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Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

In 2010, PWBTS.com had 42,024,777 page views, with readers from 92 nations and territories including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Italy, Poland, Venezuela, Japan, Israel, Germany, Netherlands, France, Czech Republic, Ireland, Mexico, China, Russia, New Zealand, Turkey, Spain, Denmark, India, Belgium, Austria, Brazil, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Chile, United Arab Emirates, Peru, Colombia, South Korea, Egypt, South Africa, Croatia, Romania, Philippines, Bulgaria, Dominican Republic, Pakistan, Thailand, Singapore, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Morocco, Ukraine, Taiwan, Jordan, Indonesia, Bermuda, Malaysia, Hungary, Bolivia, Guatemala, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Lebanon, Yugoslavia, Slovakia, Netherlands Antilles, Bosnia/Herznegovina, Georgia, Paraguay, Moldova, Syria, Iraq, Sweden, Tanzania, Reunion, Myanmar (Burma), Mauritius, Iran, Grenada, Greenland, Cyprus, Burundi, Vietnam, Lithuania, Albania, Jamaica, Hong Kong, Iceland, Costa Rica, Estonia

In noting the countries above, I can see countries like Kuwait and Qatar, and assume there’s a good possibility that at least a few of those PWBTS.com visitors are from the US military. According to AddFreeStats, I already know there have been 2,190 separate visits from US military hostnames. For those of you in the US military, wherever you’re serving, thanks for taking time to read PWBTS.com. I hope we’ve given you some enjoyment in the middle of your difficult task, especially during this holiday season now ending.

In other milestones, AS I SEE IT also begins its sixteenth with this column. Additionally, PWBTS.com, its flagship site has now reached over 42 million page views during its 15 year history.

As I’ve said in New Year columns year after year, that means that PWBTS.com has visitors from every region of the world… from every time zone…and from languages and cultures too numerous to count; reading about wrestling on our flagship site. To all of you… wherever you are from, thank you for taking time out of your day to read PWBTS.com’s mix of wrestling news and opinions.

Thanks also go out to those websites that link to PWBTS.com and provide us with a wide variety of visitors such as:

Wrestling news sites from around the United States, Canada, Australia, and Germany including A1wrestling.com, Wrestleview, Gerweck.net, Inyourheadonline.com, Big News Network, Online World of Wrestling, and

From Japan, KENTO! Japan….

Wrestling promotions including SHIMMER, Ring of Honor, Combat Zone Wrestling, Jersey All Pro Wrestling, NWA Virginia, NWA Hawaii, Chaotic Wrestling (Connecticut), Heartland Wrestling Association, Ring Wars Carolina, Power Trip Wrestling/UK, Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation, Tri-State Wrestling Association, Classic Championship Wrestling, Cleveland All Pro Wrestling, Championship Wrestling Federation, Hoosier Pro Wrestling, and Insanity Pro Wrestling

Websites covering regional wrestling such as Socaluncensored.com, and Georgiawrestlinghistory.com.

Companies providing wrestling products such as Smart Mark Video, HybridEnt.tv, and Wrestling Belt World.

Official websites of wrestlers such as Dory Funk.com, SamoaJoe.com, Gregvalentine.com. Stevecorino.com, Robbieellis.com, Jonny Storm, Billymaverick.com, Frankie Starz, Rockinrebel.com, Fabulousfrederick.com, ICP’s Faygoluvers.com, KennyBolin.com, BobbyShields.com, Masonraige.com, Wrestlingandy.com, Alerelf.com and Sean-casey.com…

And a special favorite for me to notice…the website of what I always think of as the ECW Arena: Asylumarena.com

In 2010, AS I SEE IT and PWBTS have discussed various issues concerning independent wrestling, as well as puroresu, lucha, and WWE, including such subjects as:

The Linda McMahon United Senate campaign and its consequent effect on WWE programming,

Reminders of tragic anniversaries, such as the anniversaries of the death of Eddie Guerrero and Christopher “Chris Cash” Bauman, Owen Hart and Brian Hildebrand…and the anniversary of the passing of former WWF referee Joey Marella…

The passing of Jim White, Ludvig Borga, Ed Chuman, Katsuhisa Shibata, Ida Mae Martinez, Jack Brisco, Charles Baillargeon, George Eakin, Angelo Poffo, Sandy Scott, Stomper Guy Mitchell, Corsica Joe, Baron Mikel Scicluna, Tom Burton, Chris Kanyon, Gene Kiniski, Mr. Hito, George Grant, Kinji Shibuya, El Supremo, Rusher Kimura, Jet Monroe, Rocket Monroe, Grizzly Smith, Trent Acid, Toni Adams, Lance Cade, Ted Allen, Skandor Akbar, Tony Borne, Luna Vachon, Anton Geesink, J.C. Bailey, Mike Shaw, Giant Gonzalez, Edouard Carpentier, and King Curtis Iaukea.

In 2011, as every year, here’s hoping that AS I SEE IT gives you a lot more chances to make you think… that it can comment and report on many more moments of enjoyment… less moments that I feel moved to criticize… and FAR less where I have to report on or think about someone in wrestling that we’ve lost…and that it serves as the viewpoint for one longtime fan to share his opinions with all of you.

Until next time…

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