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Australasian Wrestling Federation Press Release
AWF to air “This Is AWF Wrestling” weekly TV show in Australia starting 17 August


Australasian Wrestling Federation (AWF) is excited to bring Australian fans the chance to view its brand of professional wrestling as a weekly half hour broadcast starting Tuesday 17 August on Aurora Community Channel.

Presenting professional wrestling utilizing a mix of the premier local and international talents, AWF has operated live events in Australia since 1999, and looks forward to broadening its fan base and introducing more supporters to the AWF product via the “This Is AWF Wrestling” television show.

Wrestling has been popular in Australia for many years, with US companies being who most current Australian fans associate with when they think of professional wrestling. With the national platform the new “This Is AWF Wrestling” television show offers, AWF is looking to solidify itself in Australian culture as the name wrestling fans associate with local wrestling, and provide a TV product fans can be proud to say they watch and support.

AWF urges all to tune in to our show and see that we have some fantastic home grown talent and a live show right in our own country that is world class and demands local fans attention.

AWF aims to be “Your Local Fed” and will cater directly to its Australian fans with segments on the weekly show featuring upcoming live events and happenings, competitions, and quality wrestling bouts featuring Australian and International stars.  Fans will also be able to see these AWF talents perform regularly at live events in cities around Australia.
The TV show itself will be hosted by 6 times Australasian Champion TNT who made these comments about the content of the upcoming weekly program: “Throughout my 15 years of wrestling, I have noticed that Australian audiences want skillful, fast paced, hard hitting and exciting pro-wrestling action. This is exactly what AWF will deliver in its weekly show. It will be action packed, it will feature the best local and free agent international talent, it will be fun, and it will be for our local region. AWF will try not to insult your intelligence like many US based wrestling shows constantly do, or bore you with long interviews or even embarrass you with ridiculous storylines. We will present wrestling as something athletic, skillful and fun that you will be interested to watch and share with friends. Join us every week to see the new stars of wrestling evolve before your eyes. This will be a show to follow weekly, that will connect audiences with the AWF scene, and we are very excited about the prospects the program brings.”

The AWF TV program will give many Australasian based wrestlers their first national television exposure, showcasing these hot talents to a wider fan base than ever before. Viewers will be able to follow AWF Wrestlers battling for the four Championship Titles that all competitors are striving to win. They are the open divisions of the Australasian Championship, the Commonwealth Championship, and the Tag Team Championships, along with the under 25 year’s Young Lion’s Championship.

The first episodes of “This Is AWF Wrestling” will introduce you to our current Champions and will let audiences get a feel for the competition. Over the weeks of season one, viewers will become familiar with the talents of fan favourites such as Powerhouse Theo, Iron Jay Coles, TNT, Mark Hilton and Blakestone, plus will see the underhanded tactics of Massive Q, Il Cognito and KrackerJak.  Rising “Young Lion’s” such as “Mint Condition” Mick Moretti and Tama Williams will also be given the opportunity to shine, as will the women of the AWF such as Mighty Mel and Bombshell Bo, plus in addition we will see the feuds of factions such as “The Detonation Crew” and “The Freakshow” intensify.

“The quality of athlete in AWF is tremendous, with the skills required to be part of our group being the highest at any time in Australia’s history. The action you will see is world class” TNT commented. “Some Australian fans may have been to other local shows and had a bad experience. AWF aims to reverse these bad impressions and urges fans to support us and build a progressive wrestling community here in Australia.”

AWF is a family-oriented business that attracts fans in all age categories, and unlike a lot of professional sports today, is affordable to the average family as a live event experience, and now that we’re on national TV it’s a lot more accessible. So watch and make “This Is AWF Wrestling” must see TV each and every week, and be sure to support and get involved with AWF Wrestling- Your Local Fed!”
Aurora Community Channel will bring the Australasian Wrestling Federation’s “This Is AWF Wrestling” program to potentially almost 6 million viewers, with the show being available to all digital TV subscribers on the basic tier in Australia.
“This level of exposure brings us a great opportunity to build on a developing national interest, and potentially turn local wrestling into a larger part of the Australian culture again. In the seventies World Championship Wrestling was an institution in Australia. In the 80’s to the current, Australian television screens have been dominated by US based promotions. AWF aims to re-capture the hearts and imagination of Australian fans and grow the sport of wrestling in Australia. It would be great if Australia could support these talented fighting athletes so we can have our own home grown institution once again.”
So Australia, “Get Ready, Things Are About To Get Heavy”, “This Is AWF Wrestling” is coming!

For full promotional information and up to date show details visit the AWF Website at www.awfwrestling.com.au