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AS I SEE IT Bob Magee Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets PWBTS.com

Another independent promotion has taken it upon itself to echo the step that CZW employee Sabine Kernaghan and New England’s Eastern Pro Wrestling took after the Benoit family tragedy in providing resources to their workers and their fans….Vancouver’s NWA/ECCW and promoter Dave Republic.

Republic distributed the following information to his workers and staff before last week’s show in xxxxxxxxx, BC:


At ECCW we often talk about the health of wrestlers in terms of having a safe match or training to ensure the performers in the ring have the correct set of skills. Rarely do we discuss your health outside of the ring.

Over the past two months a heightened interest has been found in the health of professional wrestlers from the media, politicians, fans and non-fans.
This attention has forced me to think more about your well-being than ever before… which is the reason for this letter.

I want to be clear…ECCW does not encourage nor want you to partake in the use of controlled or illegal performance enhancing drugs (steroids); street drugs (e.g., crystal meth); nor the abuse or overindulgence of nutritional supplements, alcohol or prescription medicine. Ever. If you believe you are being pressured by anyone in ECCW to do so, I ask that you let me know so that this negative influence can be removed from the company.

Furthermore should a wrestler be in our dressing room and/or sponsor location in the possession or under the influence of controlled or illegal substances he/she will be removed from ECCW and possibly turned over to law enforcement. This protects everyone involved with ECCW and hopefully fast tracks those who need help to kick habits.

We have all made bad choices in our lives and/or find ourselves in situations where we become overwhelmed. I encourage you to let me know when such matters are having a negative impact on you so that perhaps I may assist. At the very least, I will be able to book your differently in ECCW and give you information for professionals who can help you. In that spirit, below is a brief listing of support services which you or your family can access should you need to.

Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention — (604) 872-3311 Alcoholics Anonymous — (604) 434-3933 PLEA Family Counseling — (604) 527-1275 Battered Women’s Support — (604) 687-1867 or (604) 687-1868 Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse — 1-866-667-5465 Hope for Freedom Society — (604) 464-0475 STD / HIV Information Line — (604) 872-6652 Narcotics Anonymous — (604) 873-1018 Law Students Legal Advice — (604) 822-5791 or www.CrisisCentre.bc.ca or www.HereToHelp.bc.ca Eating Disorder Resource Centre — (604) 875-2084

It is through prevention and correction that we can honour the memories of the wrestlers who have passed away far too young. No number of ten-bell salutes will solve the problem… but you can.

If you would like to discuss this letter, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank-you for all that you do here in ECCW. Be well.

If any other promotions are attemnpting similar efforts, please contact me by e-mail at [email protected].

Anyone who’s not a NASCAR fan, should skip ahead a paragraph or two.

In other non-wrestling news, Teresa Earnhardt is still a idiot. For those who don’t know, Tereesa Earnhardt is the widow of NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt, Sr. and step-mother of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Because of a contractual disagreement between the two that saw Dale Earnhardt, Jr. sign with another team at the end of his contract, Teresa Earnhardt is refusing to allow Earnhardt, Jr. to continue to drive the number 8 on his new ride in 2008.

NASCAR should refer to the company that currently employs Dale Earnhardt, Jr. as TEI. This company now has little or nothing to do with Dale Earnhardt or his memory. Teresa Earnhardt has seen to that with holding hostage the car number that her step-son made famous.

Second, any Dale Earnhardt, Jr. fan ought to contact each and every corporate sponsor of TEI and let them know that until they allow Dale Earnhardt, Jr. to use the number he’s made famous to modern audiences, that they won’t buy those products. Let TEI know you won’t purchase any current or future merchandise from their company.

You can do so at [email protected].

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