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Release sent by Tim Stein of WrestleTalkRadio.com

The Countdown to the Bad News Allen Tribute Show is on!!!

We are 2 days away from the biggest independent wrestling card to hit Southern Alberta in five years!!! Canadian Pro Wrestling Productions Proudly Presents:   The Bad News Allen Coage Tribute Show this Friday night, 8:00pm at the Spray Lakes Arena in Cochrane, Alberta.

Legends and future legends stack this card as fans, family and friends gather to pay tribute to Allen Coage with a show that he would have been proud to promote himself! The main events include:

The main event features a rematch from last years Cochrane Supershow, as former IWA Puerto Rico Intercontinental Champion Devon “Hannibal” Nicholson faces arch-enemy Abdullah “The Butcher!” One year ago these two left carnage in Cochrane with a bloodbath the likes of which hasn’t been witnessed in Alberta since the heyday of Stampede Wrestling. They drew each others blood. They destroyed tables and ringside barricades. They attacked everything in sight, including other wrestlers and referees. The end result? The match was thrown out. No contest. No winner. No satisfaction for either man of victory.  This knowledge has hung over Abdullah “The Butcher” and Devon “Hannibal” Nicholson for a year. Now, the two men who created carnage in Cochrane, return to the scene of the crime in a rematch is not about championships, glory or prestige. Friday night’s main event is a match based on pure hatred that can only be settled inside the confines of a fifteen foot high Steel Cage!!!

In a battle of the big men, TNA superstar Samoa Joe comes to Calgary for the first time to face the 400 pound Juggernaut! Samoa Joe dominated Ring of Honor with a 21-month reign as its champion. He dominated TNA with a year and a half long undefeated streak. His rough in-your-face style has lead to victories over many top names in wrestling including Sabu, Kurt Angle, AJ Styles and many, many more. The chant of “Joe’s Gonna Kill You” has become a trademark during his matches, and the Samoan Submission Machine has usually backed up that statement.

For over a decade Juggernaut has dominated everywhere he went. The 400-pound monster has dominated in Japan, Korea, and throughout the United States. He has been one of the most in demand wrestlers in Canada, leaving broken bodies in his wake from Vancouver to Thunder Bay. His battles with icons like Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, The Honky Tonk Man, Sabu and Jerry Lynn, and victories over Tommy Dreamer, Steve Corino, Greg Valentine as well as Japanese legends Leatherface and Tarzan Goto prove he is a force to be reckoned with.

Both have a list of accolades a mile long. Both have held numerous championships and the respect of their peers and the fans. But neither man has ever faces an opponent quite like the one that will be staring across the ring at them on May 25th.

In a match 20 years in the making, The Hart Foundation and Strike Force renew their WWF Tag Team Championship rivalry when Tito Santana faces Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. The legacies of these two legends speak for itself. Santana is a former two-time  Intercontinental Champion, two-time Tag Team Champion, ECW World Champion, WWF King of the Ring and wrestled at the first nine Wrestlemania events. Considered one of the best technical wrestlers of his era, Santana’s 25-year career has spawned epic feuds with wrestlers like Curt Hennig, Rick Martel, Greg Valentine,  Randy Savage, and a young Shawn Michaels. In 2004, Tito Santana was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart traveled a different path. The rough and rugged brawler broke into wrestling with Stampede Wrestling and married into the Hart Family. Mostly known as a tag team wrestler, Neidhart is a two-time WWF tag team champion in the Hart Foundation. He also found success in teams with brothers-in-law Owen Hart and The British Bulldog. He was an integral part of the relaunched Hart Foundation supergroup in 1997, whose feud with Steve Austin helped launch Austin’s career as well as the Attitude Era. Two living legends collide in tribute to Bad News Allen live one night only in Cochrane, Alberta on May 25th!

Johnny “Havok” Devine comes home May 25th! After busting heads for seven years across Canada, the former “Hotshot” is now a TNA superstar as part of Seratonin! He faces former NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champion Scotty Mac! There are many parallels between the careers of Johnny Devine and Scotty Mac. Both trained and established themselves in Western Canada and won accolades and championships. Both have been both loved and reviled by fans. They can take to the air as easily as they do to the mat. They have both been described as cocky, brash, flamboyant and charismatic. However while Devine has broken through the Canadian glass ceiling, Scotty Mac hasn’t been able to break out of the Pacific Northwest despite his unquestionable talent. To Scotty Mac, it’s a chance to shine on a big stage, prove he can hang with the big boys, and kick his way through the barrier to superstardom. Devine’s not going to let that happen at his expense. In a match five years in the making, Johnny “Havok” Devine and Scotty Mac square off for the first time ever in Cochrane.

In a battle between two charismatic, enigmatic, colourful superstars, Goldust and Ravenous Randy will collide. Both have built careers on mind games, but can back it up with wrestling and rough brawling. Both have heard both the cheers and boos of fans. The Ravenous one sees Goldust’s success as a stepping stone. Goldust plans to squash Randy like a bug. Regardless of who walks out the victor, you can bet you will never.. ever. forget this match.

In addition to these huge international matches, the card is rounded out as follows:

In a non-title “Young Lions” match, British Commonwealth Midheavyweight Champion Chucky “The Boy Wonder” faces Bryan Van Danielson. If you have not witnessed these two young stars in the making before, you are in for a treat. Both have one goal – to steal the show in Cochrane and they have the talent to do it!

In a three-way elimination match with international impact, Alberta’s Hardcore Icon Tex Gaines defends his country against the invading Highlander from Scotland and South Beach, Florida’s Rage! These three bruisers are bound to leave a mark on each other as they vie for victory.

And in a triple-threat tag team match, The A-Team of Michael Avery and Dusty Adonis take on the popular Funky Bunch of Marky Mark and Phoenix Taylor, and the next generation of the Karachi Vice, Gama Singh Jr and “Tiger” Raj Singh, who will have the legendary Great Gama in their corner! The A-Team and The Funky Bunch have both had epic wars with the Karachi Vice, and this promises to be no different!

Do not wake up Saturday morning with regrets as you read online about what you missed. This once in a lifetime show can truly be described as a Supercard with something for everyone. Doors open at 7:00pm and tickets are available through http://www.ticketweb.ca and at the door.