An Official Update on Chris Hero’s Injury

Chris Hero

Friday, January 18, 2008
“An Official Update on my Injury” or “I got on a plane, WITH MY BAD KNEE….”
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It’s about time that I posted something, regarding my knee. I would like to thank everyone for their support. There were a few days where I had no clue how things would unfold. Having everyone on my side definitely made the stress easier to manage. I will make it though this and I will be better for having done so. This is just one of the many speedbumps I will have to navigate through, as I become the Greatest of All Time.

The whole situation has been amazingly frustrating. Allow me to walk you through the events surrounding and following my injury. On Sunday, January 6, at PWG’s All Star Weekend, I wrestled that goon, Eddie Kingston. As usual, he and I were taking out our dislike for one another in that always-entertaining fashion. I flew across the ring to hit one of my signature moves, the flip neckbreaker. I flipped with a little extra velocity, so when I landed, I felt something very wrong happen inside my left knee. As I got up, I felt like I couldn’t put any weight on it but it wasn’t necessarily painful. I continued the match, favoring my left leg. Queenston rolled to the floor and I attemped to pull myself out of the ring and when I did, my leg got caught on the bottom rope bending it back completely. That was it for me. Fortunately, when I got back into the ring, I managed to duck the Uraken and transitioned my way into a tight Skayde schoolboy to get the victory.

I hopped to the dressing room in great pain and packed my stuff so I could make an immediate trip to the ER. Up next was Candice LeRae‘s first singles match in PWG and it was against her biggest antagonist, Human Tornado. As I watched from the curtain, Candice completely held her own. However, when Tornado attempted to pull an “R. Kelly”, I had seen enough. I foolishly made my way back to the ring where the Queen of Diamonds attacked me and only furthered my injury. Blah.

After Candice recovered, she took me to the ER. After waiting awhile they took X-Rays and informed me that there was no bone damage. I got crutches, an immobilizer, a prescription and they urged me to make an appointment with an Orthopedist when I got back.

Travelling through the airport with all my bags on crutches wasn’t quite the definition of fun but, hey, it builds character, Right? I made my connection in Minneapolis and landed on time in Dayton. From there I managed to spend a little time with my Mom before making the 8 hour drive back to PA. Imagine driving yourself over 500 miles with one of your legs completely straight. You should try it sometime! Yeah, even more character building.

I got back, went to the Orthopedist on Wednesday, got an MRI on Thursday and was told that I would get my results on the following Tuesday (the 15th). So that meant I went into the last ROH weekend not really knowing what was up. This wasn’t a comforting feeling in the last. I took Friday off and Saturday, in Edison, Larry Sweeney presented Sara Del Rey and myself a pair of beautiful belts. We are now the Official Ring of Honor Undisputed Intergender Heavyweight Tag Team Champions of the World. We defended the belts against Ernie Osiris and ‘Lexa Thatcher and defeated them with ease. With only one leg I’m still the Greatest of All Time. Respect.

So this past Tuesday, I met with my Orthopedist and went over the MRI results. I have a partial-thickness tear in my MCL. Fortunately my ACL and Meniscus are both healthy. The Doctors made a pretty badass brace to help keep my knee in place and it will help me as I work through this injury. They gave me 2 months for a full recovery, provided I don’t do anything worse to it. The Doc said, as long as I’m careful, I should be fine. I guess we’ll see!

This weekend will be a huge test. Friday the 18th I travel to Dayton, Ohio for HWA for a rematch with Kingston. HWA is where we had our first singles match and I can extract some of my revenge on him for kicking me when I was down. I’m going to say this right now: If he goes for my leg ONCE, I will do everything in my power to grab the same ankle he broke at CZW and I WILL send him back to the ER.

On the 19th I head to Jersey City for JAPW where I will do battle Black Machismo, Jay Lethal and later that night I have a flight from Newark, NJ to Germany. I make my return to wXw and will team with my student Marc Roudin and defend the wXw tag team titles against Swiss Money Holding, Claudio Castagnoli & Ares.

So, after I survive the weekend and recover, I plan on pulling the ROH World title from McGuinness in Dayton next Friday. It’s my belt anyway, so it’s time for it to end up back in the hands of it’s rightful owner, Chris Hero.



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