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Please credit Alan J. Wojcik of http://alanwojcik.com if used, thanks.
On Tuesday July 24, 2007 American Combat Wrestling returned to Bourbon St Night Club, 4331 US 19N in New Port Richey, FL.

(1) Suicide defeated Logan Fernandez.

Fernandez jumped Suicide as he was saying hello to the fans but it backfired as Suicide fired back with a series of moves, which sent Fernandez to the floor. Suicide followed out with a tope and sent Fernandez back into the ring, going to work on the left arm and elbow. That offense was topped by a questionable shot to the mid section. The fans chanted “Mow My Grass & Wash My Car” as Fernandez laid in the shots to Suicide’s upper body. But despite the German suplexes and chinlocks, Suicide kept fighting back. Suicide hit two corner splashes but his huricurana was blocked and Fernandez tossed Suicide to the canvas. But on a corner whip Suicide floated over and rolled up Fernandez. After the match Fernandez got on the house mic and complained Suicide cheated to win.

(2) ACW Cruiserweight champion Jaison Moore defeated former Florida Unified Cruiserweight champion Naphtali.

Moore and Naphtali locked up but the match spilled to the floor where the lockup stayed on as they jockeyed for position. Both men let go and re-entered the ring as Naphtali insulted the fans and Moore’s choice of ring wardrobe. Moore responded with two armdrags, a dropkick and several forearms to the jaw. Naphtali bailed to the floor for some alone time under the ring. But Moore caught on and when Naphtali came back up, Moore dropkicked him. But when Moore chased Naphtali on the floor he got a dropkick to the face when he re-entered the ring. Moore & Naphtali had a square off as Naphtali tried to shake hands but when Naphtali went for a sucker kick, Moore caught the boot. Naphtali fired back with a kick to the middle of Moore’s back and he literally tied Moore up with his own arms & legs. Moore got untied and hit a leg lariat and a suplex into a sitout slam for two. Moore hit a move but Naphtali grabbed him up for the dreaded Airplane Spin but once again he missed the top rope elbow drop. Not to be outdone Moore returned Airplane Spin and both men ended up on the mat trying to shake the cobwebs. Moore went up top but Naphtali got him for a slam but Moore held on as he rolled through, pinning Naphtali.

(3) ACW Tag Team champions Delta Iota Kappa (“Candizzle Dream” Joshua Masters and Sedrick Strong w/Fetish) defeated Nooie Lee and Shayne Swift.

Strong waited for the challengers to enter the ring before taking the house mic to insult the fans, the town of New Port Richey and said this was Lee/Swift’s last shot at the titles. Lee didn’t care for that and jumped Strong as he was taking off his shirt, nearly getting the win. The champs were on the defensive for several minutes, as Lee and Swift used the champs anger against them. That stopped when Masters hit Lee with a ring shaking spinebuster. Strong and Masters with a little bit of aid from Fetish’s flogger, beat the holy crapola out of Lee but nothing they did to him led to the proverbial pay window. But Masters got himself caught coming off the second rope and Lee hit an Acecrusher. Swift got tagged in and tried to beat the title belts off the champs. All four men got involved and Lee got Masters to tap out to a leg submission. The problem was referee Billy Dalton was occupied by Fetish. Lee kicked out of a double team chokeslam and Swift nearly had the victory with a crucifix. But Swift’s missile dropkick missed his intended target and leveled Lee. This allowed DIK to roll up Swift for the pin. After the match Lee & Swift seemed like all was well but Lee brutally attacked his partner and left him lying in the ring.

(4) Eddie Taurus of the New Movement (w/George Martel) defeated “The Marquee” Bruce Santee.

Santee took some time to speak about how times have changed in ACW since he took a sabbatical, including the attitude change in Taurus. Santee went right to work using his power and some eye pokes to control Taurus. Santee got a bit tired of beating on Taurus and tossed him to the floor where Martel ran for the locker room. The two men fought, sorry Santee beat Taurus all around the building including a bodyslam on the entry way. Santee finally tossed Taurus into the ring but got hit with a jawbreaker and he avoided a spear to the corner which slowed down “the Marquee” after he hit the ring post. Santee fought back but walked into a powerslam for two. Martel waited in the wings before choking Santee on the bottom rope. Santee avoided a lag lariat by grabbing the top rope and then hitting Taurus with a clothesline. Santee got a second or third wind and went on the attack but couldn’t get the pin. Taurus ducked a clothesline and hit a superkick but Santee kicked out at two and a half. Taurus went for a head scissor but Santee caught Taurus’ legs and hit an Alabama Slam but couldn’t follow up. Both men went to the floor and Santee went for a suplex back in the ring. But when Santee picked Taurus up, Martel took out Santee’s legs. This caused Taurus to fall onto Santee and get the victory with Martel holding onto Santee’s legs. Santee got the house mic and reminded Taurus this wasn’t the end, but the beginning as August 4th he would be teaming with “Rough House” Ralph Mosca against Taurus & David Mercury.

(5) “South Beach Phenom” Scott Commodity defeated ACW Heavyweight champion “Rough House” Ralph Mosca via DQ.

New Movement spokesman George Martel watched on scouting out who #1 contender David Mercury would be facing. Early on Mosca had control using his brawling skills which took Commodity off his game. Commodity tried to match power moves but he ended up bailing to the floor to regroup. That ended when Mosca grabbed Commodity by the hair and pulled him into the ring. But the second me Mosca went to do it, Commodity grabbed Mosca and hit a Hot Shot. Commodity slowed things down, making Mosca fight for air. Commodity went up top but missed an elbow drop and Mosca got to his feet even hitting a dropkick for two. Mosca went for a bodyblock and the move took both men to the floor. They returned to the ring and Mosca hit a belly to belly suplex but Martel left his seat to stop the referee from counting the pin. Commodity grabbed a crutch from under the ring and was going to use it. But he tossed into Mosca’s hands and fell to the mat like he had been shot in the chest. Referee Billy Dalton saw Mosca red handed and called for the bell.

(6) In an opening round ACW Combat title tournament match, Ray Beez defeated David Mercury of the New Movement (w/George Martel)

Mercury’s #1 contendership was not on the line in this HARDCORE rules match. Beez went right into the match head on, beating on Mercury who bailed to the floor for safety. Too bad in this match there was ZERO safe ground to be found as Beez followed to the floor. Mercury got in a sucker punch and dragged Beez’s face from one end of the bar to the other, trying to split Beez open. The two men brawled all over and nearly entered the restrooms. The fighting came back towards the ring and finally re-entered with Mercury choking out Beez. Martel provided a series of weapons that Mercury used on Beez’s left knee. Mercury placed a folding chair in front of Beez’s face and drove both of his knees into the chair, but that didn’t put Beez away. Beez went for a discus clothesline but Mercury blocked the arm and hit an Acecrusher for two. Mercury went for a submission via a camel clutch but Beez refused to tap. Mercury grabbed the trash can but dropped it when Beez hit a spinebuster for two. Beez hit a corner clothesline but his corner whip into a folding chair was reversed and he went crashing into the chair and then to the floor. Mercury dragged Beez to the entry way and he set up a ladder. But when Mercury turned to get Beez, he got speared to the stage for two. Beez went up on the ladder but Mercury caught him and powerslammed him onto the stage. Mercury didn’t get the win and his anger came out full force on Beez’s body. Mercury placed Beez on the top corner but Beez sent him crashing back. But Mercury got to his feet and suplexed Beez to the mat below for two. Martel held Beez for Mercury to hit with a chair but Beez got free and Mercury nearly nailed his manager. Beez grabbed the garbage can and leveled Mercury with it to get the pinfall win. But as soon as it was over, Eddie Taurus hit the ring and Beez. The New Movement beat on Beez until Ralph Mosca, Bruce Santee and Sideshow cleared the ring. Mosca said on August 7th the finals of the Combat tournament would see Sideshow taking on Beez and Taurus.

The New Movement has established their MySpace account at the following location: www.myspace.com/thegangthatbangs You can also find several of the ACW stars pages by looking on the ACW MySpace page

American Combat Wrestling

Saturday August 4th

Jewish Community Center

9841 Scenic Drive in Port Richey, FL

All proceeds go to the Pasco County PAL

ACW Heavyweight champion “Rough House” Ralph Mosca and “the Marquee” Bruce Santee vs. New Movement members Eddie Taurus and David Mercury

Dim Bala vs. Torcher

Sideshow vs. “South Beach Phenom” Scott Commodity

ACW Tag Team champions Delta Iota Kappa (“Candizzle Dream” Joshua Masters and Sedrick Strong w/Fetish) vs. Nooie Lee and Shayne Swift

ACW Cruiserweight champion Jaison Moore vs. Nick Fame vs. Suicide

Shan Hill vs. Austin Amadeus of the New Movement

Remember ACW is back online, so log onto www.acwflorida.com for information on our events at Bourbon Street Night Club and links to video sites. Like live music, then check out www.clubbourbonstreet.com for info on upcoming concerts.