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Whether it is spelled Badd or Bad Company, the intimidation factor has to be given to the modern incarnation: Shot Saxon and Dan Draven who are managed by Toom E Guci. Saxon is known as “The Man That Never” misses and Draven is known as “The Demon of the Desert”. Recently they have parted to singles competition, but something tells me Guci wants them back in his fold.   Guci is a pivotal part of the former tag teams success. He will exhaust all possibilities to make sure his team is victorious.  He has brought the tag team of Badd Company to new heights and rest assured he wants them to regain their  status.

Some may not realize there was an eighties version with Paul Diamond and Pat Tanaka.  The duo was managed briefly by Diamond Dallas Page.  DDP was accompanied to the ring by the Diamond Dolls. Bad Company had limited success, even defeating the Midnight Rockers, but then lost to the Olympians which featured Ken Patera. They soon parted ways and Pat joined the Orient Express. He was managed  by Mr Fuji.  Maybe the 80’s retro “big hair” made them meet their fate. It seems their time was limited to the lifespan of the AWA.