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Hello everyone and welcome to this edition of OWW Radio. This is the official radio program of Online World of Wrestling.com. Each week OWW Radio will bring perspective to the WWE, TNA, and everything else making news in the world of professional wrestling. Today David (@dlb19338) welcomes famous painter Rob Schamberger (@RobSchamberger) to the show. Rob is well-known for his work with WWE and he shares his thoughts on his artistic background as well as his partnership with the world’s most preeminent wrestling company.

During the interview Rob talks about:

  • How comic books influenced his career
  • Falling in love with pro wrestling
  • Working with WWE
  • How he decides on his subjects
  • How long it takes to complete a painting
  • His all-time favorite paintings
  • His charity work with Connor’s Cure
  • Painting the Ultimate Warrior’s coat worn in his final appearance
  • Painted live at WrestleMania, SummerSlam, and other events
  • The CAC Reunion
  • Honoring the memory of Curt Hennig
  • Working on his Champion’s Collection
  • And much more!

Contact information:

Facebook: /Art of Rob Schamberger
Twitter: @RobSchamberger
Website: http://robschamberger.com/
Instagram: @RobSchamberger
YouTube: WWE Canvas 2 Canvas

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