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On Tuesday June 26 American Combat Wrestling returned to Bourbon Street Night Club, 4113 US19N in New Port Richey FL. Best wishes go out to Shan Hill who is recovering from a leg injury.



The evening was opened by ACW Unified Heavyweight champion “Rough House” Ralph Mosca who talked about his match tonight with former ACW Heavyweight champion Eddie Taurus. He also addressed a friend/rival Sideshow who came out to talk to Mosca. Instead they were interrupted by the New Movement. David Mercury addressed his rivalry with Sideshow and the supposed “lack of respect” Mosca shows the ACW title belt. One thing led to another and the main event became a Texas Tornado match with the championship going to the New Movement if they could pin Mosca. Mosca upped the ante and added the stipulation if he got the win, he would get five minutes alone in the ring with Martel.  

(1) Ray Beez defeated Big Daddy Pimp.The two men began trying to feel each other out with chain wrestling. That ended when Pimp blocked a hiptoss and hit a clothesline for two. Pimp kept attacking the upper body with an elbow and some illegal choking. Pimp hit a corner clothesline and another choke on the ropes which brought boos from the fans. Pimp went for a chinlock submission but released it to do more damage. Beez went for a sunset flip pin but Pimp countered into an inverted DDT for two. Not liking the comforts of the ring, Pimp tossed Beez out to the floor where Beez’s head met the ringpost. Both men avoided a countout and came back to the ring for more action where Pimp went for a cocky cover. Beez fought to his feet and hit several high impact kicks and knees to the chest ending with a clothesline for two. Beez went to the second rope but Pimp hit a superkick, forcing both men to the canvas where they fought to beat the referee’s count. Pimp went for the Pimp Driver but Beez countered out and hit the Dumpster Drop to win a hard fought match.  

(2) ACW Cruiserweight champion Jaison Moore defeated Logan Fernandez. The vastly underrated Fernandez won this title shot in a mini-tournament last week and didn’t wait for Moore to hand over the bell, attacking the champion. Moore quickly recovered and fought the challenger into a corner with punches and chops. That attack ended when Moore went up top and Fernandez clipped his knee. Fernandez grounded the champion with chokes and kicks, but wasted time posing for the fans. That allowed Moore some time to recover but Fernandez took him down to the mat with a rear chinlock. Moore fought to his feet but Fernandez hit a forearm to the jaw and judo chops to the throat.  Moore fought back with chops of his own and hit a second rope modified jawbreaker move for two. Moore went for a version of Warrior’s Way but Fernandez moved and hit a Northern Lariat which took both men down to the mat. Moore was the first one to his feet and hit what looked like a full nelson facedrop move into the Crossface submission victory. 

(3) In a triple threat, Austin Amadeus of the New Movement (w/George Martel) defeated Nick Fame and Suicide. With a previous business partnership in the air, Fame and Amadeus decided to work together to beat down Suicide. That didn’t work as Suicide was ready and the suggestive sexual overtones ensued. Amadeus and Fame bailed to the floor but Suicide followed with a plancha. Suicide brought Amadeus back in the ring where he hit a springboard leg lariat for two. Fame finally rejoined the match and the double team work began once more in a non-sexual way. Fame and Amadeus played the game let’s see who can hit Suicide harder with dropkicks, suplexes and running boots to the corner. Fame hit a superkick as Amadeus hit a back suplex but the argued over who was going to get the pin. Martel got involved as Suicide was tossed to the floor as his opponents argued with referee Billy Dalton. Suicide reversed a corner move and speared Amadeus but couldn’t avoid Fame’s modified Emeral Frosion. Amadeus broke up the pin and bitch slapping contest broke out between Fame and Amadeus. Suicide hit Amadeus with a frog splash but Fame saved Amadeus. Fame was sent to the floor where Martel kept him occupied long enough for Amadeus to win via Suicide submitting to a camel clutch like hold. 

(4) ACW Tag Team champions Delta Iota Kappa (“Candizzle Dream” Joshua Masters & Sedrick Strong w/Fetish) defeated Shayne Swift and 2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup competitor Nooie Lee.The champions came out with new outfits that kind of looked like Team 3D got their laundry mixed with the Christopher Street Connection’s items. Lee and Strong started out but the challengers made several tags keeping Strong on the defensive. Lee and Swift took to the air with planchas to the floor and back to the ring. Their offense came to a screeching halt when Lee’s cross body block was turned into a DVD by Masters. Lee was used as a fraternity initiation project by the champions who double teamed him behind the referee’s back and even got Fetish some quality time with Lee and her flogger. Somehow Lee survived a double slingshot suplex and kicked out of the pin. Lee hit Strong with a huricurana and an enziguri which led to Swift coming in like a clothing sale in 90210. Lee and Swift hit Masters with a double team move and were going to win the titles. That was stopped when Fetish got the referee’s attention long enough for Strong to spear Swift and lay Masters on top for the pin.  

(5) In a Texas Tornado Barb Wire Match, ACW Unified Heavyweight champion “Rough House” Ralph Mosca and 2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup competitor Sideshow defeated David Mercury and Eddie Taurus of the New Movement (w/George Martel.)Taurus and Mercury jumped their opponents at the bell but it backfired as they were sent to the floor where the forearms and punches flew. Mosca tossed Taurus back to the ring while Mercury and Sideshow brawled around the floor and to the entry way. Taurus used a crutch on Mosca’s back as Mercury laid the boots to Sideshow. Taurus grabbed some loose barbwire and used it to open up Mosca’s forehead. Mercury joined Taurus in the ring as they found a barbwire wrapped chair and used it Mosca’s back. Sideshow finally made his way back to the ring where he used the barbwire on Taurus’ head to open him up. Mercury hit Sideshow with the barbwire chair actually hitting him in the ass. Sideshow fought back hitting Mercury with a Catatonic backbreaker. But Sideshow was hit in the head by Taurus and the barbwire chair. Sideshow reversed and Irish whip and Taurus’ back met the wires while Mercury kept trying to open Mosca’s gash up wider. Mercury also opened up a cut on Mosca’s left bicep with barbwire. Sideshow hit Taurus’ back with the chair but Mercury hit Sideshow and it allowed Taurus to hit a German suplex. Mercury and Mosca fought on the floor and Mosca sent Mercury crashing into the ringpost and used the chair to open up Mercury’s head. Mosca’s next weapon of choice was a barbwire wrapped pool cue and he used it on Mercury as Sideshow dropped a shot on Taurus’ crotch. Taurus fought back dropping Sideshow gut first onto the ropes. Mosca went under the ring and found a folding table which he set up for use. Mercury got Mosca back in the ring for a top rope elbow as Sideshow laid Taurus on the table and hit a top rope elbow of his own. Martel found tacks under the ring and gave them to Mercury for use in the ring. But Mosca saw what was in his future and whipped Mercury into a corner wrapped in barbwire. With Mercury disoriented, Mosca picked him up and won with the Burning Hammer into the tacks. By winning this match Mosca gets five minutes with George Martel.  

Remember ACW is back online, so log onto www.acwflorida.com for information on our events at Bourbon Street Night Club. You can watch previous ACW shows on www.combat-tv.com. Like live music, then check out www.clubbourbonstreet.com for info on upcoming concerts like Stormbringer, Jimmy’s Chicken Shack, Suede, Walls of Echoes and Erocktica.