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Courtesy of Alan J. Wojcik and www.owwradio.com / www.wildtalkradio.com 
Women Superstars Uncensored has been ruling the scene in the northeast for the last three years with the top women wrestlers not working for the promotion in CT that seems to not like women wrestling on their shows. So here’s a way to get your fix of women’s wrestling with FOUR DVD releases that can be purchased on www.wsuwrestling.com. Instead of giving play-by play (would kind of negate you buying them huh) I shall give brief comments on each match.

Spring Tour 2010 March/April

WSU World champion Mercedes Martinez (w/Sammy Geodollno) vs. Sumie Sakai from “Evolve2: Hero vs. Hidaka”, Rahway, NY on 3/13

**Lenny Leonard had a post match interview with Mercedes demanding competition from the Evolve management.

WSU World champion Mercedes Martinez vs. WSU Spirit champion Brittney Savage from Impact Championship Wrestling Reborn event, Queens, NY on 3/19

**Good match to begin the feud that ran through the summer. Also set up the dream tag team match on disc 2 of this review.

WSU Spirit champion Brittney Savage (w/Rick Cataldo) vs. Traci Brooks from New York Wrestling Connection’s “Going the Distance” event, Deer Park, NY on 4/10

**Match had no commentary, wished it had so I didn’t have to listen to Rick Cataldo screeching at ringside.

WSU Tag Team champions Mercedes Martinez/Angel Orsini vs. Jana/Cindy Rogers (w/Rick Cataldo) from NYWC ‘s “April Reign” event, Pt. Jefferson Station, NY on 4/17 

**Again no commentary from NYWC but I did enjoy this match having interviewed Mercedes & Angel where both offered mutual respect.  Damn that Brittney Savage for getting involved.

WSU Spirit champion Brittney Savage vs. Dvina Fly from an National Wrestling Superstars event in Atco, NJ on 4/24

No commentary but a “Fan Cam” style shoot of the match. Savage has become a great heel since her “Brooke Carter” babyface debut. When Rick Cataldo is with her, they are a great combo better than Lay Cool. (Even though Layla is better looking.)

Spring Tour 2010 May/June: Road to Uncensored Rumble 3

WSU World champion Mercedes Martinez (w/Sammy Geodollno) vs. Brittney Savage from “Evolve 3: Rise or Fall” event, Rahway, NJ on 5/1

**Match was way too short. Lenny Leonard speaks to Mercedes afterwards and she calls for Evolve management to get her Awesome Kong.

Dream Tag Team Match

WSU World champion Mercedes Martinez/Alicia vs. WSU Spirit champion Brittney Savage/TNA Knockout Tag Team champion Velvet Sky w/special referee Traci Brooks from Impact Championship Wrestling “The Aftermath” event, Queens, NY on 5/15

**Jimmy Gentry & Joel Gertner did the commentary track. Rick Cataldo came out wearing high heels, dangerous if you ask any woman. Fun to see Velvet outside of TNA. Mercedes/Alicia worked well despite being opponents at Uncensored Rumble 3. Velvet cheated with hairspray and aided the fire between Alicia and Mercedes.

Grudge Match

Angel Orsini vs.WSU Tag Team champion Jana from NYWC’s “Incident on 57th Street” event, Woodside, NY on 6/5

**No commentary. Rick Cataldo & Brittney Savage escorted Jana to ringside and Cataldo committed a fashion sin that made Mr. Blackwell roll over in his grave.  Without the shenanigans of Savage/Cataldo this was a good match.

WSU World champion Mercedes Martinez/Alicia vs. Belle Saints (Tina San Antonio/Marti Belle) from ACE Underground on 6/12

**no commentary and real short tag match that felt like a squash. After the match Alicia reminded Mercedes they would face off in 2 weeks for the championship. Brittney Savage tried to interrupt but Mercedes was watching. She wasn’t ready for Alicia who told Mercedes to not focus on her bullrope match with Savage but her!  

From NYWC’s “Straight Outta Hollis”, Deer Park, NY  on 6/19: WSU World champion Mercedes Martinez vs. Jana, WSU World champion Mercedes Martinez vs. Rock Cataldo & Bullrope match: WSU Heavyweight champion Mercedes Martinez vs. Brittney Savage

***Real good story told in this segment. Before the match Savage told the fans after she took out Mercedes with her bullrope and car attack, she was the new champion by forfeit. But as the referee was counting out the champ, she came out ready to fight. So to stall, Savage forced Mercedes to wrestle Jana then Cataldo if she won.

WSU Uncensored Rumble 3 Disc 1: Smokestacked Lightning

Cosmo Club promo with Rick Cataldo, WSU Spirit champion Brittney Savage, WSU Tag Team champions Jana & Cindy Rogers announcing a possible new member to the group.

The DVD is hosted by NWS’s Fallon (I think that’s what he called himself) & Kevin Matthews.

Amy Lee promo memorializing the late Trent Acid. Daizee Haze promo on her opponent Cherry Bomb.

Daizee Haze vs. Cherry Bomb

**announce team said this was WSU debut for both and they had a good opening match.

WSU Tag Team champions Jana/Cindy Rogers of the Cosmo Club (w/Brittney Savage/Rick Cataldo) vs. Divina Fly/Niya

**announce team told the fans the challengers are part of the WSU rookie initiative and both held their own with the champions.

After the match Rain, Lacey, Nikki Roxx, Amber O’Neal & Jessica Havok came to ringside. They beat down Niya & Davina Fly. Rain spoke about having to compete in the Uncensored Rumble instead of getting her title shot.

Uncensored Rumble Lottery match:  Jessica Havok, Rick Cataldo, Boston Shore (Amber & Lexus) vs. Latasha/Sassy Stephanie/Tina San Antonio/Marti Belle.

**1st person eliminated from the match became #1 in the Uncensored Rumble while the winner earned #25.  Not going to spoil who became 1 & 25 but I will say Jessica Havok is a good heel.

After the match Rain & Lacy came out and without spoiling things, made her way into the Uncensored Rumble “Million Dollar” style. 

Amy Lee vs. Mickie Knuckles

**Before the match Knuckles said “chain wrestling” wasn’t her thing and told Amy Lee she wanted a “chick fight.” It has to be seen to be believed.

WSU Spirit champion Brittney Savage vs. Becky Bayless

**Before the match Brittney Savage and the Cosmo Club mocked Bayless. Bayless returned fire on the mic about a video Savage and the Club made about her plus other items that need to be heard on the DVD. Another hard hitting contest and I would like to see these ladies wrestle again.  

Uncensored Rumble rules match: Amber O’Neal/Nikki Roxx vs. Angel Orsini/Jazz

**Great match with four veteran wrestlers that had implications in all four women’s place in WSU. Orsini had a post-match conversation with Jazz.

Main Event: Rain vs. Awesome Kong

**Before the match Rain & Lacey did a speaking about the match and their business dealings with Kong. This was another good match, this time with two ladies TNA let slip out of their hands.

Uncensored Rumble 3 Disc 2: Martinez vs. Alicia 6/26/10

The Uncensored Rumble Match – Over 45 Minutes of Action in One Match w/Jazz, Angel Orsini, Rain, Awesome Kong, Brittney Savage, Amber O’Neal, Nikki Roxx, Amy Lee, Mickie Knuckles, Daizee Haze, Jana, Cindy Rogers, Niya, Sassy Stephanie, Divina Fly, Latasha, Jessicka Havok, Rick Cataldo, Amber, Lexus, Tina San Antonio, Marti Belle, Cherry Bomb & others.

***Great booking job on this Uncensored Rumble and Angel Orsini is awesome but she learned do not trust anyone!

Icon vs. Icon

WSU World champion Mercedes Martinez vs. Alicia

**I interviewed both ladies on Online World of Wrestling Radio (www.owwradio.com) a few days before this match and both promised an excellent match. Wow they did not disappoint and I hope this becomes a series of matches (Hint to the WSU booking committee.)  I would put this up with the matches of the Orsini vs. Martinez feud. Just as the match ended 2 more stories began.

Mercedes Martinez gave a post-match promo about her match with Alicia and her next step in WSU.  Jazz followed with a promo of her own on her next WSU opponent.