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ACE commentator Fallon announced to the crowd that promoter Mike Morgan had declared that matched involving Hollywood Inc.(Joe Hardway, William Wyeth, & Javi-Air) would be handicap matches. Luminaries in attendance Alicia and EC Negro.

Black Zemis w/manager Rade Ravello and Vic Hellian def. Sabotage in a match that was considered boring by the crowd. I personally was glad it went on 1st.

Vic Hellian w/manager Rade Ravello def. Psycho in a pretty good match where everybody believed that Psycho was going to win at certain points.

Myke Quest aka Gavin Quest def. “The Sexiest Man Alive” Rhett Titus A lot of gay references from the crowd directed at Titus. OK match in which Quest got the win.

Light Heavyweight Title
Handicap Match
Javi-Air def. Azrieal & Wes Draven to retain the title Deep into the match, PS2(Pinkie Sanchez, Shawn Walker, & 2 Hot Steve
Scott) pulled Azrieal out of the ring. Azrieal tried hitting Javi with a chair but hit Draven accidently. Javi eventually picked up the win.


Pinkie Sanchez & Shawn Walker def. Kronic & Hodge Prior to the match, Pinkie announced that he and the rest of PS2 stole Azrieal’s property. Scott was wearing Az’s jacket, Walker was wearing Az’s bandana with horns, and Pinkie then took off his work out pants and revealed he was wearing Az’s tights. Nice tag match between these 2 teams. Kronic eventually chases Scott to the back. Pinkie & Shawn take advantage of a lonesome Hodge and get the win. After the match, Azrieal looking for some pay back attacks Pinkie & Shawn with a chair. Then goes after Hodge and unmasks him and he was wearing a camoflauge mask with red, white, and blue in the front of it. I guess he’s going back to his previous gimmick Kid Liberty. Az then takes a pair of scissors and cuts the back of Walker’s hair and throws it in the air some of it landing on me. Az then returns to the ring and attempts to pull his tights off of Pinkie. He has trouble doing that and tries to take off Pinkie’s shoes.
After someone sitting behind me suggested that Az carry Pinkie backstage and do it, Az listened believe it or not.
After the every body left the scene, Kronic comes out trying to find Hodge but all he found was his mask.

Web TV Title
Handicap Match
William Wyeth def. Thomas “The Gate” Rodriguez & 2 Hot Steve Scott to retain the title Wyeth pulled his trademark chain out of his singlet and hit Scott with it behind the referee’s back. Rodriguez then rolled up Wyeth to win the title. During the pinfall, Wyeth placed his chain in the back of Rodriguez’s tights. Wyeth told the ref that about it and reversed the decision.

Tag Team Title
Rob Vegas & Rayza def. Sam Sational & Mike Donovan to win the tag title Back on 9/1, Team Yea!(Sational & Rayza) faced Style & Finesse(Vegas &
Donovan) in a ladder match. In that match, Sational & Donovan pulled each pulled a belt down. Commissoner Sgt. Payne declared them the tag team champions. Great match they had despite not teaming with their usual partners. Rayza was visibly upset about now being stuck with Vegas as his championship partner.
Before and after the match, both teams were accusing each other of stealing the belts. When the match was over, the lights went out and a voice was heard saying that The Garden State Gods had the tag belts.

Heavyweight Title
Handicap Match
“Hollywood” Joe Hardway w/Women’s champion Alexa Thatcher def. “The Remix Of Pro Wrestling” Vince Steele & Manslaughter by DQ to retain the title Prior to this match, Manslaughter’s manager Rade Ravello announced that he made a deal with Hollywood Inc’s manager Alex Iz that Manslaughter would back out of the match. Manslaughter kept Tellling Rade no. The match went on and it appeared that Hardway was going to be chokeslamed by Steele but Rade hits Hardway with a low blow causing the DQ.
Manslaughter finally had enough of Rade and gave him a Michinoku driver for costing him the title. Fans yelled one more time and Manslaughter returns to the ring whips Rade to the ropes and hits a black hole slam.
After that, Hardway celebrates his win only to be attacked by Mo Sexton who ran into the ring in street clothes. Sexton who was nearly hung to death by Hardway and the rest of Hollywood Inc. Back on 9/15 took his belt off and choked Hardway with it. H Inc. Members Wyeth, Vegas, Donovan, and Javi tried to stop but were nailed by Sexton. Then most of the babyfaces(Draven, Rayza, Sational, Rodriguez, Psycho, and others) hit the ring to prevent H Inc. From coming back into the ring. Joe finally escapes and announces that the only way Mo will get another title shot is if he runs the H Inc. Gauntlet.

MIA based on who was advertised:
Envy, Deranged, Alex Iz, and Giovanni Maranca

Final Thoughts
Seeing that this was the 3rd show in September, they had a right for not making this show as good as the previous 2. It seem the show will be remembered for the incidents rather than the matches in my opinion.

For anyone who loves ROH or JAPW, ACE is the place for a fun night out.

ACE Action Zone returns Saturday October 20th Mo Sexton will attempt to run the Hollywood Inc. Gauntlet to get a shot at Joe Hardway’s heavyweight title

Robert Lotti