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American Combat Wrestling
Tuesday August 21st
Bourbon Street Night Club
4331 US 19N in New Port Richey
$7 admission, 8pm belltime and its Kill the Keg!!


Match Demanded and Granted After Last Weeks Shocking Events!

Former champions Delta Iota Kappa (“Candizzle Dream” Joshua Masters & Sedrick Strong w/Fetish) vs. NEW ACW Tag Team champions Eddie Taurus and Austin Amadeus of the New Movement (w/George Martel)

ACW Kombat champion Ray Beez vs. Big Daddy Pimp

ACW Cruiserweight champion Jaison Moore vs. “Vastly Underrated” Logan Fernandez

Dim Bala vs. Moonshine McCoy

Sideshow vs. Nick “I’m Not Gay” Fame

Plus possible words of enlightenment from new ACW Heavyweight champion “The G.O.A.T” David Mercury

On Sunday September 2nd ACW will be holding a pool party show at Gold’s Gym of New Port Richey at 6pm. ACW also has a return date set for the Jewish Community Center of Port Richey, Saturday September 15th at 7:30pm. ACW is back online, so log onto www.acwflorida.com for information on our events at Bourbon Street Night Club and links to video sites. Like live music, then check out www.clubbourbonstreet.com for info on upcoming concerts including Kamelot tomorrow night.

The New Movement has established their MySpace account at the following location: www.myspace.com/thegangthatbangs . You can also find several of the ACW stars pages by looking on the ACW MySpace page.

ACW would like you to be part of their new training school. ACW offers a variety of training from many different styles. This is a great way to get affordable training and get to actually work in front of a great fan base. Training will be affordable and we will give you one week free to see if it is for you. School will be Sundays 11 AM to 1 PM and Wednesdays 7 pm to 9 PM. The school will be held at the Jewish Community Center 9841 Scenic Dr in Port Richey. School will also be at Bourbon Street 6:30 PM to 7:30 every Tuesday. Payments will be discussed in person. Please bring knee pads and elbow pads. No boots, preferably wrestling sneakers. Please contact [email protected] with all questions.