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Blood Hound Underground Indianapolis Speedrome TM Indianapolis, Indiana June 13, 2007

“The World’s Home of the Figure 8” ® held its second ever AWA Wrestling and racing program Wednesday night. The stars of AWA Professional Wrestling gave an outstanding show to the big crowd after the top drivers in the Jiffy Lube Late Models and Hornet divisions paced the racecourse. It was a thrilling doubleheader of entertainment with the fans being the ultimate winner. World-renowned ring announcer Thomas Treiber handled the mike duties for this gig. Here is the recap of the AWA Wrestling matches.

Indianapolis’ Own Dick the Bruiser Jr vs. Salvatore Sincere with manager Russian Brute The former WWE heartthrob Salvatore Sincere grabbed the microphone straight away and got the crowd ramped up against him. Dick the Bruiser Jr hit the ring with his trusty bulldog right beside. The two traded blows while the audience cheered local hero Bruiser and belittled the hated Sincere. The Brute distracted the referee and got the tide turned into the villains favor mid match and he emptied out his bag of dirty illegal tricks. But the local hero used his cunning in outwitting the duo scoring the pin fall.


Dinn T Moore vs. Mick Foley’s little nephew Dick Foley The St Louis native Dinn T Moore made his way to Indianapolis to face the hardcore hero nephew of the great Mick Foley, superstar Dick Foley. The bad man from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico tried to unravel Moore during his second trip to the Speedrome. The battle raged from pillar to post before heading to the ringside hardcore style. The two kept the fight raging outside the ring. Neither competitor gained a big advantage throughout most of the match. The tide turned late with Mr. Socko coming out to gain the win for Foley.


Katie Syren vs. Josie

The St Louis staple of ladies wrestling Katie Syren challenged Chicago’s finest Josie to a contenders match. The first-ever women’s match in the history of the Speedrome began with a feeling out process. The two ladies showed their technical skill of the fine arts impressing the VIP ringside crowd. Josie used her experience advantage to get the upper hand and looked to be headed for victory. But a series of false finishes left the match in doubt. Then Josie rolled Katie up for the cover while using the ring ropes for leverage and the 1-2-3.


Beauty versus the Geek match – Dexter Poindexter vs. Noah Lott This match got under way with ESPN 950’s Greg Rakestraw handling the guest ring announcer duties. The decided underdog Dexter Poindexter strode to the ring in his classic “nerd attire” and used his brain to gain early advantage over the strapping Noah Lott. Noah made many athletic moves but was surprised by the unlikely skill of Dexter. The dastardly Lott turned the table by underhandedly working over the frail Poindexter. The crowd began a rallying chant for the seemingly underpowered bookworm. A few near falls angered Noah in the late stages before Dexter used an amazing off the top rope bulldog for the pin. A dejected Lott was left in the ring to be ridiculed by the fans.


Next a three-way dance for the AWA World Light Heavyweight Championship – Zach Gowen vs. Shark Boy vs. “Krazy K” Kirby Mack (AWA Light Heavyweight Champion) Former WWE star Zach Gowen, the one legged wrestling machine, hit the ring to the cheers of the fans followed by current TNA star Shark Boy. The duo waited in the ring for the champ to enter for this three-way duel for championship gold. The first few minutes saw several false starts during the always-challenging triple threat battle. Shark Boy then took an unusual seat atop the ropes to “let” the others tangle. But as expected, it was all a ploy. The nearly two-year reign of Kirby was in jeopardy several times during this stage of the match. The trio had some incredible three-way moves that brought alive an electric atmosphere. The match came to an end with Kirby slipping in for the pin on Shark Boy after Gowen drilled a beautiful moonsault.AND THE WINNER IS AND STILL AWA WORLD LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMP “KRAZY K” KIRBY MACK

And the main event for the vacant AWA World Tag Team Championship – Stars & Stripes vs. “The Trademark of Excellence” Ricky Landell and “The Corporate Stooge” Jon Stewart Former WCW World Tag Team Champions Stars & Stripes, Buff Bagwell and The Patriot, reunited to challenge the reigning AWA World-1 Champion Ricky Landell and former AWA World title holder Jon Stewart for the recently vacated tag straps. The Patriot and Landell started off for their respective teams. Stewart got into the squared circle and took his lumps from Bagwell. The action was tight throughout for these historic championship belts. A set of reversals turned the tide towards Bagwell late as he gained the fall on Stewart. And for the second straight year, the AWA World Tag Team Titles changed hands in Indiana’s capitol city on the grounds of the Speedrome.


The Blood Hound Underground Indianapolis Speedrome TM is located near the intersection of Brookville Road and Kitley Avenue on Indy’s eastside. The Speedrome hotline is (317) 353-8206.

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