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There is a lot going on in WWE right now. A shift backstage translated to even more on-screen and that mean some Superstars are being shifted around.

Both Mustafa Ali and Dolph Ziggler have been quietly moved over to RAW from the SmackDown brand. It was noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that could mean an even bigger change for an on-going angle on the blue brand.

The SmackDown Mystery hacker has been teased for months. The mystery hacker’s identity has often been thought as being Mustafa as well. Meltzer went on to seemingly confirm this with his note on Ali’s brand change.

On the roster pages, Ali has been quietly moved to Raw. At the same time, the guy backstage who sees all of what takes place in secret on SmackDown, which was originally set to be revealed as Ali, has disappeared from television

WWE saw many things get shifted backstage and writers had their angles “shuffled” as well. This means that fans are likely seeing stories written by writers who are still adjusting to their new stories as they go.

The last we heard was that the SmackDown Mystery Hacker was still on. Of course, that was also prior to Mustafa Ali’s trade to the red team.

credit ringsidenews.com