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Shane ChungFunking Conservatory Press Release – September Edition of !BANG! TV Support the Troops 19, “Hard Labor” is Now Online
Watch as Shane Chung becomes new Funking Conservatory World Champion with comments afterward by Coach Dory Funk Jr., The Claw and Sandii Skye.

In a Florida Heavyweight Championship Match, Flyin’ Ryan “Air Mitchell” with Sandii Skye defends against Elvis Sharp.
Blain Rage asks his fans around the world to, “Stop Saying Bad Things About Brittney Spears.”
The “Dirtiest Player in the Game, “Cowboy” Cory Squires wins the “Dirtiest Player in the Game” match with a “Dirty Trick.” Next on !BANG! TV Blain Rage proves to be a “Dirty Player” giving away Elvis Sharp’s guitar and jacket to Cowboy Cory Squires.
Coming to !BANG! TV October 28th Rocky Johnson. Check out Dory Funk Jr. with Rocky Johnson then watch the trailer for Dwayne Johnson’s new movie, Game Plan.
Next on !BANG! TV, Flyin’ Ryan and Elvis Sharp pay homage to their wrestling hero and favorite movie star, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.
Watch as Kim Dakota takes advantage in a Three Way Women’s Championship Match over fellow “Pop Tart” Vickki Von after “The Claw” Claudia Reiff pulls Vickki Von’s shorts down to her ankles.
All this and more is now up on !BANG! TV at www.dory-funk.com. Click on “Welcome to !BANG! TV
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