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in association with the ATLAS WRESTLING COMPANY
presents “Desperate Measures”
on Saturday, October 20th- 7:30 pm Belltime

The stars of the National Wrestling Alliance return to action on Saturday, October 20th at Renzie Park’s Jacob Woll Pavilion in McKeesport, PA at 7:30pm. Tickets are only $12 for ringside, and $10 general admission. Kids age 12 and under are only $6.

Quick Line-Up Preview:

AWC Heavyweight Title Match: (3 Title Defenses In One Night!!)
Scheduled: (Champion Chris Taylor’s quest for a one year title reign)
Chris Taylor defends against Eddie Kingston
Chris Taylor defends against Guido Corleone
Chris Taylor defends against AWC official Curtis Stevenson’s choice
*** If Taylor loses the title at any point, then the new champion will defned out the string for a possible three title changes in one night ***

Special Challenge Match:
Crusher Hansen meets SAMU

AWC Brass Knuckles Title Match: (Body Slam Match)
Dash Bennett defends against the 450+lb ‘All Business’ Brant

AWC Tag-Team Title Match:
The Straight Jacket Mafia(Sean Dahmer & Apoyllon) defends against The Franchise Players(Max Alexander & Jon Kronica)

Brandon K & James Ross take on Bigg & Scottie Gash

The Wrong Crowd(Paul Atlas & Brian Anthony) meet NWA Virginia’s NWA Underground(Chris Escobar & Rex Sterling)

The returning Chris LeRusso challenges Chikara Wrestling’s Ophidian


AWC Heavyweight Title Match:
Chris Taylor versus Eddie Kingston
Chris Taylor versus Guido Corleone
Chris Taylor versus Curtis Stevenson’s Choice
*** If Taylor loses at any point, then the new champion will defend out the string of defenses***
Chris Taylor must get through the October 20 Showcase in order to reach the milestone 1 year heavyweight title reign. After defeating both Crusher Hansen and Brandon K at the last showcase. AWC official Curtis Stevenson has informed Taylor that he must defend his title 3 times in one night to reach that precious milestone. If, at any point, Taylor loses the title during the course of the evening, then the new champion will wrestle out the string of guaranteed title defenses thus making it possible for the Heavyweight Title to change hands 3 times in one night.

Taylor has overcome adversity, cheating, overwhelming odds, and numerous top notch opponents during his reign as champion and has silenced even his most outspoken critics. But now the chances of Taylor overcoming these extreme odds appear to be slim to none as even Taylor has expressed doubts as to whether what he is about embark upon is feasible.

One of Taylor’s scheduled opponents is a man that has made quite a name for himself in the independent wrestling scene in one Eddie Kingston. Kingston is a star of the Chikara Pro wrestling promotion, as well as a former Heavyweight Champion in the rough and hardcore Combat Zone Wrestling. Kingston has had some very memorable matches and feuds with the likes of Chris Hero (a former PWX wrestler himself), Samoa Joe, and NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Mike Quackenbush. Calling himself “The Last of a Dying Breed”, Kingston is known for his brutal hard-hitting in-your-face style of wrestling and very easily could be the man that puts an end to Chris Taylor’s title reign.

Another opponent scheduled to wrestle for the heavyweight title is the current Three Rivers Champion Guido Corleone with his manager Krystal Frost. Guido has sliced right through the competition in the AWC upon his return and has now even come very close to capturing a NWA Virgina title too. Guido is a f ormer heavyweight champion and knows exactly what it takes to win the big match for the top prize in the promotion. Plus, one has to figure that Krystal Frost already has a devious plan hatched to get her man the championship.

Yet another opponent has yet be to be named and indications are that Curtis Stevenson will not name that challenger until the night of the October 20th show. Stevenson will only say that the opponent for the heavyweight title is from the current AWC locker room. That leaves a lot of possibilities open as that is exactly what Stevenson wants.

Can Taylor leave the Jacob Woll Pavilion still the heavyweight champion? Can he even leave under his own power? Can Kingston, Corleone, or the unnamed opponent capture the title and end Taylor’s quest? October 20th will tell the story…..

Special Challenge Match:
Crusher Hansen w/ BC Steele versus SAMU
(If Samu wins, then Crusher Hansen and BC Steele must join the PWX cause against the AWC. However, if Crusher wins, then Jim Miller must give up his war against AWC)
Hansen has been running wild the last few months causing havoc no matter where he goes or what he does calling himself ‘Mr. Pittsburgh Wrestling’. Now, after attacking referee Shawn Patrick on two occasions, attempting to rob Chris Taylor of his heavyweight title, and imposing his will on anyone he feels like, Hansen finds himself in a major fight on October 20th in the form of former PWX Heavyweight Champion and former WCW, WWE, and World Class Championship Wrestling superstar SAMU!!!

This match is not without it’s own repercussions as the challenge has been set forth that if Hansen can beat SAMU, then Hansen receives a heavyweight title shot with any stipulation he wishes and Jim MIller ends his fight to keep the PWX name alive. However, if SAMU is victorious, then Hansen and Steele must align themselves with the PWX cause again st the very thing that they both helped create… the AWC.

Hansen and SAMU have met before a decade ago with SAMU picking up the win over a much younger and inexperienced Hansen (then known as Bonecrusher). Alot of time has passed by, but the expectations of a bruising, hard-hitting match are certainly still there. SAMU has not been seen inside a PWX/AWC ring for over 7 years and the announcement of his return by Jim Miller at the last showcase drew an enormous ovation from the crowd. Now these two warriors are set to lock horns in a match that has a lot riding on it.

Can Hansen topple another big time wrestler and cement his status as ‘Mr. Pittsburgh Wrestling’? Or, will SAMU return spell defeat for the ego driven Hansen?

AWC Tag-Team Title Match:
The Straight Jacket Mafia(Sean Dahmer & Apollyon) defend against The Franchise Players(Jon Kronica & Max Alexander)
The Straight Jacket Mafia made it through yet another tag title match with the titles still around their waists as they were able to defeat the newcomer team of Klub Extreme, winners of 12 tag-team titles in various promotions in the tri-state area. However, the Mafia did not escape the show unscathed as they were attacked by The Franchise Players after their win as The Players broke out a straight jacket and placed it on Sean Dahmer and beat him horribly in front of a stunned crowd after they were to discard Apollyon outside the ring. The Players took the title belts with them to the back after the attack.

The Mafia got a measure of revenge later on though as Apollyon hit the ring following The Players match and he delivered one chop to the chest after another until The Players were able to cut him off. A bandaged Dahmer was then out with a chair to even things up as t he champions got their title belts back.

Now the rematch has been signed for October 20th between the rookie challengers The Franchise Players and the champions The Straight Jacket Mafia. This developing feud has hit a fever pitch in a hurry and things have become very personal between the two teams. Now with the involvement of an actual straight jacket, the ante has just been risen. When these two teams go into battle this show, a war will rage inside the ring over the tag team gold.

Brandon K & James Ross versus Bigg & Scottie Gash
This is an intriguing match-up featuring 4 men with differing objectives. Gash wants his heavyweight title shot and is prepared to ruffle as many feathers as possible to get his way. Ross is on a mission of respect attempting to attain that respect from people that he turned his back on upon his wrestling debut this past February. Bigg has been ordered to take out Ross at any cost and it seems as though the clock is ticking on that order. K is looking to get on track and involved in the main title scene locally and within the NWA.

The question in this match is whether each team can even remain working with one another as there really seems to be no trusting relationship between any of them. K’s cousin Vince Kaplack appeared to give the rookie James Ross his seal of approval in September and now K is tagging with the rookie. Perhaps this means that Ross will be ac cepted back into the PWX fold and this is his big test.

However, if Bigg has anything to say about it, then he will put an end to Ross’ career on October 20th and fulfill his promise to Paul Atlas. Plus, Scottie Gash has promised to continue to make a statement each show until he receives the heavyweight title match that he has the contract for as a result of winning Burgh brawl 11 this past May.

The Wrong Crowd(Paul Atlas & Brian Anthony) versus NWA Underground(Chris Escobar & Rex Sterling)
This match features two teams that nearly won the NWA North American Tag-Team Titles within the last 2 weeks. The Wrong Crowd took the champions to a time limit draw at the last AWC Showcase while NWA Underground nearly came away with the titles the very next day in Virginia. Chris Escobar was able to defeat one-half of the champions in a singles match at a later time though.

Now these two teams will battle it out on October 20th at the Jacob Woll Pavilion with the winner having a legitimate claim to being the top contenders for the NWA North Americans Titles. The Wrong Crowd have been making major waves within the NWA for the last couple of months with the NWA yearly meetings in Tennessee focused mainly on them and their rebel actions. Atlas and Anthony have spelled nothing but trouble for the NWA National Champion and NWA North American Champions when they came to town and are primed and ready to take their act national. A victory against NWA Underground will be just the next step in that process.

Meanwhile the team of NWA Underground (Chris Escobar and Rex Sterling) have the same thoughts in mind. Attaining a victory and shutting up the upstart Wrong Crowd will place them at the front of the line for the all NWA Tag-Team Titles, mainly focusing on the North American straps. Escobar is a former NWA Virginia Jr. Heavyweight Champion and has made a couple successful appearances in PWX in years past.

Which will walk out of October 20th with the huge win???

AWC Brass Knuckles Title Match: (Body Slam Match)
Dash Bennett defends against ‘All Business’ Brant
Dash Bennett actually had a plan all along against The Mantis. His plan was unveiled this past show as Mantis’ manager Stacy Hunter interjected herself into the match to attack Mantis and aid dash in his successful title defense. Afterward, Dash and Stacy delivered a beat down to Mantis as Dash was heavily booed by the fans that once cheered him, meanwhile, Mantis began to hear even more cheers than the ones he had been getting in recent weeks.

Now Bennett and Hunter have put together their collective minds, and egos, for Dash to defend his title against PWX Loyalist ‘All Business’ Brant in a ‘Body Slam Match’. This doesn’t make any sense at all as Dash’s hopes of actually being able to body slam the behemoth Brant are virtually zero. It is clear that Dash’s ego has been blown way out of proportion and clearly Stacy Hunter has him believing that h e is Superman. Dash claims that this match is part of a plan and that by defeating the huge Brant in a match that is heavily in his favor will show just how good Dash really is nowadays.

Brant has made his presence felt in recent months as he has aided the PWX cause by hitting devastating splashes on many AWC wrestlers, but it has been a couple years since Brant last wrestled in a match and even with a big size difference in match that size really does matter, Brant will need to shake off a lot of ring rust in a hurry if he hopes to capture the Brass Knuckles Title.

Chris LeRusso versus Ophidian
Chris LeRusso was last seen in July when he was fired by his manager Krystal Frost after he lost the Brass Knuckles Title to Dash Bennett. Now Lerusso returns to the promotion that he took by storm at the beginning of this year, but will he be back with Miss Frost? Or does he have something else on his agenda? Whatever it is, LeRusso has never been one to do things in any other way than on a grand scale.

LeRusso’s opponent in his return match is against a man that has been requested back by numerous fans after a very solid tag-team match with other Chikara Pro Wrestling stars in Ophidian. Ophidian is a masked man with a snake-like mask (“ophidian” translates to “snake” from Latin) and was very impressive in his AWC debut in September. Now, Ophidian looks to tackle the singles ranks in AWC and can make a name for himself real quick by ruining the return of Chris LeRusso and picking up the pinfall victory. it wont be an easy task as LeRusso is a man that reached the top of the AWC rankings in an extremely short period of time before his firing.

Word On The NWA’s Investigation Into Jim Miller/the NWA-East/the AWC
Word is expected from the NWA Board Of Directors regarding their internal investigation into the war between Jim Miller and his NWA-East/PWX loyalists and Paul Atlas’ renegade AWC.

Neither side has backed off of one another in a war that has raged for over a year now. Miller is recognized as the NWA member by the NWA, but the AWC and their officials have been running the live events since May after Scottie Gash turned on Miller and the PWX/NWA-East and joined forces with the AWC to win Burgh Brawl 11 and put the AWC in business.

It is rumored that a spokesperson will be sent up with the NWA Underground tag-team that hails from NWA Virginia, the affiliate that is run by current NWA Board Member Rick O’Brien. This spokesperson is also rumored to address when and where the decision will be made regarding the investigation’s findings by the NWA.



AWC DVD Now Available!!!

The August 25th and September 15th live showcases are available on dvd now! You can purchase your dvd online at pwx-online.org or at the next live showcase.



(Card Subject To Change)

Renzie Park is located adjacent to McKeesport High School. The Main Park Pavilion is located on Renzie Park Rd, between University Dr. and Sycamore Dr. Parking is free in the lots surrounding the ball fields and the pavilion in Renzie Park.


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