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Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles will be touring New Zealand this August in celebration of Total Nonstop Action’s 10 year anniversary.

“I am very excited to travel to New Zealand to get a chance to personally thank all the fans who watch me and Impact Wrestling each and every week,” Styles said.

“This will be my first time visiting New Zealand so I am very excited to be able to finally see your beautiful country.”

TNA President Dixie Carter broke the news via her Twitter account earlier this week.

TNA Executive Vice President Andy Barton said New Zealand had a large and vocal fan base which had been requesting a TNA tour.

“We hope this is the start of our journey to bring New Zealand closer to more Impact Wrestling action,” Mr. Barton said.

“AJ Styles is a great ambassador for us and is looking forward to meeting all of our great fans in August.”