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Please credit Alan J. Wojcik of http://alanwojcik.com if used, thanks.
On Tuesday July 17, 2007American Combat Wrestling returned to Bourbon Street Night Club 4331 US 19N in New Port Richey, FL. The evening was violent and hardcore with two Combat title tournament matches.

Speaking of the Combat tournament, the evening was opened by the former champion and current ACW Heavyweight champion “Rough House” Ralph Mosca. But before he could really express his thoughts, the New Movement hit the stage. David Mercury spoke for the group about his partners in crime having two matches tonight and how they would advance in the tournament. Mosca reminded them who their opponents in the tournament were, namely Sideshow, Dany Only and Ray Beez. Mosca dared Eddie Taurus to give Mercury his number one contenders spot. Taurus agreed and Mercury is now the number one contender. Mosca was so confident he would beat Mercury he is going to let him choose the stipulation.

(1) Nick “I’m Not Gay” Fame defeated Shayne Swift.

Despite working in tag matches in recent weeks, Swift took the fight to Fame and his left arm. Fame got a little upset and kicked Swift in the hamstring but Swift fired back with a series of kicks that sent Fame running to the floor. Swift followed with a plancha and brought Fame back in the ring where Fame fell to the mat with an injured knee. Referee Billy Dalton checked on Fame and when Swift thought it was over, Fame attacked from behind in true gold bricking fashion. Fame tossed Swift’s left shoulder into the middle turnbuckle and he continued the attack with a backbreaker on the arm. Fame did further damage when the duo fought on the floor and Swift’s arm met the bar. Swift fired back with a body block and Whisper in the Wind but Fame leveled him with a clothesline and a shoulderbreaker for two. Fame went for the submission with an overhand wristlock but Swift fought out, only to be punched right in the teeth. Swift countered out of a shoulderbreaker and back up into a DDT but couldn’t follow up. Swift got to his feet but it took three clotheslines to get Fame off his feet. He followed with a series of kicks to Fame’s head but Fame kicked out as he did after the Rocker Dropper. Swift went for another DDT but Fame held on and hit a Northern Lights Bomb and with his feet on the ropes.

(2) Moonshine McCoy defeated Michael Patrick.

The crowd kept calling Patrick an ape and wanted him to shave his back. McCoy tried to do that while raking his nails down Patrick’s back. Patrick bailed to the floor and demanded McCoy play by the rules. Patrick finally came back to the ring but his armbar was countered by McCoy and he backed to a corner for sanctuary. Patrick got a side headlock and punched McCoy; all that did was hurt his fist. But the choking on the ropes slowed McCoy down somewhat. Patrick kept the rulebreaking up with eye rakes and chokes. But when Patrick went up top McCoy fell into the ropes and it cause Patrick to lose his balance and McCoy press slammed him off. McCoy went on the attack but was slowed by a knee to the gut. However the end came for Patrick when McCoy countered a slam into a Slop Drop.

(3) Nooie Lee defeated Suicide.

Having faced each other in other Florida promotions, Lee knew his opponent and jumped Suicide. But it backfired as Suicide took over with a series of high flying moves. Lee put a stop to all that with a belly to back suplex for two. Lee hit a slam and a powerdrive elbow for two and laid in some kicks to Suicide’s prone body. Lee kept Suicide grounded with a neck vise submission but Suicide fought to his feet but got taken back down with an STO for two. Lee hit a leg lariat and took Suicide back to the mat with an abdominal stretch like hold. Suicide got to his feet again but Lee hit a modified Sky High Slam for two. Lee went for another submission with a leg lace but Suicide hit several forearms to get out of the hold but fell right back into a chinlock. Suicide got out of the hold with a jawbreaker but his top rope move was briefly cut off. Lee and Suicide fought on the top but it was Lee who fell back to the mat and Suicide hit a body block. Suicide got to his feet first and took over with a double knee jawbreaker. But it ended for him when he got too close to Lee who got the pin with a chain wrestling move.

(4) ACW Tag Team champions Delta Iota Kappa (“Candizzle Dream” Joshua Masters & Sedrick Strong w/Fetish) defeated ACW Cruiserweight champion Jaison Moore & the Flea From The Hind of a Dog.

The champs had no clue how to handle the Dog so they kept Moore in the ring. That didn’t really go great either as Moore came ready to walk out with double gold in his hands. The Dog tagged in and tried to bit Masters hand off. Obviously Masters didn’t like that so he kneed the Dog in the gut and the DIK attack went into full swing for several minutes. The Dog survived this attack and was finally able to tag Moore back in. But despite their best efforts, Moore and the Dog fell to DIK and a double team chokeslam.

(5) In an opening round ACW Combat championship tournament match, Eddie Taurus of the New Movement (w/George Martel) defeated Dany Only.

All Combat matches are HARDCORE and this was right up Only’s alley. Taurus decided to counter this with a power attack, shoving Only to the canvas. But this didn’t work out as Only got a series of quick two counts before Taurus bailed to the floor. Only followed and the fighting was on, in and out of the ring. Taurus went right back to the ring to equalize Only’s brawling with wrestling and some kicks to the middle of Only’s back. Only fought back with right hand punches to the jaw but Taurus hit a leg lariat for one. Martel decided to spice things up so he handed Taurus a trash can but it ended up on Only’s hands and over Taurus’ head. Only kicked the can and it sent Taurus falling to the mat. Taurus fought back with chest chops, forearms and a blatant choke. Only avoided a corner splash and hit Taurus with a Hot Shot followed by a leg drop for two. Only went to the ropes but Martel tripped him up and Only followed to the floor to choke out Martel. Taurus followed with a cooking sheet but missed Only who spewed green mist into Taurus’ eyes. Only tried to open up Taurus’ head with right hand punches above the eye. Taurus fought back with punches of his own but Only smashed his face on the ring apron. Only wedged the garbage can in the corner but his whip was countered into a powerslam. Taurus went up top but missed his double stomp and Only blocked the superkick, hitting a sideslam. But Martel got the referee’s attention and Only got his eyes raked. Taurus hit Only with a chair shot and used the chair’s bottom to choke out Only.

(6) In an opening round ACW Combat championship tournament match, Sideshow defeated Austin Amadeus of the New Movement (w/David Mercury.)

Sideshow went right on the attack with a series of kicks to Amadeus’ upper body which made him bail to the floor for advice from Mercury. But Sideshow was in such a fighting mood he followed them out to the floor and the chairs and punches began to fly. When the action came back to the ring it was Amadeus who was delivering the kicks. When Amadeus got tired, he simply tossed Sideshow out to Mercury for some punishment. Amadeus got the garbage can used in the previous match and set it up in a corner. But first he used some chain wrestling chokes on Sideshow and took the can to Sideshow’s body. But Amadeus got cocky and when he took his eyes off Sideshow, he got hit with a Backiotomy for two. Sideshow put the trash can on Amadeus’ upper body and hit it with a front kick. The action went to the floor where Sideshow used a fan’s crutch on Amadeus’ throat. Amadeus fought back and hit Sideshow with a backbreaker onto the ring apron for two. Amadeus hit Sideshow with kicks and forearms that sent him back to the floor where Mercury was waiting with open arms and closed fists. Amadeus drove Sideshow’s back into a wall but a miscommunication in the ring cost Amadeus the match as Sideshow hit the Double Penetration to advance. Mercury jumped Sideshow after the match but Ralph Mosca hit the ring and then Mercury with punches to the jaw before Mercury bailed to higher ground.

ACW is back at Bourbon Street next Tuesday night with two more opening round Combat tournament matches. The New Movement has established their MySpace account at the following location: www.myspace.com/thegangthatbangs

American Combat Wrestling

Saturday August 4th

Jewish Community Center

9841 Scenic Drive in Port Richey, FL

All proceeds go to the Pasco County PAL

ACW Heavyweight champion “Rough House” Ralph Mosca and “the Marquee” Bruce Santee vs. New Movement members Eddie Taurus and David Mercury

Dim Bala V. Torcher

Sideshow V. Scott Commodity

ACW Tag Team champions Delta Iota Kappa (“Candizzle Dream” Joshua Masters and Sedrick Strong w/Fetish) vs. Nooie Lee and Shayne Swift

ACW Cruiserweight champion Jaison Moore vs. Nick Fame vs. Suicide

Shan Hill vs. Austin Amadeus of the New Movement

Remember ACW is back online, so log onto www.acwflorida.com for information on our events at Bourbon Street Night Club and links to video sites. Like live music, then check out www.clubbourbonstreet.com for info on upcoming concerts.