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AS I SEE IT Bob Magee Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets PWBTS.com

It’s ironic with Saturday being the anniversary of Brian Hildebrand’s passing eight years ago to the day, and being the night that Combat Zone Wrestling celebrated the memory of Christopher “Chris Cash” Bauman…ironic that someone who developed a reputation for being a hardcore wrestler walked out on CZW’s Chris Cash Memorial Show because he didn’t like the match he was asked to work. From every report I’ve heard from either fans or folks in the back, no one in CZW in the back did anything that should have caused this reaction…if Spike Dudley is 10% of the professional wrestler he claims to be.

Walking out on this show was a classless, gutless act no matter what the dispute, no matter what the reason.

Compare that with Drake Younger, who worked Saturday’s show in a limited role with what was legitimately a severed finger only 24 hours prior, because he legitimately wanted to do something on the Chris Cash Memorial Show. That wasn’t just storyline.

Compare that with Brian Hildebrand, who died eight years ago to that evening…who was working matches as a referee two weeks before his death, even though his body was riddled with cancer and he weighed less than 100 pounds. He loved the wrestling business that much.

Spike Dudley made it very clear on September 8 that he loves no one but himself.

Spike Dudley walked out of the show on September 8, and disrespected the memory of a young man that everyone concerned with CZW, even as a fan, remembers to this very day with great fondness. I’ve never said this before in the 10 years of PWBTS, but independent promoters everywhere that have giuven thought to booking Mr. Hyson need to pull his bookings for awhile and teach him a lesson in respect for the business as a whole and for Christopher Bauman in particular.

Speaking of pretty low-life crap in wrestling, we saw TNA last night blatantly false advertise Adam “Pacman” Jones as wrestling. Given the still-existing court order banning Jones from actually wrestling this wasn’t going to happen, but tNA merrily advertised it anyway.

Thus, the Kurt Angle/Sting-“Team Pacman”, the TNA tag title match featured a “match” where the Pacman of “Team Pacman” sttod on the ring apron, but didn’t do a thing. He stood on the apron, but refused to tag in.

Meanwhile, Karen Angle came out screaming at Sting for not helping her husband enough. Sting raised his hand like he was going to hit her, which is apparently considered acceptable behavior for born-again babyface Christian men, as long as the woman’s a heel. This resulted in her faking she’d been hit. Kurt saw his wife on the arena floor, with ehr claining Sting slapped her. Angle then gave Sting the Olympic slam, followed by Jones tagged in and pinned Sting to win the title. Wonder if that’s considered “physical contact” by the Tennessee Titans?

Anyone who was silly enough to pay for this to see Jones wrestle ought to refuse to pay their cable/satellite provider for the PPV and point out that this is the second time where Jones has been false advertised as wrestling.

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