Bill Apter discusses his book, Andy Kaufman, office wrestling, and more

In this episode of ShiLounge, I sit down with legendary wrestling journalist Bill Apter after his one-man show, “Is Wrestling Fixed?: An Afternoon with Bill Apter” at the PhilaMOCA in Philadelphia.

We discuss such topics such as:

-His new book
-Showbiz Heroes
-WOW! Magazine
-Starting the Andy Kaufman/Jerry Lawler feud
-How he met Shin-Blade
-Championship Office Wrestling?
-Taking hits from ECW wrestlers
-Paul Heyman
-His rapping style
-Dusty Rhodes & Roddy Piper
-Giving wise words for business
-A special guest: Charlie Hartman of Gimmick Tree Promotions
and more…

Catch Bill Apter:
Twitter: @apter1wrestling

Follow Shin-Blade:
Twitter: @shinsationalone
Instagram: @officialshinblade

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