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The show started with a battle royal to determine who would challenge “Hollywood” Joe Hardway for the heavyweight title later in the show. It was won by “The Remix Of Pro Wrestling” Vince Steele. Other participants were Danny Demanto, Kronic, High Impact, Kid Liberty, Giovanni Marranca, Black Zemis, Pinkie Sanchez, Shawn Walker, and Azrieal.

1/2 Tag Team Title
Rayza def. Mike Donovan to retain his half of the tag title in a good match

3 Way Match
Danny Demanto def. Dave Logan & “The Sexiest Man Alive” Rhett Titus in a fun match where fans were calling Titus gay and making Canadian jokes at Logan. Demanto pinned one of them with a frogsplash then wiped his ass with Logan’s Canadian flag.

Manslaghter def. Vic Hellion w/Rade Ravello after a black hole slam in what was a good battle of big men. After the match, Giovanni Marranca comes ou with a baseball bat and he, Ravello, and Hellion triple team Manslaughter until Envy comes out and makes the save. Manslaughter looked at Envy like he didn’t expect him to come out since they had a brutal feud earlier this year.

3 Way Match
Myke Quest def. Envy & 2 Hott Steve Scott in a good match where Ravello, Marranca, and Hellion pulled Envy out of the ring and pretty much out of the match as they took him back stage. After the match they all come out from backstage and comtinue triple teaming Envy until Manslaughter made the save and was going to attack Envy but decided not to.


Heavyweight Title
“Hollywood” Joe Hardway w/women’s champion Alexa Thatcher def. “The Remix Of Pro Wrestling” Vince Steele to retain the title by pinning him with his feet on the ropes

The next match was scheduled to be Thomas “The Gate” Rodriguez challenging Web TV champion William Wyeth. Wyeth comes out and said that because he will be in the Hollywood Inc. gauntlet match later in the show, Thomas would be competing in a 6 way match.

6 Way Match
Thomas “The Gate” Rodriguez def. Kid Liberty, Kyle Smiley, Giovanni Marranca, Psycho, and Radames Wyeth attacked Rodriguez after the match with the championship belt.
Then ring announcer Ken Carrera was told by promoter Mike Morgan that Wyeth would defend his web television title against Rodriguez at “Rise 2 Power” on November 10th where 2 referees will be assigned and the title can change hands by DQ or countout.

1/2 Tag Team Title
Sam Sational vs. Rob Vegas ended in a no contest when Rayza and Mike Donovan interfered Then the Garden State Gods appeared on the video screen but the footage was distorted so no one could see what they looked like.
Mike Morgan then entered the ring took the tag belts and announced there would be a ladder match between Style & Finesse(Vegas & Donovan) and Team Yea!(Sational & Rayza) at “Rise 2 Power” on 11/10 where the 2 men who pull the belts down will be the champs.

3 Way Match to determine #1 contender for the light heavyweight title Wes Draven def. Azrieal & Pinkie Sanchez in a great match in which Pinkie’s fellow PS2 comrades Shawn Walker & 2 Hott Steve Scott interfered

Main Event
Hollywood Inc. Gauntlet
“Hollywood” Joe Hardway comes out cutting a promo on how Mo Sexton doesn’t have a chance of winning the gauntlet blah blah blah. How Mo will never get another shot at his heavyweight title blah blah blah.

Part 1 Mo Sexton def. Javi-Ait with an over the shoulder piledriver in a great match

Part 2 Mo def. William Wyeth by DQ
Originally Wyeth won after knocking Mo out with a chain. Thomas Roriguez comes out and tells referee Karl Curland the chain is in Wyeth’s kneepad. Karl searched and found the chain and DQd Wyeth

Hardway gets the microphone and tells Mo he will now have a handicap match with Style & Finesse with no DQ.

Part 3
Mo def. Style & Finesse in a no DQ handicap match when Team Yea!
interfered by holding Mike Donovan at bay as Mo pinned Rob Vegas with a small package

Hardway then hits Mo with a chair and says he had one more member for him to wrestle.

Part 4
Mo def. Alexa Thatcher to sucessfully run the H Inc. Gauntlet Alexa tried to pin Mo who was still down from Hardway’s chairshot but kicked out at 2 and then started to “Hulk Up”. Alexa slapped Mo but no selled it. Hardway came up to the apron but was met with a “You!” punch.
Mo whipped Alexa to the ropes hit the big boot cuffed his hand tho his ear hit the big leg drop and then 1…..2……3.

Mo then told Hardway that since he ran the gauntlet in succession he gets a title shot. He then said he was cashing it in at “Rise 2 Power”
on 11/10 and said that he would also choose the stipulation. He told Hardway that he will end this by making him say “I Quit”.

Final Thoughts
This show kicked F’N ass. Somebody should tell Vince McMahon how to put on a go home show to a big event the right way because ACE knows how to do so. It seems that 11/10 will be a tough act to follow.

Anyone who reads this from the NY/NJ area should checkout aceprowrestling.com and myspace.com/acewrestling to see what the buzz is all about.

ACE presents “Rise 2 Power” on Saturday November 10th

Already announced:

TNA X Division Title
“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal(C) vs. Alex Shelley

Heavyweight Title
“Hollywood” Joe Hardway(C) vs. Mo Sexton

Web TV Title
2 referees will be assigned and the title can change on a DQ or count out William Wyeth(C) w/Ms. April vs.
Thomas Rodriguez

Tag Team Title
Ladder Match
Team Yea! Vs. Style & Finesse