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Please credit Alan J. Wojcik of http://alanwojcik.com if used, thanks.
On Tuesday August 7th American Combat Wrestling returned to Bourbon Street Night Club after a successful event at the Jewish Community Center. Bourbon Street is located at 4331 US 19N in New Port Richey.

The evening was opened by the former ACW Heavyweight champion “Rough House” Ralph Mosca who thanked everyone who came out to the Saturday event. Starting next week ACW will begin at 8pm and it will be a Kill The Keg event. He talked about upcoming ACW Heavyweight title tournament.

(1) In a double debut match, Cujo defeated Myles Long.

Despite the Vegas revue dancer’s entrance, he spent time on the mat as Cujo worked over his left arm. That was until a corner break and Long elbowed the taste out of Cujo’s mouth. Long took Cujo to the mat with a chinlock and when Cujo tried to free himself, Long grabbed hair and pulled Cujo back to the mat into the chinlock. Cujo got free and hit a cross bodyblock for two but Long got to his feet and kicked Cujo in the ribs. Long hit a corner clothesline and a t-bone style hip lock for two as he grinded his crotch into Cujo’s face. Long went up top but missed a legdrop. Cujo hit an atomic knee drop and several clotheslines. The end came for Long as Cujo hit a running slam to the turnbuckle and a powerslam into the ring.

(2) Shan Hill defeated ACW Tag Team champion “Candizzle Dream” Joshua Masters of Delta Iota Kappa (w/Fetish).

This was supposed to have been part of a tag title defense but Strong was handling DIK business and was unavailable. ACW wasn’t going to give Masters the night off so they unleashed Hill on him. After locking up with Hill, Masters complained about something and the referee checked on hill’s boot laces. Masters used that chance to hit a cheap shot clothesline and allow Fetish to choke Hill on the bottom rope. Hill fought back with several punches and clotheslines followed by a release belly suplex. But when he went to the ropes for a move, Fetish grabbed his leg. This distraction allowed Masters to get in another cheap shot. He followed with a suplex for two and allowed Fetish to use her flogger on Hill’s back. Masters came out to the floor and hit a double sledge to the back and tossed Hill back on the ring for more punishment. But when Masters came off the second buckle for a double sledge, Hill slugged him in the gut. Hill had the pin in the ring but Fetish pulled referee Billy Dalton to the floor. This only angered Hill who chased Fetish around the ring and into it where she hid behind the referee. Masters snuck up from behind Hill and hit a crotch shot but didn’t get the pin despite several attempts. Masters drove Hill’s head into the turnbuckle but al lit did was fire Hill up who grabbed Masters’ package and drove him to a corner for some additional kicks to the gut. Hill hit a series of power moves but it was Fetish who stopped a Crucifix Powerbomb as she got on the apron getting Hill and the referee’s attention. Hill grabbed Fetish but he sensed Masters coming from behind, sidestepped as Masters ran Fetish off the apron and won via a German suplex.

(3) “The Marquee” Bruce Santee defeated Nick “I’m Not Gay” Fame.

Before the match Fame to insult the fans and rip them for not cheering him, the last thing he ever wants to hear is he is gay. He issued an open challenge to anyone in the locker room. The man who answered was the former IPW World and ACW Heavyweight champion. Santee said he admired Fame’s courage in his open challenge and wasn’t worried about where Fame’s guts or balls have been. At the bell Santee challenged Fame to a test of strength but Fame dropped into his knees supposedly begging for mercy. Fame locked hand with Santee and while it seemed Fame was dominating Santee, it was the ploy of the night as Santee shoved Fame to a corner. Fame decided to go after Santee’s left arm but Santee countered into a headlock takeover. Fame got to his feet but was run over by a Santee shoulder block and a clothesline sent Fame to the floor. But Fame slid off Santee’s shoulder and drove him into the ringpost, causing damage to Santee’s arm. Back in the ring Fame went to work on the arm despite the rest of Santee’s body trying to keep him away. Santee missed an elbow drop and Fame locked in an overhand wristlock. But Santee got to his feet only to he bit with a dropkick. Fame got caught but countered out of the Big Dump into a cross armbreaker. Fame kept Santee fighting for position and taking the left arm away. Santee had enough power to in his body to fight back and hit a clothesline but Fame countered out of a suplex into another armbreaker but Santee fought back, hitting an F5/TKO to win.

(4) Nooie Lee & “the Vastly Underrated” Logan Fernandez defeated ACW Cruiserweight champion Jaison Moore & Shayne Swift.

These four men have had issues with each other for the better part of 2007. The ACW championship committee decided to make this match in hopes it would solve things. After some nice chain wrestling, Swift took over on Fernandez with an armbar before tagging in Moore who took Fernandez down. After several tags the tide turned when Swift went to the ropes and Lee hit him from behind. This allowed Fernandez to tag out to a well rested Lee but Swift had lots of fight in him even as he got the breath knocked out of him several times. Somehow Swift survived the beat down he received, hitting Lee with an enziguri and tagging in Moore who took on both men. Swift and referee Billy Dalton collided and it allowed Lee to kick Moore right in his package. When Dalton recovered he counted the pin, not realizing Lee had both hands on the ropes for leverage.

(5) In a Beard vs. Back Hair, Moonshine McCoy defeated Michael Patrick.

After last week’s defeat to McCoy, Patrick took some scissors to McCoy’s ample beard. The match was made for tonight with the beard against the ample back hair of Patrick. McCoy came ready with his little bucket and shaving gear, while Patrick came with barber shears. But before the match Patrick tried to talk his way out of the stipulation and asked McCoy for a straight up wrestling match. Patrick tried to walk out but McCoy went after him and used some beverage containers on Patrick’s head. They went in the ring but went right out to the floor again throwing each other into row of chairs. They finally came back to the ring where Patrick hit several right hand punches. McCoy kicked out a pin after Patrick hit a suplex but the referee took the chair Patrick went to use. The duo went to the floor again where Patrick hit a low blow and they barely got in before a double countout was issued. Both men hit the heavy forearms to the jaw but it was McCoy who ended up being pinned as Patrick had both feet on the bottom ropes. But the fans and ACW officials saw it and the referee re-started the match. After the re-start, it was McCoy who came out on top and the back shaving began. Patrick tried to hightail it but Shan Hill and Cujo stopped him and brought him back into the ring for McCoy’s barber class to begin.

(6) In the ACW Kombat Championship tournament elimination style finals, Ray Beez defeated Sideshow and Eddie Taurus of the New Movement (w/George Martel and David Mercury).

At the bell Taurus ended up being double teamed by his opponents but the action quickly went to the floor. Sideshow got a chair and hit a springboard move onto his opponents but that was just the beginning of the furniture being used as the match went to the stage where Taurus bodyslammed Sideshow. Beez grabbed Taurus and went back to the ring. Sideshow soon followed and the hard hitting moves joined them. Beez hit Sideshow with a top rope boot to the head but Taurus broke up the pin. Taurus slowed things down and slowed Beez down with a powerbomb to the chair sideshow used earlier. Sideshow introduced Taurus to the World Wide Web via a computer keyboard shot to the head which split it open. He laid Beez out with a chair shot and went to the floor for a ladder. Sideshow used it to smash both men and he body slammed Taurus on top of it. With a split open head, Beez hit Taurus as Sideshow went outside and came back with a barbwire wrapped folding chair. Beez and Sideshow fought to drive the other into the chair but Beez hit an exploder to the corner. Beez charged Sideshow but got dumped over the ropes, smashing his face on the bar in front of him. Taurus grabbed Beez and put him on top as he stood on a ladder. They came off as Taurus hit Beez with a superplex. Sideshow and Taurus fought as Beez tried to recover. Sideshow had victory in his hands via Double Penetration but Mercury became Jeff Jarrett and smashed Sideshow in the head. This got Sideshow pinned and eliminated as the New Movement got a folding table and brought it into the ring. Taurus set up two chairs and placed the ladder on it but Beez laid Taurus on the chair and came off, only to find only the ladder. Taurus picked up Beez and power bombed him on the ladder but Beez kicked out of the pin. The Movement handed Taurus a second ladder but Beez hit a spinebuster. Beez went up the ladder but Taurus caught up with him and he hit a back suplex into the folding table that was in the corner. Believe it or not Beez kicked out of the pin attempt. Taurus went to hit Beez with a folding chair but Beez hit a discus clothesline that drove the chair into Taurus’ face, allowing Beez to win and become the new champion. Sideshow came back out to congratulate the new champion with some food from the local Arby’s. 

Remember ACW is back online, so log onto www.acwflorida.com for information on our events at Bourbon Street Night Club and links to video sites. Like live music, then check out www.clubbourbonstreet.com for info on upcoming concerts.

The New Movement has established their MySpace account at the following location: www.myspace.com/thegangthatbangs . You can also find several of the ACW stars pages by looking on the ACW MySpace page.

ACW would like you to be part of their new training school. ACW offers a variety of training from many different styles. This is a great way to get affordable training and get to actually work in front of a great fan base. Training will be affordable and we will give you one week free to see if it is for you. School will be Sundays 11 AM to 1 PM and Wednesdays 7 pm to 9 PM. The school will be held at the Jewish Community Center 9841 Scenic Dr in Port Richey. School will also be at Bourbon Street 6:30 PM to 7:30 every Tuesday. Payments will be discussed in person. Please bring knee pads and elbow pads. No boots, preferably wrestling sneakers. Please contact [email protected] with all questions.