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Rated O Radio – Episode 47 (01/17/2008)

transcribed by: Andrew Gray – www.thaoshow.com

 Segment #1 – Tha O’s and No’s

This week, Dan-e-o O’s for how the WWE is handling the build-up to the main event title matches at the Royal Rumble. He also No’s for how Triple H always gets his way by making fun of Vince, and both the boys give their best McMahon impressions. Some of Donnie’s O’s this week include the mini-Royal Rumble from Raw and he explains why the midgets were better than their larger, real-life counterparts. In a non-wrestling O, Donnie praises newly-acquired Blue Jays third baseman, Scott Rolen as a natural stand-up comedian and offers some of his best lines from his introductory press conference. Donnie also No’s for Jeff Hardy‘s promo that opened Raw – “he sounded more scripted than Hulk Hogan on American Gladiators.” To end the segment, Donnie No’s for Mick Foley, calling him a “fucking liar” and a jabroni, which sparks an INTENSE debate with Dan-e-o.

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Segment #2

The boys introduce this week’s in-studio guest, Ontario / Mexican Indy Superstar, Rico Montana, and the Mick Foley debate continues for 10+ minutes with Rico offering an entirely new perspective. Also, Rico says that there’s a time and place for hardcore wrestling, just like the mini wrestlers, and even gives an example of when the minis were in the main event in Mexico. This discussion leads them to talk about how long they think Jeff Hardy’s main event run will last. Finally, Rico plays devil’s advocate in a John Cena debate – it’s been awhile since his name’s been discussed on the show.

“Tha Black Prophet”

A new segment debuts this week on Tha O Show titled, “Tha Black Prophet,” tha prophet of rage. Tha Black Prophet shares some controversial views on Democratic U.S. Presidential nominee, Barack Obama, as well as Mark Henry, Awesome Kong and Shelton Benjamin. He also holds one man most responsible for holding down the black man in the wrestling business, and here’s a hint as to who it is: he’s the same man who held down Bad News Brown and the Junk Yard Dog. Tha Black Prophet also gives his thoughts on what Ron Killings should do when he returns to the WWE, and has some advice for Elijah Burke and Big Daddy V.

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Segment #3 – Road Stories

This week’s guest is one of Ontario wrestling’s top performers, Ruffy Silverstein. His road story goes back to a show from his days at Stampede Wrestling, and involves the likes of Bruce Hart and Johnny Devine. The show took place on an Indian Reservation, and let’s just say, you won’t believe what happens to Bruce Hart when he gets involved in the main event battle royal. Silverstein also shares a story of how a drunk Native almost got another show shut down. The ring veteran has hundreds of stories, so you know it won’t be his last appearance on Tha O Show. Ruffy even gives his two cents on the Mick Foley debate. If you’re interested in being trained by one of the best technical wrestlers in Ontario, you can reach him at [email protected] or call (905) 830-7804.

“Tha Pit Stop”

This week, Notorious T.I.D. previews this coming weekend’s UFC 80: Rapid Fire pay-per-view emanating from Newcastle, England – including why he’s excited for the Joe Stevenson-B.J. Penn main event, and he wonders which BJ Penn will show up. He also shares his thoughts on the return of former Ultimate Fighter champion, Kendall Grove, which includes comparing him to a character on the Street Fighter video game. The Notorious One also explains why UFC’s lawsuit against Randy Couture isn’t about the money – it can’t be if the lawsuit’s only for $10 000! As T.I.D. says, that’s a “weekend at Arby’s for Fatty.” He also reveals what role the media has played in escalating the whole situation. And as far as the fans who are curious about his return to MMA – T.I.D. says they can stay curious for now, but stay tuned to Tha O Show for any developments in the story. Also check out www.notorioustid.com.

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Segment #4

In the unofficial “Shit-talkin” segment, as Dan-e-o calls it, Rico explains why internet smark-favourite Mistico isn’t the next Rey Mysterio. In Rico’s opinion, there are better workers in Mexico that deserve a shot in the WWE. Rico even shares a story that shows how Mistico’s success in Mexico got to his head. Next, Donnie draws similarities between Mistico and 1990s-smark favourites, Christopher Daniels and Reckless Youth. The segment ends with the boys discussing the difference between a good worker and a good wrestler.

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Segment #5 – Tha Round Table

To start, Rico clears up a rumour – he did not no-show the GCW charity event! The boys also discuss Chris Harris’ departure from TNA, and suggest that he needs to be completely repackaged if he’s going to have a shot at getting over in the WWE. They also discuss the soon-to-be implemented report cards in WWE’s developmental territories, OVW and FCW. They discuss whether the move is an excuse for the seemingly annual WWE roster cuts, and ask: should the developmental wrestlers be worried?

This week’s show ends with the debut of Rico’s new entrance theme, courtesy of Tha O Show Music. Tune in next week for another episode of Rated O Radio!