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(BPl; January 18, 2008) –ProWrestlingDaily.com, one of the Internets foremost wrestling news and information sites, is coming back to life after a hiatus caused by shoddy hosting and the machinations of a disloyal employee.

“It hurt Shannon Rose and I to see the site go dark at the end of summer,” explains Arnie Katz, editor-in-chief of the highly respected and influential site. “We became the victims of our own success when greatly increased traffic crashed the host’s rickety server and destroyed the entire site in the process!

“The road back proved a lot longer and rockier than we’d hoped. A new host didn’t pan out and an employee looted our archive and set up a “look alike” site,” Katz explained. “That’s when Black Pants, Inc., and Jason Deadrich stepped into the picture. They have helped rebuild the site on a firmer foundation and have the resources to help ProWrestlingDaily.com return to its position among the elite wrestling sites in very short order.

“We could’ve rushed, but we wanted to make sure that PWD came back the right way,” notes Jason Deadrich, CEO of Black Pants, Inc.. BPI operates several professional wrestling related products and services, such as websites (including ClickWrestle.com and ChickFight.tv), promotion for the northern California-based promotion All-Pro Wrestling, a web hosting business and much more. To learn more about BPI, visit http://www.blackpants.net.

“We’re putting the band back together,” quipped Katz, “so expect to see a lot of your favorite writers like Jay Shannon, Bill Behrens and Dory Funk back on the firing line.

“And we’ll also be introducing new features that fans are going to really love, like the free wrestling clip of the day.”

Check out ProWrestlingDaily.com at: http://www.prowrestlingdaily.com

Contact: Arnie Katz
Director of Business Development
Black Pants, Inc.