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The Cauliflower Alley Club is pleased to announce that Beth Phoenix will be honored at the upcoming 50th CAC Reunion with a women’s wrestling award!

Born Elizabeth Kocianski, she was better known during her wrestling career as “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix, a performer that redefined the modern-day WWE Diva. The Glamazon featured beauty, power, and strength in combination with world-class wrestling ability. Beth captured the WWE women’s championship on three occasions and also won the WWE Divas title. She appeared at numerous WrestleManias and had successful feuds with some of this era’s top stars, including Mickey James, Michelle McCool, and Melina Perez. Her partnership with Santino Marella, collectively known as Glamarella, allowed Beth to showcase her comedic side as the two were regular features on WWE programming.

Although injuries sidetracked parts of Beth’s career, her overall body of work is impressive. She worked well in both singles matches and tag team matches. Her finishing hold, the Glam Slam, remains one of the most devastating female finishers ever. In 2010, Beth made history as only the second woman to ever compete in the main event match at the Royal Rumble (where she eliminated the Great Khali, of all people!)

Beth recently stepped away from the ring to start a family and focus on other interests. Maybe one day she’ll return to the ring, but her legacy within the WWE Divas division is secure.

Congratulations to Beth Phoenix on her 2015 CAC women’s wrestling award!

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