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AWA LogoMinneapolis, MN, October 30, 2007, /PRNewswire/ – In a landmark announcement made today, AWA Chairman of the Board Dale R. Gagne announced that the American Wrestling Association (AWA) will no longer sanction independent territories effective immediately. Over three years ago, the AWA started an “open door policy” welcoming top independent wrestling organizations to represent it’s brand both nationally and internationally. Within a year, the AWA had gained momentum with over 25 affiliate promotions from Hawaii to Japan.

During the recent AWA Annual Meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Gagne and Vice-President Jon Stewart addressed representatives from participating territories regarding the impending future of the sanctioning program. “Quite honestly”, stated Gagne, “the sanctioning of independent territories never reached the success we had hoped for”. “We never intended on our brand being represented in bars, out-of-date military bases or American Legion halls”, continued Gagne. “There may very well be a market for independent wrestling in these types of facilities but it certainly isn’t a part of the AWA’s future”.

Vice-President Jon Stewart further stated that the AWA will continue to look for effective and professional promoters to represent it’s brand but there will be obvious differences in what local organizations present and what the AWA will produce. Where does this leave the territories currently representing the AWA brand? According to Gagne and Stewart, each promotion will be individually assessed. Those territories sharing a vision different than the AWA’s new model, will be released by the end of the year. The Board of Directors and figurehead President will be dissolved accordingly. For updates on this developing story, go to www.awastars.com.


Cristy Larson, AWA Brand Support

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