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Beth Phoenix has been injured and will be out of commission for atleast a couple of months.

When Beth Phoenix was scheduled to face Michelle McCool and Layla on this past episode of Smackdown, many had speculated that Beth would just get the win and she’d just get some more momentum. However, things turned out a little differently. Layla ended up capturing the Women’s title for the first time in her career.

It left the wrestling community scratching their heads. The reason why WWE was forced to make this decision was because Beth has actually suffered a serious injury. She will be undergoing surgery to repair a sprained MCL and torn ACL on Tuesday. The surgery will be done by the world renown Dr James Andrews. This doctor is the one who usually performs surgery for top level athletes around the world, and speicfically for WWE superstars.

When Beth Phoenix leaves, she’ll be leaving behind a pretty big void. There aren’t many diva that WWE currently has that can subsitute for her. It’ll be interesting to see which diva(s) WWE elevates higher up the ladder during the time that Beth’s going to be away.

It’s never a good thing when anyone suffers a major injury, and this is no different. Let’s hope that everything goes well for her and she’s back in the ring in time for Summerslam.

Author: Pavitar Sidhu

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