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Awesome Kong has launched her own website, and to celebrate, she’s sponsoring a contest so great it can only be called an Awesome Kongtest!



From AwesomeKong.tv

Welcome to AwesomeKong.TV!

Hello everybody! Welcome to my new site. This site is my way of giving all of you an inside peek at my life and a way to meet all of you. To kick this party off right, I am hosting a contest that will enable my fans to get to know my history, sense of humor, and overall personality. I have created unique challenges for the contest participants to complete. All submissions will be handled by you via Twitter and YouTube.

I have put together a very serious prize that will hopefully excite you as much as it does me! The winner of the Kongtest will receive:

  • 2 round trip tickets to Los Angeles with hotel accommodations
  • 2 VIP Backstage passes to Bound For Glory 2009
  • 2 VIP Passes to Bound for Glory Fan fest
  • 8×10 photos of the entire TNA roster

This is a serious package for a serious fan and I am happy that I can bring it to you! So you must be asking “What do I have to do to gain such riches?!”. Well it’s simple, I have included all the requirements below!

#AwesomeKongtest contest requirements:

  1. Sign up or sign in to twitter and follow me! (http://twitter.com/awesomekong)
  2. Time to get creative! You need to make a video! The video must include the following!
  • Perform a short song, poem, or rap written by you about Awesome Kong!
  • Appear on camera wearing a home made or TNA official Awesome Kong shirt!
  • Create an Awesome Kong dance! Perform it on the video!
  • I have entered the TNA Knockout Tag Tournament! I have held a few Tag Titles in my career so name 2 of my former championship partners on video.
  • Finally, and this one is tough… but we will find out who really wants to win! Record yourself on broadcast TV promoting twitter.com/awesomekong and or awesomekong.tv! This will require a bit of creativity but I believe in all of you so make it happen! Don’t forget to put your name or Twitter name on the sign too so I know it’s you!

That’s it! Once you have completed the video upload it somewhere (YouTube, Vimeo, Twitvid) and get it over to me on Twitter ASAP! Tweet/@Reply the link to me using our special hash tag #awesomekongtest!

A sample of this would look something like this:

@awesomekong I finished! Here is my video! http://youtube.com/user/videolink #awesomekongtest

Simple enough right? The Kongtest ends Sept 4th, 2009 @ 12:01am (est). Don’t forget, be creative! A winner will be announced the following week. After that you and I will be hanging out at TNA’s Bound For Glory! So what are you waiting for! Get going! Good luck to everyone!

Official rules and terms of contest can be found by clicking here.