know who you are and I appreciate your kind words of support.. A note to any wrestlers out there I would be thrilled to hear from you..

The OWW Staff: I love you all and I could never show enough appreciation to you; Darryl (UK), Larry (California), Greg Kelly (AU), Kirsty Quested (NZ), James Thomlison (USA), Michael Tunnell, Kenny McKnight, Dale Pierce, Chris Bergstom, Joe Pelton, Matthew Maida, Nick Mayberry, Jonathan Barber, Brian Bertrand, Chris Chambers, Cor Ramsden, Emer Prevost, Micheal Williams, John Perin, Robert Louis Howell, Bruce Butler, and all my content contributors, too many to mention, you have made the OWW website something special with your unique views on the ALWAYS tumultuous world of professional wrestling. One thing I like, is that the OWW staff is spread out over the world. Thank you for adding your unique visions to the site.

The Great People of KM & WC: The Kayfabe Memories Forums and Wrestling Classics Message Board are a great resource for information on wrestling and wrestlers. I sometimes spend hours on there learning about the past. There are literally hundreds of knowledgable guys (and a few girls) on there but I’d like to specifically name a few: Crimson Mask, oldfallguy, diamondmd, clawmaster, tamalie, Commissioner Paul Lewis, Dr Abner Mality, Greg Oliver, Scott Teal, … These people, and others, have helped provide rare and valuable information towards the profile sections and I’d like to thank them all for being life-long fans and sharing their knowledge with the rest of the world on a Worldly platform.

Kirsty Quested: Thank you for helping to increase the level of credibility and respect to the Columns section. You raised the bar, and I’m incredibly proud that we were the first to publish your work exclusively. Kirsty now posts her columns exclusively on NZpwi and has parted ways with Online World of Wrestling.

Donations (over $10): To the people who have shown their appreciation via the almighty dollar. Thank you to Chris Allen, Kirsty Quested (before she joined OWW), Jim Kite, Tris Pruetthipunthu, Joan Weston (Columbia, South Carolina), Joseph Paul, Jordan Reay, Triple Threat Sports, Ben Kerin, Erik Hedin, Sergio Hernandez, Jacob Stegmiller, Jake Laber, Michael Cameron, Daniel Hague, Matt Campbell, Jeff Nix, James Lee (Haven, Connecticut), DERE INC., Michael Cameron (BIG THANKS!), Michael Tunnell, Reginald Hamilton, John Slaydon, James Lee (BIG THANKS!), Ryan Rolph, Catherine Riccio, Joe Votour, Konrad Cox, Ryan Rolph (WOW! SUPER THANKS!), Kim Witzenleiter (BIG THANKS!), Ray Brown from Severe Attitude Wrestling, Albert Sedory, Ryan Rolph (WOW! SUPER THANKS AGAIN!), John Hnatin (Big Thanks!), David Baranowski, James Lee (Again!), Raymond Meola, Robert Cradle, Billy & Beverly Wenhold (Big Thanks!), || Donate to the website by sending money to PayPal account [email protected]

I have to give a special shot out to all the guys and girls in the Yahoo Chat Room who have filled the void of not having any LOCAL WRESTLING FAN friends. Your discussions and debates have inspired many different creations on the ONLINE WORLD OF WRESTLING website. Waaaay too many to mention, but you all know who you are..

-Brad Dykens (Editor in Cheif)