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Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

I was getting all ready to write about the NXT angle. Then, one of two things happened.

Either WWE is pulling off a really good work…or WWE has completely lost its mind, with the alleged claim on WWE.com that they fired Bryan Danielson due to the part of the NXT angle where he choked Juston Roberts with his own tie.

Various versions of the story claiming the firing is legit have everything from Justin Roberts threatening to sue WWE because he wasn’t in on the angle (doubtful since I can’t imagine Roberts wouldn’t have been fired on the spot if he’d tried it), advertiser Mattel was pissed off (possible, but hard to believe), all the way to… and I especially love this one, HHH raised hell because the two McMahon-Levesque daughters cried watching it.

If WWE has done something like this legitimately, they’ve given wrestling fans one more reason to find something else to do with their Monday nights.

The out-of-nowhere and God forbit DIFFERENT nature of the NXT angle is the one thing that gave wrestling fans with a IQ over 6 any degree of hope in recent weeks that WWE TV will be something other than Y7 programming. It’s gotten so bad that the write-out angle for Undertaker (out because of a broken orbital bone in his face in a match with Rey Misterio, Jr.) apparently can’t say Undertaker is “dead”. Instead, he’s said to be “in a vegetative state”, a dastardly deed done by who Creative thinks of (my bet here on Kane, since WWE wouldn’t actually do something that would elevate another wrestler).

Wonder if WWE is allowed to say that someone beat him up…or if WWE now makes them say that someone went “nyah” way too hard? Either that, or Undertaker tried to understand a Hornswoggle promo one time too many.

Guess I wasn’t too far off with my projected SummerSlam main event of Fuzzy Bunny against Sammy Squirrel in a “loser has to tell the other wrestler he’s nicer”.

Somewhere, L. Brent Bozell is laughing his ass off. Because WWE has done to itself whwt the Parents Television Council tried to do to them.

If we turn on our TVs Monday night and in coming weeks and this turns out to be legit, then people REALLY need to explore other options for their Monday night viewing. Hell, for the next month, you could DVR a World Cup match and watch it for the two hours RAW is on. Maybe, if the Mattel thing turnes out to be true, people could at least quit buying their toys. For Christ’s sakes, fans need to do SOMETHING to show they’re pissed if this is legit. The sad thing is that the people that are still wrestling fans and haven’t turned to MMA or sitcoms won’t do that. WWE could put on a test pattern or a best of Hornswoggle three-hour marathon and they’d still get a 3.0 from 9:00 11:08 pm.

People (usually with justification) make fun of TNA. About the only difference these days is that WWE makes money. Let WWE keep up crap like this, and THAT won’t last long….at least on the levels that the McMahons are used to making. PPV buyrates in North America are already going down. WWE makes money on PPV because of increased foreign marketing

Speaking of TNA, the 1,287,543th “big surprise” is scheduled for tonight. The two favorites online are TNA going to 3D broadcasting or Paul Heyman getting creative control. The last “surprise that would change wrestling forever” was Hogan coming back to TNA and supposedly running the show.

PLEASE let this be different. Please. Give us something to watch that won’t make us have to hide the fact we’re wrestling fans to our friends. Please.

Until next time…

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