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Adam Pearce“Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce signed to defend title at NWA-Southwest

Promoter Ken Taylor has announced new NWA World Heavyweight champion Adam Pearce has signed to make a title defense in Dallas-Fort Worth on October 13, at Lindero Ranch in Irving. 

This will mark the first NWA World Heavyweight title match held in the Metroplex since 2001, and the first anywhere in Texas since October 2002. If Pearce is not champion on that date his committments will be honored by the new champ. No NWA World Heavyweight title has ever changed hands in Dallas or Fort Worth, but 23 years ago in Irving (Texas Stadium) Kerry Von Erich made history defeating Ric Flair.

Pearce’s challenger has been agreed upon,  and signed, and will be announced before this weekend is over.