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AS I SEE IT – A 60-minute Main Event?

Bob Magee

Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets


Combat Zone Wrestling returned to Voorhees, NJ this past Saturday night with a pretty good crowd for a summer show….one that was more than rewarded by the legit 60 minute main event and the two part angle that followed.

For those who keep insisting Combat Zone Wrestling is nothing but blood, gore, and violence need to watch the main event of this show. While there was a little blood and a decent amount of violence, a thousand classic era Memphis matches had more of each…but it was one of the top three matches I’ve seen live this year.

The only negative of the evening, if you had to find one was that the advertised Tammy Sytch appearance (never specified as to what for) was nowhere to be seen or discussed. No one appeared to care in the least. Later reports explained that she went to the Emergency Room on Friday night, and is scheduled to begin Rehab this week.

Match results:

Alex Colon defeated Devon Moore by pinfall

Joe Gacy defeated Mia Yim, Latin Dragon, Ruckus, Rory Mondo, Drew Gulak, Dustin Rayz, and Niles Young, pinning Mia Yim

August and September will see Combat Zone Wrestling return to Voorhees, NJ with Tangled Web taking place in August, and Down With the Sickness, the annual Chris Cash Memorial show taking place in September as part of a doubleheader with EVOLVE on September 8.

Jake Crist and Greg Excellent defeated Dave Crist and DJ Hyde after Matt Tremont has came out and attacked DJ Hyde.

Post-match, Greg Excellent used the second of his “three wishes” (storyline from last season, with wish 1 being a match at the ECW Arena) to set up Bulldozer Matt Tremont-DJ Hyde for Tangled Web in August

CZW World Tag-Team Championship

Azrieal and Bandido Jr. from 4 Loco’s (CZW Tag Champions) defeated The Nation of Intoxication’s Danny Havoc and Lucky 13 to retain their titles, after a foreign object in the purse shot by Chrissy Rivera

CZW World Heavyweight Championship

MASADA defeated AR Fox in a match that would have appeared to be a clash of styles…but was one helluva match. Crowd was quiet until the last few minutes

CZW World Jr. Heavyweight Championship – 1 Hour Ultraviolent Iron Man Match

Sami Callihan defeated Drake Younger to win the title in a legit 60 minute match, worked at such a pace it was insane. A scoreboard clock from the Skate Zone was superimposed in the iPPV feed, to show the time was legit. (only time it wa fudged was at the very end for the finish…but the match likely went a few seconds BEYOND 60 minutes).

First/second fall: Sami Callahan wins the first fall and then a quick second fall to lead 2-0 at 15 minutes.

Third fall: Drake Younger gets a pinfall after a big splash off the top putting Callihan through a table on the floor 2-1 at 35 minutes.

Fourth fall: Callihan submitted to a Boston crab with 17:04 to go, making it 2-2.

Fifth fall: Drake submitted to the stretch muffler with 15:47 to go Callihan for a 3-2 lead,

Sixth fall: Drake hits a Drake’s landing on Callihan for the painfall to make it 3-3

Seventh fall: Callihan threw Younger off the camera scaffold through a table to go up 4-3

Eighth fall: Drake Younger hits a Drake’s Landing off the top through a table to score a pinfall and make it 4-4 at 54:36.

Ninth fall:  Drake Younger submitted with 2 seconds remaining, giving Sami Callihan the final fall and winning the CZW Junior Heavyweight title…or so he thought.

Because almost immediately afterward…AR Fox came out and cashed in his (not called a) Money in the Bank title shot.

CZW World Junior Heavyweight Championship

AR Fox defeated Sami Callihan in under a minute with a 450 splash to win the title.

Post-match, lights went out and a masked figure threw fire at AR Fox, turning out to be Dave Crist. The locker room emptied, including Jake Crist…who then turned and went with Callihan and his brother. Looks like a new heel faction.