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The latest Wrestling Guys podcast is up, and it is with the legendary 5 time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce!

In this interview, Adam talks not only about his time as champion of the NWA, but expresses his views on many things going on in pro wrestling, most recently his 7 Levels of Hate series with Colt Cabana.  Many of you fans know that the buildup for this series was incredible, but equally incredible was how The NWA removed their sanctioning of the final match, which took place in Melbourne, Australia on October 27th, when after he lost the final match to Cabana & did not lose the title because of the NWA’s refusal to sanction the match, essentially abandoned the Championship, and walked from the belt.

Adam also details his time as booker for Ring Of Honor, and even mentions that he’d jump at the chance to wrestle the NWA’s current World Champion Kahagas if given the opportunity.  It’s a great interview with one of the classiest guys in the business.

John & Phil also discuss the withdrawal of the NWA Coastal promotion from the National Wrestling Alliance, and the recent press release by CZW that they had over 1,000 i-ppv subscribers for their recent Cage of Death show.

Check out the podcast here: