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Courtesy of the SHIMMER Yahoo Group

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– Music video of four new competitors from Japan coming to SHIMMER!
– Sixteen wrestlers announced thus far for April tapings!
– Volumes 27 & 28 to be released in less than two weeks!
A highlight video was thrown together by user TELPS from The SHIMMER Forum offering a preview of the four new joshi talents headed to SHIMMER in April: Ayumi Kurihara, Misaki Ohata, Hiroyo Matsumoto, and Tomoka Nakagawa.
Visit the link below to check out the video.

SHIMMER returns to the Berwyn Eagles Club (6309 26th Street) in Berwyn, IL, just outside Chicago, on Saturday & Sunday, April 10th & 11th. Bell time on Saturday, 4/10 is 2pm. Doors open at 1pm. Bell time on Sunday, 4/11 is 1pm. Doors open at Noon.
Tickets are currently on sale at http://shimmerwomen.webs.com/apriltickets.html via PayPal. You can also place mail orders for tickets by either check or money order. E-mail [email protected] for instructions on placing mail orders for tickets.
Sixteen talents have been announced thus far for participation in the April tapings. Over 25 of the top women athletes from around the globe will be a part of the festivities.
Former SHIMMER Champion Sara Del Rey was part of one of the most memorable matches in SHIMMER history at the “4th Anniversary Celebration” tapings against Ayako Hamada. Death Rey displayed during the course of that match just what she is capable of against one of the best world traveled stars to come out of Japan. Sara has yet to face any of the four additional joshi athletes who will be a part of the April SHIMMER events. Could she be looking to put her skills to the test against any of these rising stars from Japan?
Allison Danger, who recently celebrated the first birthday of her daughter Kendall, is still in search of a measure of revenge against the individual who threatened her well being and that of her child just over a year ago, Portia Perez. With Perez absent from the “4th Anniversary Celebration” tapings with a suspect “H1N1 doctor’s note” excuse, Danger settled for doing battle against Portia’s tag team partner Nicole Matthews. Danger’s night concluded with Matthews smacking Danger in the head with one of the SHIMMER Tag Team Championship belts. Matthews later declared that she did it at Portia’s request. With both Ninjas back in Berwyn on April 10th & 11th, Danger has the opportunity to meet Perez face to face once again.
SHIMMER trainer Daizee Haze returns to active competition as a wrestler in SHIMMER action on April 10th & 11th, after serving in a troubleshooting referee capacity at our last set of tapings due to injury. The Haze has stated that she is hungry to get back into the mix against the top stars SHIMMER has to offer, with a particular interest in the joshi side of the locker room in April.
“The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez is one of the women who truly put SHIMMER on the map during 2005 with her series of matches against Sara Del Rey. She has since gone on to have tremendous bouts against the likes of Cheerleader Melissa, MsChif, Amazing Kong, Serena Deeb, and Ayako Hamada, showing why she is considered one of the top female athletes worldwide. Though Mercedes has had opportunites at the SHIMMER Championship in the past, she has yet to achieve her goal of becoming the #1 woman in SHIMMER competition. Could April be Mercedes’ time to capture the gold? She must position herself for another title shot first in order to do so.

“Your Soul’s Tormentor” MsChif captured the SHIMMER Championship on April 26, 2008 by defeating Sara Del Rey in the main event of Vol. 18. In the time since, she has been a marked woman, with all of the competitors on the roster gunning for her title, and the chance to boast of being the woman that put an end to the Reign of Torment. MsChif has successfully defended the SHIMMER Championship not only in SHIMMER, but also on cards promoted by Ring of Honor and Full Impact Pro. She has put away challengers Del Rey, Jetta, Mercedes Martinez, Rain, Daizee Haze, Ariel, Serena Deeb, Wesna Busic, LuFisto, Nikki Roxx, and became the first woman in SHIMMER history to pin Amazing Kong.
MsChif faces a very difficult challenge come April, as she attempts to make it through four DVDs during the course of the weekend and walk away with the SHIMMER Championship still around her waist. Can the Reign of Torment make it to the two year mark, or will someone on the SHIMMER roster make history by becoming the 3rd SHIMMER Champion?
Portia Perez returns to SHIMMER competition during April, after being forced to miss the Vols. 27 & 28 tapings due to being sidelined with the Swine Flu, or so she claimed. Allison Danger is one of those who questioned the validity of Portia’s illness, declaring that she was simply ducking another fight with Danger, and was afraid to be a fighting champion with her SHIMMER Tag Team Championship partner Nicole Matthews. In Portia’s absence, Nicole sent a message to Danger on Vol. 28 by cracking her in the head with one of the title belts, on Perez’s instructions. With the issue between Portia and Allison still unresolved, as well as the SHIMMER Tag Team Championship to be defended, Perez will be one frickin’ busy ninja come April 10th & 11th.
Nicole Matthews is unquestionably one of the top rising stars in women’s professional wrestling today. She has been able to not only achieve success in the tag team ranks by becoming the 2nd SHIMMER Tag Team Champions as part of “The Canadian Ninjas” with partner Portia Perez, but has simultaneously become a breakout star in singles action as well. Nicole’s series of matches against Daizee Haze displayed her rapid development as a competitor, which then continued with a tough battle against Cheerleader Melissa. Both of the Ninjas have the task of making it through the April tapings as SHIMMER Tag Team Champions, while also maintaining their respective positions in the singles picture.
Cheerleader Melissa is one of the rare few to have participated in every SHIMMER event to date, and is, without a doubt, one of the most skilled female wrestlers on the planet. Having achieved worldwide success in this industry, Melissa continues to show her dedication to SHIMMER, and the sport in general, by giving 110% every time she steps into the squared circle. After concluding a several year long rivalry with Wesna Busic in a very physical Knockout or Submission bout on Vol. 26, Melissa continued her winning ways at SHIMMER’s 4th Anniversary Celebration tapings. What is next on Melissa’s agenda?

Freelance star AYUMI KURIHARA, as well as S-Ovation Co. Ltd. talents HIROYO MATSUMOTO, MISAKI OHATA, and TOMOKA NAKAGAWA will make their United States debuts on events promoted by both SHIMMER and JAPW during the month of April 2010. All four women have been a part of S-Ovation’s IBUKI events during recent years, under the guidance of Mariko Yoshida. Additionally, they have also competed on events promoted by companies such as NEO, OZ Academy, JWP, and Sendai Girls’ Pro-Wrestling.

AYUMI KURIHARA – Height: 5’5″ Weight: 126 lbs. Hometown: Mitaka-shi, Tokyo, Japan. Pro Debut: April 2005.

HIROYO MATSUMOTO – Height: 5’5″ Weight: 154 lbs. Hometown: Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa, Japan. Pro Debut: July 2006.

MISAKI OHATA – Height: 5’1″ Weight: 119 lbs. Hometown: Sendai City, Miyagi, Japan. Pro Debut: October 2006.

TOMOKA NAKAGAWA – Height: 5’1″ Weight: 128 lbs. Hometown: Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan. Pro Debut: January 2005.
 Madison Eagles is one of the most skilled and impressive additions to the SHIMMER roster within the past two years. After her initial arrival during late 2008 along with tag team partner Jessie McKay as “The Pink Ladies,” Madison had two highly competitive singles outings during May of 2009 against Sara Del Rey and Mercedes Martinez. The matches were just a taste of what this nine year veteran of the sport brings to the squared circle.

Lance Storm of www.StormWrestling.com wrote of the Madison Eagles vs. Sara Del Rey contest from Vol. 23 in an October 2009 web site commentary.

“The best match I’ve seen on the DVD, so far, featured Sara Del Rey and Madison Eagles. I’ve met Sara a couple times doing ROH appearances so I’ve seen her work, but Madison Eagles I’d never even heard of before. This match blew me away. This match featured some of the best mat wrestling I’ve seen this side of Bryan Danielson. These girls were AWESOME, these girls can WRESLE. I CAN NOT praise this match or recommend this DVD enough.”

After being sidelined from Vols. 25-28, Madison Eagles makes her much anticipated return to SHIMMER action on April 10th & 11th in Berwyn!

One of the newer SHIMMER athletes who really started to come into her own during 2009 is Jessie McKay. Unquestionably, Jessie’s breakout singles bout was her Vol. 25 match against Cheerleader Melissa, which caught the attention of everyone in attendance as she held her own against a main event level star in one-on-one competition, and nearly School Girl Crushed Melissa’s head into the front row. McKay had another strong outing against Sara Del Rey on Vol. 27, displaying her rapid progression as a professional wrestler. “Everybody’s Favorite Girlfriend” is determined to continue her climb up the SHIMMER ranks on April 10th & 11th.
Dark AngelSarah Stock made an immediate impact in SHIMMER upon her dramatic arrival in June of 2007. Stock was the International Wildcard competitor in the SHIMMER Title Tournament, shocking many by defeating SHIMMER main event stars Cheerleader Melissa and MsChif during her first and second round bouts. Stock later fell to eventual tournament winner Sara Del Rey in the third round, just seconds before the expiration of the 20 minute time limit. Sarah had a memorable series of matches against Daizee Haze during subsequent outings, a hard fought 2 out of 3 falls rematch against Del Rey, and a classic rematch against Melissa.

We’re anxious to see “Dark Angel” back in the SHIMMER ring on both of the 4/10 and 4/11 events. What is on Sarah’s agenda in SHIMMER during 2010? We’re ready to find out.
International superstar Ayako Hamada in many ways stole the show back at the SHIMMER 4th Anniversary Celebration in November of 2009. Hamada’s SHIMMER debut contest against Mercedes Martinez displayed Ayako’s technical wrestling proficiency, going hold for hold and strike for strike against one of SHIMMER’s most skilled. The second competitor to sign for a match against Hamada was Sara Del Rey, who perhaps got more than she bargained for when she opted to introduce a steel chair into the contest, causing the referee to throw the rulebook out the window and delcare the bout No DQ! Hamada and Del Rey battled all over the Eagles Club using everything they could get their hands on, and giving the fans in attendance what many of them called one of the wildest matches in company history.

After Ayako’s second match at the “4th Anniversary Celebration” in November, the Berwyn crowd chanted, “Please come back!” They will get their wish on Sunday, 4/11, as Ayako Hamada will be back in SHIMMER competition (she is unavailable for 4/10 due to a prior commitment).
Front row seating to Saturday, April 10th is already SOLD OUT.

Front row seating to Sunday, April 11th is still available. Just eight front row seats to the April 11th taping remain.

General admission seating to both April 10th and 11th is also currently available.

To secure your tickets online right now by PayPal, visit the link below.


If you would like to place a mail order for tickets (check or money order), E-mail [email protected] for mail order payment instructions.

Mark your calendars! SHIMMER is back in Berwyn April 10th & 11th!
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Here’s a preview of the artwork for the SHIMMER Volume 28 DVD, which will be released at www.ROHwrestling.com within the next 2 weeks.

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Here’s a preview of the artwork for the SHIMMER Volume 27 DVD, which will be released at www.ROHwrestling.com within the next 2 weeks.
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Ring of Honor is your source for SHIMMER on DVD!
Here’s a look at the match listings for the newest DVD releases in the SHIMMER series…

Item# SH026

1. Jetta (w/ Lacey) vs. Daffney
2. Daizee Haze vs. Rayna Von Tash
3. Four Corner Survival: Jennifer Blake vs. Melanie Cruise vs. Jessie McKay vs. Kellie Skater
4. Nikki Roxx & Portuguese Princess Ariel vs. Lexie Fyfe & Malia Hosaka
5. Rain (w/ Lacey) vs. Tenille
6. Sara Del Rey & Amazing Kong vs. Serena Deeb & Mercedes Martinez
7. Knockout or Submission Match: Wesna Busic (w/ Annie Social) vs. Cheerleader Melissa
8. SHIMMER Tag Team Title Match: Ashley Lane & Nevaeh vs. “The Canadian Ninjas” Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews
9. SHIMMER Title Match: MsChif vs. “Super Hardcore Anime” LuFisto

Regular Price: $14.95

Item# SH025

1. Tenille vs. Jetta (w/ Lacey)
2. Four Corner Survival: Kellie Skater vs. Portuguese Princess Ariel vs. Cat Power vs. Rachel Summerlyn
3. Nikki Roxx vs. Melanie Cruise (w/ Annie Social)
4. Rain (w/ Lacey) vs. Jennifer Blake
5. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Jessie McKay
6. LuFisto vs. Amber O’Neal
7. Grudge Tag Team Match: Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews vs. Allison Danger & Daizee Haze
8. Mercedes Martinez vs. Serena Deeb
9. SHIMMER Tag Team Title Match: Ashley Lane & Nevaeh vs. Sara Del Rey & Amazing Kong
10. SHIMMER Title Match: MsChif vs. Wesna Busic (w/ Annie Social)

Regular Price: $14.95

Item# SH024

1. Jessie McKay vs. Kellie Skater
2. Lexie Fyfe & Malia Hosaka vs. Tenille & Rayna Von Tash
3. Amber O’Neal vs. Jennifer Blake
4. Mercedes Martinez vs. Madison Eagles
5. Rain & Jetta with Lacey vs. Nikki Roxx & Portuguese Princess Ariel
6. Serena Deeb vs. Cat Power
7. No Time Limit: Nicole Matthews vs. Daizee Haze
8. No Disqualification Street Fight: Allison Danger vs. Portia Perez
9. Wesna Busic vs. LuFisto
10. MsChif & Cheerleader Melissa vs. Sara Del Rey & Amazing Kong

Regular Price: $14.95

Item# SH023

1. Nikki Roxx vs. Cat Power
2. Tenille vs. Amber O’Neal
3. Melanie Cruise vs. Daffney
4. Sara Del Rey vs. Madison Eagles
5. Kellie Skater vs. LuFisto
6. Daizee Haze vs. Nicole Matthews
7. Amazing Kong vs. Mercedes Martinez
8. Ashley Lane & Nevaeh vs. Rain & Jetta (SHIMMER Tag Team Title Match/2 Out Of 3 Falls)
9. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Wesna Busic
10. MsChif vs. Serena Deeb (SHIMMER Title Match)

Plus appearances by Allison Danger, Portia Perez, Lacey, Annie Social, and more!

Regular Price: $14.95

Item# SH022

1. Rain vs. Daffney
2. Cat Power vs. Danyah
3. Amazing Kong vs. Rachel Summerlyn
4. Madison Eagles & Jessie McKay vs. Lexie Fyfe & Malia Hosaka
5. Mercedes Martinez vs. Amber O’Neal
6. Jennifer Blake vs. Cheerleader Melissa
7. Daizee Haze vs. Miss Natural
8. Jetta vs. Nikki Roxx
9. Ashley Lane & Nevaeh vs. Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews (SHIMMER Tag Team Title Match)
10. Wesna Busic vs. LuFisto (International Dream Match)
11. MsChif vs. Portuguese Princess Ariel (SHIMMER Title Match)
12. Sara Del Rey vs. Serena Deeb

Regular Price: $14.95

Item# SH021

1. Sara Del Rey vs. Serena Deeb
2. Miss Natural vs. Lorelei Lee
3. Cat Power vs. Daffney
4. Nikki Roxx vs. Danyah
5. Wesna Busic vs. Amber O’Neal
6. Lexie Fyfe & Malia Hosaka vs. Ashley Lane & Nevaeh vs. Rain & Jetta vs. LuFisto & Jennifer Blake vs. Madison Eagles & Jessie McKay vs. Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews (SHIMMER Tag Team Championship Gauntlet)
7. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Amazing Kong vs. Mercedes Martinez vs. Portuguese Princess Ariel (Four Corner Survival)
8. MsChif vs. Daizee Haze (SHIMMER Title Match)

Regular Price: $14.95

Item# SH020

1. Shark Girl vs. Veronika Vice
2. Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews vs. Allison Danger & Jennifer Blake
3. Amazing Kong vs. Danyah
4. Daffney vs. Cat Power
5. Rain & Jetta vs. Ashley Lane & Nevaeh
6. Nikki Roxx vs. Portuguese Princess Ariel
7. Sara Del Rey vs. Serena Deeb
8. LuFisto vs. Cheerleader Melissa
9. MsChif vs. Mercedes Martinez (SHIMMER Title Match)

Regular Price: $14.95

Item# SH019

1. 21 Woman Battle Royal
2. Portia Perez vs. Shark Girl
3. Danyah vs. Serena Deeb
4. Ashley Lane & Nevaeh vs. Cat Power & Veronika Vice
5. Amazing Kong vs. Lorelei Lee
6. Nikki Roxx vs. Nicole Matthews
7. Allison Danger vs. Jennifer Blake
8. Rain vs. LuFisto
9. Sara Del Rey vs. Portuguese Princess Ariel
10. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Mercedes Martinez
11. MsChif vs. Battle Royal Winner (SHIMMER Title Match)

Regular Price: $14.95

Item# SH018

1. Amber O’ Neal vs. Shark Girl
2. Nicole Matthews vs. Lorelei Lee
3. Daizee Haze vs. Jetta
4. Lexie Fyfe & Malia Hosaka vs. Jennifer Blake & Danyah
5. Portuguese Princess Ariel vs. Cat Power
6. Mercedes Martinez vs. Cindy Rogers
7. Lacey & Rain vs. Ashley Lane & Nevaeh
8. Amazing Kong vs. Wesna Busic
9. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Sarah Stock
10. Sara Del Rey vs. MsChif (SHIMMER Title Match)

Regular Price: $14.95

Item# SH017

1. Rain & Jetta vs. Jennifer Blake & Danyah
2. Nicole Matthews vs. Shark Girl
3. Lexie Fyfe & Malia Hosaka vs. Ashley Lane & Nevaeh
4. Lorelei Lee vs. Amber O’Neal
5. Daizee Haze vs. Cindy Rogers
6. Amazing Kong vs. Portuguese Princess Ariel
7. Mercedes Martinez vs. Wesna Busic
8. Lacey vs. Sarah Stock
9. Sara Del Rey & Allison Danger vs. MsChif & Cheerleader Melissa

Regular Price: $14.95

Item# SH016

1. Amber O’Neal vs. Lorelei Lee
2. Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews vs. Portuguese Princess Ariel & Josie
3. Alexa Thatcher vs. Ashley Lane
4. Lexie Fyfe & Malia Hosaka vs. Allison Danger & Serena Deeb
5. Daffney vs. Cindy Rogers
6. Lacey, Rain, & Jetta vs. MsChif, Daizee Haze, & Eden Black (Trios Tag Team Match)
7. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Amazing Kong
8. Sara Del Rey vs. Sarah Stock (SHIMMER Title Match – Two Out Of Three Falls)

Regular Price: $14.95

Item# SH015

1. Eden Black vs. Amber O’Neal
2. Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews vs. Lorelei Lee & Ashley Lane
3. Serena Deeb vs. Jetta
4. Allison Danger vs. Cindy Rogers
5. Lacey & Rain vs. Portuguese Princess Ariel & Josie
6. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Alexa Thatcher
7. Lexie Fyfe & Malia Hosaka vs. MsChif & Daffney (Grudge Tag Team Match)
8. Daizee Haze vs. Sarah Stock (#1 Contenders Match)
9. Sara Del Rey vs. Amazing Kong (SHIMMER Title Match)

Regular Price: $14.95

Item# SH014

Filmed at the Citrus County Auditorium in Inverness, FL
1. Amber O’Neal vs. Portuguese Princess Ariel
2. Allison Danger vs. Cindy Rogers (2 out of 3 Falls)
3. Daffney vs. Lexie Fyfe
4. Serena Deeb vs. Malia Hosaka
5. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Rain
6. Daizee Haze vs. MsChif (First Time Shimmer Meeting)
7. Amazing Kong vs. Nikki Roxx
8. Sara Del Rey vs. Lacey (SHIMMER Title Match)

Regular Price: $14.95

Item# SH013

1. Serena Deeb vs. Alicia
2. Malia Hosaka vs. Josie
3. Lexie Fyfe vs. Eden Black
4. MsChif w/ Daffney vs. Portia Perez
5. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Portuguese Princess Ariel
6. Sarah Stock vs. Daizee Haze (First Time Ever)
7. Allison Danger vs. Cindy Rogers (Dog Collar Match)
8. Lacey & Rain vs. Sara Del Rey & Nikki Roxx

Bonus Special Attraction Match from FIP:
9. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Amber O’Neal

Regular Price: $14.95

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