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AS I SEE IT – To Those Who Left Us in 2012, Thank You

Bob Magee

Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets


In 2012, PWBTS.com had 1,437,036 page views, with readers from 60 nations and territories including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Argentina, Australia, Venezuela, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Israel , Ireland, Japan, Italy, Colombia, Russia, France, Peru, Belgium, Mexico, Spain, China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Czech Republic, India, New Zealand, Brazil, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Turkey, Portugal, Romania, Philippines, South Korea, Panama, Burundi, Bermuda, Malaysia, Finland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Kuwait, Pakistan, Indonesia, Norway, Vietnam, Lithuania, Dominican Republic, Hong Kong, Egypt, Taiwan, Greece, Hungary Austria, Sweden, Yemen, Sri Lanka,  Cyprus, Cayman Islands, Guatemala, Moldova, and Thailand.

In looking at the countries above, I assume there’s a good possibility that at least a few of those PWBTS.com visitors are from the US military. According to AddFreeStats, I already know there have been many visits from US military hostnames. For those of you in the US military, wherever you’re serving, thanks for taking time to read PWBTS.com. I hope we’ve given you some enjoyment in the middle of your difficult task.

In other milestones, AS I SEE IT also begins its eighteenth with this column. Additionally, PWBTS.com, its flagship site has now reached over 45 million page views during its 18 year history.

As I’ve said in New Year columns year after year, that means that PWBTS.com has visitors from every region of the world… from every time zone…and from languages and cultures too numerous to count; reading about wrestling on our flagship site. To all of you… wherever you are from, thank you for taking time out of your day to read PWBTS.com’s mix of wrestling news and opinions.

Thanks also go out to those websites that link to PWBTS.com and provide us with a wide variety of visitors such as: Wrestleview.com Gerweck.net, Dory-funk.net, Devin Cutting’s Pro Wrestling Events, The Art of Wrestling, Walls of Jericholic, In Your Face Online, Pro Wrestling Express, NWA/Coastal Pro Wrestling, Insanity Pro Wrestling, Hybrid Enrtertainment, The Pain Clinic, Online World of Wrestling, and Eddie Gulbert.com .

Let’s take a minute to remember those within wrestling that left us in 2012, including MS-1, Savannah Jack, Rick Lancaster, Sonny Meyers, Woody Farmer, Doug Furnas, Tommy Weathers, Dick Woehrle, Joe McCarthy, Joe Blanchard, Chief Jay Strongbow, Buddy Diamond, Del Skinner, Gorgeous George Jr., Hans Schmidt, Dara Singh, Goldie Rogers, Don Savage, Black Jack Daniels, Rita Cortez, Red Bastien, Don Fields, Stan Pulaski, Bobby Jaggers, Mike Graham, and Brad Armstrong, Mike Boyette, The Amazing Zuma, ”Freebird” Buddy Roberts Gordon Nelson, Rip Hawk, and Bill Dromo.

Tonight…already…begins the road to Wrestlemania, as The Rock appears on the first Monday Night RAW of 2013 to build his match at Wrestlemania (the first of his reported seven dates in January and February), CM Punk vs. Ryback in a TLC Match for the WWE title, and to build Royal Rumble, including John Cena announcing himself for the Rumble (which happened in the last 2012 episode for the many of you who were doing other things New Year’s Eve).

There IS this BCS Championship Game tonight as well, so either have a well-developed thumb, record RAW, or for those of you with the Mun2 cable channel check out the English language replay of tonight’s show Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm ET.

Until next time….

—Bob Magee