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NOTE: We’re looking for correspondents for ALL promotions, so Just because your local promotion is not listed, doesn’t mean we’re not looking for some help!

Promotion Specific Representatives:

1PW (England): Jamie Cruickshank @ email
1PW (England): Adam Stubbings * @ email
3XW (Des Moines, Iowa): Todd Countryman * @ email
All American Wrestling (Illinois): Reliable Person Wanted @
All American Wrestling (Louisiana): “Mean” Matt Dunn * @ email
All Pro Wrestling (California): Brian Bertrand * @ email
All-Star Wrestling Federation (Arkansas): Aaron Polston @ email
American Championship Entertainment (New Jersey): Robert Lotti @ email
American Championship Wrestling (Alabama): David Sligh @ email
American Combat Wrestling (Florida): Alan Wojcik @ email
Ballpark Brawl Wrestling (Buffalo): Dan Kriegbaum * @ email
!BANG! Wrestling (Florida): Dory Funk Jr. * @ email
BAW Championship Wrestling: Taylor Vannice * @ email
Bayou Independent Wrestling: Josh Newell * @ email
Blackball’d Wrestling Organization: Reliable Person Wanted @
Blood, Sweat, & Ears Wrestling (Ontario): Craig Wilhelm @ email
Bodyslam Wrestling Organization (New Jersey): Heather Kline @ email
Border City Wrestling (Ontario): Scott Binns @ email
Chaotic Wrestling (Massachusetts): Reliable Person Wanted @
CHIKARA Pro Wrestling (Pennsylvania): Reliable Person Wanted @
Classic Championship Wrestling: Eric “Rage” Montgomery * @ email
Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling Federation: Tom Storm * @ email
Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling Federation: Reliable Person Wanted @
Coastal Championship Wrestling (Florida): Reliable Person Wanted @
Derby Championship Wrestling (Kentucky): Josh Johnson * @ email
DownSouth Championship Wrestling (Louisiana): “Mean” Matt Dunn * @ email
East Coast Professional Wrestling (New Jersey): Gino Caruso @ email
East Coast Wrestling Association (Delaware): Reliable Person Wanted @
Eastern Pro Wrestling (RI/CT/MA): Shawn O. * @ email
Explosive Pro Wrestling (Australia): Andrew Riordan @ email
Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling (British Columbia): Marty Sugar @ email
Extreme Wrestling Federation (Indiana): Reliable Person Wanted @
Fighting Spirit Pro Wrestling (Florida): Alan Wojcik @ email
Florida Championship Wrestling (Florida): Reliable People Wanted @
Florida Championship Wrestling (Florida): Reliable People Wanted @
ForceOne Pro Wrestling (New Jersey): John Sollog @ email
Frontier Wrestling Alliance (England): Steven Sutton @ email
Frontier Wrestling Alliance (England): Sam Gibbs @ email
Frontier Wrestling Alliance (England): Reliable People Wanted @
Full Impact Pro (Florida): Reliable Person Wanted @
Gateway Championship Wrestling (Missouri): Reliable Person Wanted @
Great Canadian Wrestling (Ontario): John Vorstenbosch @ email
High Impact Wrestling (Arizona): Glenn Rugar * @ email
Hoosier Pro Wrestling (Indiana): Jerry Wilson @ email
Independent Wrestling Federation (New Jersey): David Jacobs @ email
International Wrestling Cartel (Pennsylvania): Jesse The Mark @ email
International Wrestling Cartel (Pennsylvania): Reliable Person Wanted @
International Wrestling Cartel (Pennsylvania): Zack Rabickow @ email
International Wrestling Syndicate (Montreal): Michael Dylan Ryan * @ email
IWA Mid South (Illinois): Nathan P. Davis @ email
IWA Mid South (Indiana): Reliable Person Wanted @
High Impact Wrestling (Saskatchewan): Joe Neustaeter @ email
Jersey All-Pro Wrestling (New Jersey): Dylan Campanello @ email
Jersey All-Pro Wrestling (New Jersey): Dan Marra @ email
Kiwi Pro Wrestling (New Zealand): Ted Jabbs @
Main Event World League (Ohio): Dennis Johnson * @ email
Maryland Championship Wrestling (Maryland): Dan Ross * @ email
Maryland Championship Wrestling (Maryland): Zack Rabickow @ email
Memphis Wrestling (Memphis): Reliable Person Wanted @
Midsouth All-star Wrestling (Memphis): Randy Cresswell * @ email
Midwest Championship Wrestling (Minnesota): Jim Cusick @ email
MWA Pro Wrestling (Iowa): Brian Plantz @ email
New England Championship Wrestling: Reliable Person Wanted @
NWA Anarchy (Georgia): Larry Goodman * @ email
NWA Central States (Kansas): Reliable Person Wanted @
NWA Empire (New York): Mark Oship * @ email
NWA Shockwave (New Jersey): Kevin Boyle * @ email
NWA Upstate (New York): Todd Brantley * @ email
NWA Upstate (New York): Joe Shepard @ email
New Breed Wrestling Alliance: Chris Halls * @ email
New York Wrestling Connection (New York): Alex Sellitto @ email
Norwegian Wrestling Federation: Jon Peder Opsahl * @ email
Ohio Valley Wrestling (Kentucky): Arturo Zaldana * @ email
Ohio Valley Wrestling (Kentucky): Reliable People Wanted @
Ohio Valley Wrestling (Kentucky): Reliable People Wanted @
Prairie Wrestling Association (Alberta): Craig Ulmer @ email
Premier Championship Wrestling (Manitoba): Andrew Shallcross @ email
Pro Wrestling Alliance (Texas): Chris Marullo * @ email
Pro Wrestling Alliance (Texas): Reliable Person Wanted @
Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (California): Reliable Person Wanted @
Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (California): Reliable Person Wanted @
Pro Wrestling Unplugged (Pennsylvania): Billy Fusco @ email
Professional Championship Wrestling (Texas): Rob Moore @ email
Pure Wrestling Association (Ontario): Josh Alessandro @ email
Renegade Championship Wrestling: Tyler Gazaway @ email
Shimmer Women Athletes (Illinois): M.J. Hammond * @ email
Stampede Wrestling (Calgary): Tim Stein @ email
Top Rope Promotions (Massachusetts): Shawn O. * @ email
United States Wrestling Organization: Jimmie Daniel @ email
United Wrestling Federation (USA): Reliable Person Wanted @
United Wrestling Federation (USA): Reliable Person Wanted @
USA Xtreme Wrestling (Florida): Dan Kriegbaum @ email
UWA Hardcore Wrestling (Mississauga): Don Macleod @ email
UWA Hardcore Wrestling (Mississauga): Terry M @ email

Region Specific Representatives (American):

Arizona Wrestling: Dale Pierce (Historian) @ email
California Wrestling: Mike Rodgers (Historian) @ email
Florida Wrestling: Nick Mayberry @ email
Florida Wrestling: Jonathon Sawicki @ email
Oklahoma Indy Wrestling: Mike Iles @ email
Midwest Wrestling: Randy Klemme [Website] @ email
Portland Wrestling: Alan Eisenberg @ email
Southern Wrestling: Trent Vandrisse @ email
Texas Wrestling: Mark Vaughn @ email

Region Specific Representatives (Foreign):

Australian Wrestling: Greg Kelly @ email
Canada (Maritimes): New Scott @ website
Canada (Ontario): Steven Ashe @ email
Canada (Quebec): Pierre Houde @ email
Canada (Western): Vance Nevada @ email
Germany/Austria/Switzerland: Frank Lilienthal @ email
Japanese Puroresu: Hisaharu Tanabe @ email
Japanese Puroresu: Andy Miso @ email
Mexican Lucha Libre: PAKO from Mexico @ email
Mexican Lucha Libre: @
Puerto Rican Wrestling: Armando Rodriguez @ email

Your duties would include simply sending in results for the shows. You could go one step further and get some good clear close-up photos of any wrestlers that appear on the shows and contribute them to OWW. If you really want a challenge, you can approach the promoter and introduce yourself as a member of and let them know what OWW is doing for them. Heck, you may get free admission if they know you’re helping to promote them – but don’t hold your breath or press your luck. You may also choose to approach the wrestlers and ask them about information pertaining to their profiles (please, ONLY existing profile. No NEW profiles). You could also do an interview with one of the top guys if you want to put the time in to do it (Note: Please run it by me before you pursue an interview to get the go-ahead). What you do or don’t do is up to you, as long as you send in results for the shows that you attend. Not a lot of detail is required, just winners & losers, title ramifications and basic storyline information… for example:

January 10, 2008–Random Wrestling Federation – SampleMania in Somewheresville, Texas: Jeffrey Simpson b Fred Taylor w/Psycho Sam, Killer Kowboy vs Jim Bob ended in a draw after Giant Abdullah interfered, Harry Amps b Tick Toc Ted to win the Television title, Assassin #10 vs Greg Schits ended in a NO CONTEST, Dale Thunderfoot b Cowboy Gary Todd in an Indian Strap match, Captain Tredmill & Loverboy Simms b Bill & Ted (Ted turned on Bill), Terry Acker b Mitch Digger to win the OWF Heavyweight title.. [reported by “Your Name”]

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