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The Heartbreak ExpressREVERSAL OF FORTUNE!
AWA Reverses Tag-Team Title Decision in Wisconsin

Minneapolis, MN. February 25, 2008 – After hearing petitions from both participating tag-teams in a match for the AWA World Tag-Team Championship on February 8, 2008 in Waukesha, Wisconsin, the AWA has ruled a rare disqualification “after-the-fact”.

In eye witness reports, Frankie “The Thumper” DeFalco, teaming with Jake “The Milkman” Miliman, threw Fabulous Phil of the Heart Break Express over-the-top rope prior to a pin being counted on his partner, Superstar Sean. “The AWA has a long standing rule dating back to the 60’s that states deliberately tossing an opponent over-the-top rope is an automatic disqualification,” stated AWA representative and legal adviser Jody Peterman. “We will not accept a “home town” official ruling in a case where the official was not sanctioned by the AWA, didn’t call for the bell upon disqualification and clearly was prejudice against the team of Fabulous Phil and Superstar Sean – the Heartbreak Express”. In continuing, “the AWA recognizes and respects the rules, something that all sports should
strictly adhere to.” Accordingly, the AWA has officially returned the
Tag-Team Championship to the rightful title holders, the Heartbreak Express.

Upon hearing the announcement, a very upset and livid Frankie DeFalco stated, “I would expect more from Peterman but everyone knows that the Heartbreak Express are “his boys”. “Nothing will change with the politics in the AWA as long as a Gagne is still around. Looks like me and Jake are going to have to take matters in our own hands”. Sounds like a clear warning from two very upset veterans of the ring. With the Heartbreak Express once again on top, they go back to being the “hunted” by numerous tag-teams in the AWA, all wanting a shot at being recognized as the very best the sport has to offer.