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Ring of Honor superstar Adam Cole recently participated in an exclusive interview with PWMania.com. A multi-time champion in various companies, Cole talks about AJ Styles, his WWE tryout, how Matt Hardy has influenced his career and much more. Here are some highlights from the interview.

If AJ Styles can make a difference in ROH: Absolutely. And that actually reminds me of the way ECW guys used to joke about how Jerry Lynn never aged. Watching AJ do the things he does, I think the same could be said about him. He’s just as good as he was 10 years ago. I’m sure his body’s a little beat up, but he’s still a huge asset to Ring of Honor.
Matt Hardy influencing his career: Matt Hardy came into ROH with open arms. Matt came into ROH ready to learn. He said “Hey guys, I’m here to help you as much as I can.” Plus he knows that ROH and WWE’s styles are different, so he brings a different perspective to the locker room. Wrestling’s in his blood. He was so helpful in guiding me as a villain and presenting myself a certain way. I can’t say enough good things about Matt Hardy.
His WWE Tryout: It’s very military style, as it should be. Everyone there is respectful and you know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing in there. There’s 3 different rings and you’re doing a lot of different workout drills to keep you going and making sure you’re in shape and making sure you want it. If you want to be a part of the WWE, you’re going to show it. It’s grueling, but it’s a great time and forces you to face challenges.
Cole also speaks on how he started in pro wrestling, his experiences in ROH and CZW, working in front of different crowds,what’s next for him and more. You can read the interview in its entirety at this link.