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I never want to hear CM Punk talk again. It will always begin with “I don’t believe [insert what just happened].” Also, if he drops the mic and says, “Pipe bomb”, I will figuratively die so hard that everyone will figuratively attend my funeral. How much could it possibly bother Triple H that his wife is Executive Vice President, Creative Development & Operations? This is overwrought. I know Punk does well on the microphone; it is proven, so why be a broken record? The new stipulation added to Night of Champions HAS TO BE the final nail in the coffin of this angle. If Punk wins, Triple H is fired, or rather, steps down as COO. Does this mean if he lost, he would still be under contract and would become a wrestler again full time? We have seen Triple H do it all over and over again. This would be awful. If Punk loses, will he be fired? Will we get more ridiculous stipulation matches? Man, this gives me a headache. Let’s get to the match at hand. It’s a NO DQ. This means Triple H will bleed a lot. Wait. Can’t they not bleed anymore? How imposing and scary could a NO DQ match be these days? The fact is Punk has been running on fumes, Nash is “released”, and Triple H is way past his prime. The wrestlers are willing to do the work, so WWE give them something to work with.

Welcome to From The Top Rope. I am Eric Atreides.

These days the major leagues have left me wanting something more and for that I turn to the indies. Whether it be the lesser known (PWO, NWA-MSW) or those on the brink of super stardom (ROH, PWG), I attempt to watch and cover as much as possible, which brings us to:

Resistance Pro Wrestling. Huh? Billy Corgan loves wrestling? I’ll take it. Announced at the past Wizard World Comic Con, their first major event won’t be for another two months. In recent weeks, their talent pool has grown two fold, and by November, they will have a full roster of famous faces from the indies and majors such as Tony Kozina, Jay Bradley, Harry “David Hart” Smith, and Necro Butcher. I am most excited about Kevin Steen joining the promotion. He truly is Mr. Wrestling and one of the greatest performers in and out of the ring. My one problem with this promotion is Billy Corgan’s rumored domineering personality. If he has complete control over the promotion, will it be an issue? Will there be any creative compromise? Maybe Corgan has been getting the short end of the stick from the media and the pressures of continuing to maintain musical relevance has lead this skewed view of his professional personality. Corgan aside, I would love to see this promotion flourish and can’t wait til they visit Philadelphia.

After being a certain way for 17 years, it is tough to change. But I try.

Steve Corino is a recovering man. How could you expect him to face the man whose career he tried to end? At Death Before Dishonor IX, Steve Corino was slated to face El Generico. However, when confronted with this presently insurmountable task, Corino turned to Jimmy Jacobs, his sponsor. Jacobs says, “Life is sometimes filled with trials and tribulations, and sometimes the way to pass the test – is to not take it.” While this will be an out for Corino, Jacobs reminds him that he will eventually have to defy his demons and battle Generico. I love the continuing story between Steen (in spirit), Corino, and Generico. I assume they will be hyping Corino/Generico for Final Battle, but it would really have to pick up some steam to go over in that capacity. Recently, Corino released a letter to ROH stating, “…I created a Monster. A Monster, who not only lives in my head, but lives in the form of a human.” What or who to is Corino alluding? Is he referring to himself or another person? Maybe Kevin Steen? I don’t think so unfortunately. I believe this refers to Corino falling off the horse and relapsing to his former ways. It is the obvious choice, but I do not see Steen returning to ROH anytime soon.

Thank you for reading my first article. Don’t forget to check out the Sunset Flip Wrestling Show at sunsetflipwrestling.podomatic.com and this week it is all about Ring of Honor’s upcoming IPPV! This will be an incredible PPV so get the perfect perspective from Sunset Flip. I will leave you with some words from Steve Corino:

It is going to get me. ROH can not stop the Monster from destroying me. ROH can not help me. It is in my head. It will get me.