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Courtesy: www.MondayNightMayhem.com

TNA Knockout, Angelina Love, was the special guest on this past week’s live edition (08/18/08) of Monday Night Mayhem, hosted by The Big Mosh, Blade, & DFL (presented by Sweet Sunshine Sauces: “the official finishing sauce of The Mayhem”) — which can be heard live & in streaming audio every Monday night (at 8PM ET/7PM CT), exclusively on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (www.MondayNightMayhem.com, www.OnlineWorldOfWrestling.com, & www.ITunes.com).


Angelina’s debut appearance on The Mayhem, as part of “The Summer of Mayhem 2008,” is now available for FREE in Windows Streaming Media, or via podcast/the MNM On ITunes (which will be re-launched on August 31st, containing The Mayhem’s finest since 2005).

Angelina Love’s MNM Interview (Windows Streaming Media):

Angelina Love’s MNM Interview (Official MNM Podcast/MNM On ITunes):

Here are some of the highlights from Angelina’s interview on the show, provided by The Mayhem’s host, John “The Big Mosh” Masiulionis:


Angelina was welcomed to The Mayhem, as the program was in the midst of celebrating Mosh’s birthday, in addition to counting the days to the autograph signing at Darien Lake Theme Park this Saturday, which will feature Angelina, her Beautiful People tag team partner, Angelina Love, & the man rumored to be making an in-ring return to TNA Wrestling very
soon: former TNA World Heavyweight Champion, “The King Of The Mountain”
Jeff Jarrett. Angelina is very excited to be returning to the Western New York area, having wrestled many matches in the Buffalo area at the early part of her career.

Angelina is very happy that within a matter of one year, the TNA Knockouts have done as well as they have, and that it literally only took a few months to have some of the highest-rated segment on iMPACT.
She said that for wrestling being a male-dominated business more or less, that women’s wrestling has grown from what is was to what is has become. She credits the fans that watch TNA, and have supported the Knockouts division, as all of the girls have taken notice of the tremendous support they have been receiving from around the world.

As we get closer & closer to the No Surrender PPV on September 14th in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, Angelina is getting ready to celebrate her one-year anniversary with TNA Wrestling, as well as “head home” so to speak, as Oshawa is where she went to college. Angelina went on record that the day before the No Surrender PPV is actually her birthday, and that she will be wrestling at the TNA house show in London, Ontario the night before. She encourages all of her fans to bring plenty of B-Day signs for her. With regards to the Pay-Per-View itself, she has been submerged with requests for tickets from family & friends, and this will truly be a homecoming for her & a good portion of the TNA roster.
“For every Canadian wrestler, this will truly be a wicked homecoming for us…We are ridiculously excited…I cannot even tell you.”

While her & Velvet Sky were competing last weekend at the NWA Legends FanFest in Charlotte, NC, herself & Velvet reflected on their one year in TNA — both separately & together. Angelina said that the past year has gone by very quickly, simply because they have done so much within the company. “For TNA to have so much faith in us…to want to do so much with the women, which does not usually happen…is very cool.”

Angelina is surprised that the fans out there several years ago didn’t let women’s wrestling completely die, when it was just filled with “models who could take a half decent bump.” She strongly believes in the TNA Knockouts, and that they are “keeping women’s wrestling alive & taking it to another level,” as each of the girls having a different style & look to them. The fans have taken notice, and respect what they do.

As many fans know, Angelina was a part of the WWE developmental system several years ago before breaking out within TNA. She is in favor of the WWE bringing in a second women’s belt, the WWE Divas’ Championship over to SmackDown. Just like many who have seen the new title, she does not necessarily care for the way that it looks — as Angelina had some fun with The Mayhem’s official name for the new gold: the “She-Ra:
Princess Of Power” Title (bearing a striking resemblance to the mid-late ’80’s children’s television show graphics/logo). Angelina does however give credit go Natayla Neidhart & Victoria as being two girls who can actually work, and this gives them the opportunity to compete for something, in lieu of the WWE Women’s Championship being on RAW.

The Beautiful People have expanded with the recent addition of “Cute”
Kip James as Angelina & Velvet’s “make up artist & hairstylist, along with their biggest suporter,” in the world of Angelina. She is very much looking forward to teaming up with him, as she knows that Kip will have The Beautiful People’s back. “We are feeling good about it…We like it.”

Angelina was a little but upset that she would be missing out on the John Mayer concert the night before their appearance at Darien Lake, but was glad to hear that she would possibly have the chance to hit up the Toby Keith concert later that night at the theme park. Angelina unfortunately had to break the news to her fans that she was not single, and that her current boyfriend is in the music business — even having The Mayhem’s very own Blade confused to say the least (as he didn’t know that “The Hurricane was in a band).

Remember to check out www.TNAWrestling.com & www.GoDarienLake.com for all of the details on this Saturday afternoon’s autograph session at Darien Lake Theme Park (appearing live at The Midway Gazebo Stage, beginning at 12:30PM ET), featuring The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky), as well as “The King Of The Mountain” Jeff Jarrett. You will get the unique opportunity to meet three of TNA’s hottest stars, as well as get autographs/pictures. While at www.TNAWrestling.com, be sure to watch the newest edition of “Spin Cycle,” featuring Angelina in all her glory!